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Chapter 993: Meeting An Old Friend

Su Zimo continued forward.

Before long, a stone statue appeared before him.

The stone statue was leaning against a green stone with a lazy expression. Dressed in a sloppy manner, it had its chest half-opened and intoxicated eyes. In its left hand was a wine jar that looked extremely lifelike.

A few lines of words were written beside the stone statue.

“I am… Drunken Life, and I enjoyed a lifetime of good wine. All of you are cultivating for the sake of longevity, but I am doing it just so I can drink for a few more years… Hahahaha!”

“Phenomenon Ranking? Dharma Characteristic Ranking? None of them are as satisfying as good wine! As the saying goes, the long road of cultivation is nothing compared to the life of a drunk!”

In Su Zimo’s eyes, Mighty Figure Drunken Life seemed to have come alive with just a few words. He was wild and unrestrained, living in a drunken stupor.

This Mighty Figure seemed like he was still drinking wildly as he wrote those sentences. His handwriting was messy and sketchy – he was dead drunk.

The fact that this Mighty Figure was able to cultivate to the Conjoint Body realm just for the sake of enjoying wine for a few more years was proof of how exceptional he was.

“I heard that this Mighty Figure Drunken Life was extremely famous in the cultivation world back then.”

“Even though he did not mention anything about his glory, this senior was once ranked 10th on the Phenomenon Ranking and 9th on the Dharma Characteristic Ranking – his combat strength is shocking!”

Many cultivators discussed softly.

Mighty Figure Drunken Life was clearly much stronger than Mighty Figure Scarlet Peak from earlier on.

There were even more cultivators gathered around this stone statue – there were dozens of them and cultivators were still rushing over from afar.

“I’m seeking longevity…”

“I’m also willing to seek the Dao of immortality in my lifetime. I like to drink wine just like you, senior…”

Many cultivators shouted around the stone statue and their Dao hearts were of all sorts – most of them sought the Dao of immortality.

However, the stone statue did not move at all.

Right then, a cultivator squeezed through the crowd and arrived beside the stone statue. He took out a jar of wine from his storage bag and removed its mud seal, filling the air with the fragrance of wine.

“Senior, I’ve brought good wine to see you.”

As he said that, he poured the wine into the wine jar in the hands of the stone statue.


Suddenly, the entire stone statue moved. Opening its mouth slightly, it released a stream of wine qi that surged into the clouds and shrouded that person.

In the blink of an eye, that person vanished on the spot.

“F*ck, that works too?”

“This Senior Drunken Life is way too casual!”

“Sigh, why didn’t I think of that?”

Some cultivators were stunned, some sighed and some were regretful.

Su Zimo could not help but laugh.

This Senior Drunken Life was truly a carefree person.

“Look at that green-robed cultivator. Could he be the monster incarnate Su Zimo who’s been extremely famous recently?” From the crowd, a Void Reversion pointed at Su Zimo and said in a mysterious manner.

“I heard that Su Zimo has a terrifying physique and is invincible in melee combat. He must be tall and strong. That man looks handsome, refined and thin. Could it be him?”

“Don’t be alarmed. There are many people who wear green robes. How can every one of them be Su Zimo?”

“Haha, I was just saying it casually. How can there be such a coincidence? Look at how scared you guys are.”

The first cultivator who spoke laughed.

The first time Su Zimo revealed himself in the Middle Continent was at the Thousand Crane Tea Party.

However, at the Thousand Crane Tea Party, almost all of them were Nascent Souls – not many Void Reversions of the cultivation world had seen Su Zimo before.

“Hurry up and take a look! They’re fighting over there!”

“Where? Who’s with whom?”

“The Wind Sword inheritance guarded by Sword Sect was intruded by another sword cultivator and both parties fought!”

“Let’s go and take a look!”

The Void Reversions that were initially gathered around the stone statue swarmed in a certain direction.

Su Zimo pondered for a moment before following.

Before long, Su Zimo heard the sounds of sword qi and metal clashing with his strong hearing.

