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Chapter 995: Kill Them All

This was the first time that Sword Sect cultivators were viewed as nobodies.


The saber quivered and six resplendent Dharmic patterns burst forth!

“It’s a connate Dharmic weapon!”

Cries of surprises came from the crowd.

Su Zimo swung his saber and slashed forward. The entire saber extended and descended from the skies like a gigantic heavenly saber, striking the crowd of sword cultivators!

The aura of that slash was way too strong, as though it wanted to split the world apart!

The expressions of many sword cultivators changed as they defended with their swords.


Heaven Splitter descended and collided with the swords of many sword cultivators, causing the ground to quake with a loud bang!


A sword cultivator could not withstand the terrifying power of Heaven Splitter and was sent flying, spitting out a mouthful of blood with a dispirited expression.

A terrifying power surged into that person’s body and destroyed his lifeforce completely!


Su Zimo burst into laughter and passed through the crowd.


The remaining sword cultivators attacked one after another and roared.

Instantly, the entire battlefield was filled with sword qi that tore the void into pieces and engulfed Su Zimo.

“Raging Tides!”

Su Zimo slashed with his backhand and the sound of a tsunami suddenly sounded from his saber – it was getting louder and louder!

The moment the saber landed, the entire battlefield was surrounded by a vast ocean that was dark and bottomless, surging with seawater.

Countless Raging Tides rose from the ground and engulfed many sword cultivators around them!

Saber intent!

More than ten sword cultivators were caught in Su Zimo’s saber intent and could barely fend for themselves, let alone stop him.

When Dao Being Li Quan caught sight of that, his heart skipped a beat.

A green shadow flashed and Su Zimo was already close!

“You… ”

He only had time to say a single word before Su Zimo’s Heaven Splitter slashed down at him!

“I’ve already said that these nobodies won’t be able to stop me!”

Dao Being Li Quan channeled his blood qi and channeled his Dharmic powers to deflect the Heaven Splitter!


An ear-piercing sound echoed and sparks flew!

Among all the sword cultivators of Sword Sect, Dao Being Li Quan was the strongest.

However, he still felt his arms go numb after receiving Su Zimo’s slash. His blood qi churned and he almost vomited!

“How terrifying!”

Some legends about Su Zimo surfaced in Dao Being Li Quan’s mind.

“Legend has it that this person has the bloodline of the demon race flowing within him which can’t be used in this Dao Inheritance Ground!”

“He’s already so strong with just his physique. If he could activate his bloodline, I might not even be able to defend against a single slash!”

Just as Dao Being Li Quan was letting his imagination run wild, Su Zimo’s second slash arrived!

“Take my slash!”


The sound of a tsunami could be heard.

It was as though the saber had split the incoming waves into two as it surged against the current with a shuddering burst power!


The saber and sword collided and Dao Being Li Quan shuddered. He could no longer defend against it and staggered back repeatedly. The blood on his face faded and a trickle of blood flowed from the corner of his mouth.

Two slashes!

He was already injured!

However, this was only the beginning.

With Dao Being Li Quan injured, the formation came to a standstill and its power decreased. Dugu Jian, who had been dodging, seized the opportunity and attacked suddenly!

A peerless sword beam tore through the skies!

It was too fast!

Apart from Su Zimo, no one else saw how Dugu Jian attacked.

When the stunning sword beam entered the glabella of a sword cultivator, the sound of a sword being unsheathed could be heard on the battlefield.

A streak of blood seeped out from the sword cultivator’s glabella.

His lifeforce decreased rapidly.

That person’s consciousness had already been pierced by Dugu Jian’s sword qi and his Essence Spirit was destroyed!

One of the seven sword cultivators was down!

The Seven Luminaries Sword Formation was broken!

“Everyone, join forces and kill this demon!”

One of the sword cultivators glared at Su Zimo with bloodshot eyes, wanting nothing more than to skin him alive.

Nearly 20 sword cultivators swarmed forward.


Su Zimo swung his saber and slashed through the air.

Blood qi filled the air and a gigantic purgatory appeared on the battlefield, engulfing all 20 sword cultivators!

It was not as though Su Zimo had gained nothing from cultivating in seclusion for a month in the cave abode of that mountain.

At the very least, he had benefited immensely in the Dao of the saber. With the help of the words left behind by Yan Beichen, he managed to comprehend the terrifying Asura Saber Intent!

Although he had not spent much time with Yan Beichen, the latter’s attainments in the Dao of the saber were extremely deep.

With a series of pointers, Su Zimo resolved many of his questions on the Dao of the saber. His saber techniques became purer and his saber intent became more condensed!

Su Zimo swung his saber and slashed out multiple saber shadows.

The sounds of ghosts wailing and wolves howling could be heard from the battlefield, causing one’s mind to waver. Cultivators with weaker wills would have their minds broken!

The moment a sword cultivator’s mind wavered, Su Zimo seized the opening and killed him with a single slash!

Blood flowed like rivers in the purgatory.

Within the viscous river of blood, malevolent skeletons crawled up one after another and attacked the sword cultivators present!

This was not an illusion.

That was a product of saber intent and every single skeleton was condensed from Dharmic powers with immense strength!

After falling into the White Bone Purgatory, the sword cultivators of Sword Sect were all separated and had to fend for themselves.

Coupled with a terrifying sword cultivator like Dugu Jian by his side, sword cultivators of Sword Sect were dying continuously!

In the blink of an eye, there were only ten Sword Sect cultivators left!

When Dao Being Li Quan saw how dangerous the situation was and how they were going to die if things dragged on, a vicious glint flashed through his eyes.

He conjured a few extremely mysterious Dharmic arts and bit his tongue gently, spitting out a mouthful of essence blood.


The essence blood burned instantly.

At the same time, Dao Being Li Quan’s aura surged and turned extremely sharp as he slashed towards the purgatory beside him!


The purgatory shook and came to a sudden collapse!

Su Zimo could see the reality behind Dao Being Li Quan’s actions and said indifferently, “If you release a secret skill as such that burns your Essence Spirit, you will be stuck at the Void Reversion realm for the rest of your life!”

Dao Being Li Quan and the others escaped and sped into the distance immediately.

He turned around and glared at Su Zimo with a venomous expression. Gritting his teeth, he said, “Su Zimo, at least we can return alive. As for you, you will be buried here!”

“You can forget about getting out alive now that you entered this place, Su Zimo! There are countless experts here who want to take your life! Hahahaha!”

“You said something wrong.”

Su Zimo shook his head slightly and replied nonchalantly, “You guys can’t escape!”

Before he finished his sentence, Su Zimo flicked his fingers like a sword and slashed gently in the direction where Dao Being Li Quan was escaping towards!


A white sword beam burst forth from Su Zimo’s fingertip and arrived before Dao Being Li Quan almost instantly.

The ten sword cultivators turned around one after another and defended with their swords!

Only Dao Being Li Quan’s expression changed and his pupils constricted!

He could smell the aura of death from that sword qi!


The sword qi sliced through the swords of the ten sword cultivators without any obstruction and entered their bodies. Terrifying killing intent burst forth and surged into their spirit platforms, killing their Essence Spirits instantly!

All ten swords were broken.

Ten sword cultivators were cleaved into two by the sword qi and blood splattered in the void. Innards rolled out and a stench filled the air!

There was dead silence beneath the gigantic sword!

When the surrounding cultivators saw that, their eyes widened and they felt chills run down their spines!

The might of the Heaven Slaying Sword Art was extremely terrifying!

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