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Chapter 994: Two Successive Kills

In a battle with Sword Sect involved, none of the cultivators dared to step forward for fear of being implicated. They merely watched from afar and discussed softly.

At that moment, Su Zimo was extremely eye-catching as he walked towards the battlefield!

“Who is that? Is he looking to die?”

“I don’t know. He doesn’t have any sect emblem on him either. He’s probably an itinerant cultivator.”

“Wait, that person’s cultivation realm is so low! He’s only at the Nascent Soul realm!”

“How dare a Nascent Soul come to the Dao Inheritance Ground at this time! He truly has a death wish!”

All the cultivators pointed at Su Zimo’s back view.

The dozens of sword cultivators standing outside the battlefield noticed Su Zimo as well.

“Back down!”

The sword cultivator facing Su Zimo hollered at him with a cold gaze.

Su Zimo had a calm expression and naturally would not be scared off by a sword cultivator as he continued forward.

“You must have a death wish!”

Without saying anything more, the sword cultivator leaped forward and drew his sword with a clang. He became one with the sword and pierced forward like a stream of light!


In the blink of an eye, the sword beam had already arrived before Su Zimo without any mercy!

Su Zimo’s expression was calm and there was not a single ripple in his eyes.

The sword cultivator did not take him seriously at all. Although his attacks looked sharp, he did not use his full strength. In Su Zimo’s eyes, he was full of openings!

At that moment, he had at least ten different methods to kill the sword cultivator!

Su Zimo’s body swayed for a moment and the sword right past his cheek, missing by a millimeter.

The sword cultivator’s heart skipped a beat.

A dodge like that required an extremely terrifying combat talent and rich battle experience. Any mistake would result in death!

‘He’s not simple!’

That thought flashed through the sword cultivator’s mind. Just as he was about to turn his sword and slash horizontally, he saw a fair and slender finger piercing towards his eyes.


Su Zimo was not going to give the person a second chance to attack after the mistake. Stretching out his finger, he pierced the person’s glabella!

The person’s Essence Spirit was also shattered by the Dharmic powers released by Su Zimo’s fingers!

“This Nascent Soul really dared to head forward. I’m willing to bet that the outcome will be decided in a single round. The sword cultivator of Sword Sect only needs a single slash…”

A cultivator’s voice came to an abrupt stop in the crowd.

All the cultivators widened their eyes in disbelief at the scene on the battlefield.

The cultivator was right.

Indeed, the outcome of the fight was decided in a single round.

However, the one who lost was the Sword Sect cultivator!


When the sword cultivator’s corpse fell to the ground, many cultivators snapped out of their shock and exclaimed.

“Am I seeing things? How is that possible?”

“A Void Reversion of Sword Sect was killed by a single move of a Nascent Soul?”

“Furthermore, he killed the cultivator with his bare hands!”

“Perhaps… this sword cultivator was too careless?”

The crowd was in an uproar.

The dozen sword cultivators who were initially standing there in silence were alarmed as they closed in. All of them had hostile expressions and sharp gazes.

“Who are you?!”

A sword cultivator questioned loudly.

“I’m the person you’re looking for.”

Su Zimo did not stop in his tracks. There was a mocking look in his eyes as he smiled. “Why do you guys not recognize me now that I’m here?”

These sword cultivators had been guarding the Wind Sword inheritance all these years and knew nothing about the cultivation world, let alone Su Zimo.

However, the seven sword cultivators that were initially attacking Dugu Jian felt their hearts skip a beat and glanced over.

That single glance shocked the seven of them!

Su Zimo!

The seven of them entered the inheritance ground because of Su Zimo.

Although they had never seen Su Zimo before, there were Sword Sect cultivators who described his appearance.

Not every cultivator with a green robe might be Su Zimo.

However, if there was a Nascent Soul in green robes with refined features and could kill a Void Reversion in a single move, Su Zimo was probably the only one!

The seven of them were alarmed and almost caused the Seven Luminaries Sword Formation to stop.

Thankfully, the seven of them were experienced and composed. They continued to circulate their sword formations and channeled their Dharmic powers, preparing to kill Dugu Jian as soon as possible!

“All of you, join forces and stop him!”

A sword cultivator who seemed to be the leader of the seven shouted.

His words were clear – he did not expect the dozen of them to be able to kill Su Zimo. He only hoped that they could stop Su Zimo for a moment and give them seven more time.

“Don’t worry, Senior Brother Li Quan. Leave this person to me. I’ll definitely behead him within ten breaths!” A sword cultivator volunteered bravely.

There was a hint of disdain in that person’s heart.

He could not understand why Senior Brother Li Quan would be so cautious against a Nascent Soul and even ask them to attack together.


The moment the person turned around and was about to advance with his sword, he heard a loud and sacred Sanskrit sound.

The Sanskrit sound shocked him and even his Essence Spirit shuddered!

Sound domain secret skill!

A thought flashed through his mind.

However, that momentary daze caused his vision to blur. A green figure had already arrived before him and extended a fair and slender finger to tap gently on his glabella.

He could clearly see the finger stabbing over, but he could not dodge it at all!

He was stunned by the Sanskrit sound and his reaction was extremely slow!


A bloody hole appeared on his glabella.

His Essence Spirit was destroyed!

The two sword cultivators died in the same manner!

The commotion in the crowd was even more obvious!

It was only then that many cultivators, including the sword cultivators present, realized that the death of two sword cultivators was definitely not a coincidence!

“T-This person… could he be Su Zimo?”

A trembling voice sounded from the crowd.

The cultivator who spat at Su Zimo earlier on shuddered in fear and murmured with a pale face, “N-No way, right?”

“Apart from him, who else could possess such terrifying combat strength at the Nascent Soul realm?”

A cultivator asked.

Right then, Dao Being Li Quan who was besieging Dugu Jian was getting anxious as well and could not help but shout, “This man is the number one monster incarnate of history, Su Zimo! He can kill Void Reversions above his level! Don’t be careless. All you have to do is join forces and hold him off for a moment!”

The moment he said that, the crowd exploded!

“Su Zimo is really here!”

“This is the number one Perfected Lord of Tianhuang Mainland? I heard that he has a strong physique and is invincible in melee combat. Why does he look frail and scholarly?”

If they had not seen it with their own eyes, no one would associate Su Zimo with all the titles given; number one of the Phenomenon Ranking, number one Perfected Lord, his frightening physique and invincibility in melee combat.


When he heard Dao Being Li Quan’s shout, Su Zimo reared his head in laughter. Slapping his storage bag, he pulled out Heaven Splitter and declared proudly, “Do you think that these random nobodies can stop me?”

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