On the horizon far away, there was a sword that towered into the clouds. It was dozens of feet tall and stabbed diagonally into the ground in an extremely shocking manner!

Beneath the sword, sword lights danced.

Seven sword cultivators of Sword Sect walked in a specific direction and connected with one another, forming an extremely mysterious sword formation that trapped another sword cultivator in the middle!

All seven Sword Sect cultivators were at the perfected Void Reversion realm.

In their hands, the sword formation was clearly at the peak of perfection and was well-coordinated. Sword qi surged and became sharper and more resplendent!

The sword cultivator that was trapped had black hair and black robes. His face was slightly pale and his eyes were hollow. His cultivation realm was only at the early-stage Void Reversion realm.

Initially, the black-robed sword cultivator could still retaliate a few times.

However, as the sword formation was fully released, that person could only dodge continuously and defend passively – he was completely disadvantaged!

Su Zimo’s expression changed.

He did not know any of the Sword Sect cultivators.

However, this black-robed sword cultivator was an old friend.

It was Dugu Jian of the aristocratic families of the North Region!

Dugu Jian was introverted and silent, never someone who would take the initiative to converse with others.

It was as though the only thing in his eyes was the sword in his hands.

However, Su Zimo had a rather good impression of him.

It was not only because Dugu Jian had helped him back in the Great Qian Ruins.

More than that, a hundred years ago in Myriad Phenomenon City, when the calamity arrived and all the paragons retreated, Dugu Jian was the first to step forward!

In Su Zimo’s eyes, he was the true embodiment of a sword cultivator!

To think that after a hundred years, this old friend of his had already entered the Void Reversion realm.

Su Zimo observed for a moment. Apart from the seven Sword Sect cultivators on the battlefield, there were more than ten Sword Sect cultivators guarding the surroundings of the battlefield with sharp gazes, forbidding outsiders from interfering.

At the foot of the gigantic sword lay the corpses of a few Sword Sect cultivators.

They were all struck in the glabella and died with a single strike – those were clean kills!

“To be fair, Sword Sect is indeed a little overbearing. The inheritance of the Dao Inheritance Ground is all dependent on opportunities. However, Sword Sect has dominated the inheritance of this Mighty Figure Wind Sword all year round and forbids others from entering.”

“Isn’t that right?”

“Sigh, Sword Sect is powerful and it’s the pilgrimage ground of all sword cultivators in the world. Who would dare to go against them?”

Many cultivators in the crowd discussed.

“This black-robed man’s methods are not weak. Earlier on, he barged in alone and killed a sword cultivator of Sword Sect in a few moves. His sword techniques are extremely fast!”

“Unfortunately, he came at the wrong time.”

“Initially, there were only 20 sword cultivators from Sword Sect guarding the inheritance of the Wind Sword. However, these seven sword cultivators entered later and they specialized in Sword Sect’s Seven Luminaries Sword Formation. If the seven of them were to join forces, they would be able to fight against titular disciples!”

“I heard that these seven sword cultivators came for that monster incarnate, Su Zimo. In the end, they witnessed the battle between the black-robed man and the sword cultivators of Sword Sect. Because of that, the seven of them attacked decisively and surrounded him.”

“The difference in their cultivation realms is too great. If this continues, the black-robed man will definitely die!”

Just as the person was analyzing, a tremendous force pushed him away from behind.

Enraged, he turned around and glared at the green-robed cultivator who was squeezing over, asking coldly, “Why are you squeezing? Can’t you see?”

Anyone who could enter the Dao Inheritance Ground had some capabilities. This person came from one of the 108 Upper Sects and was naturally not willing to be pushed back.

“Excuse me.”

Su Zimo glanced at that person indifferently and pushed him away casually, walking towards the battlefield beneath the sword.


That person spat at Su Zimo’s back view and scolded, “What are you so arrogant for? You look like you’re rushing to die! Do you think that you’re Su Zimo just because you’re wearing green robes?!”

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