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Chapter 991: Life and Death

“Old Gu, where’s your stuff?”

Dao Lord Extreme Fire and the others looked at Elder Gu with mocking gazes.

Shangguan Zi harrumphed and said, “Old Man Gu, look at what we took out. If your stuff is too lousy, don’t take it out to embarrass yourself.”

“Shangguan, the two of you haven’t even become Dao companions and you’re already so biased towards Extreme Fire’s disciple. Seriously…”

Elder Gu puffed his beard and glared, looking slightly troubled indeed.

Hundred Refinement Sect could refine weapons, Thousand Crane Sect could create talismans, Elixir Yang Sect could refine elixirs while Ancient Array Sect could only set up formations.

He had indeed prepared a gift – a sword formation technique.

However, looking at it now, his sword formation technique was way too inferior compared to the Protection Dharmic Weapon and Great Essence Life Preservation Elixir!

Looking at the mocking gazes of Dao Lord Extreme Fire and the other two, Elder Gu gritted his teeth and took out a beast hide from his storage bag, handing it to Su Zimo.

“What’s that?”

Elder Ge could not help but lean forward and mutter, “Are you trying to fool us with a piece of beast hide?”

Dao Lord Extreme Fire and Shangguan Zi swept their gazes across and were shocked when they saw the complicated and mysterious patterns on the beast hide.

“Old Gu, you’re even willing to take this out?”

Dao Lord Extreme Fire asked.

Elder Gu grit his teeth. “It’s all because of you guys! Hurry and take it away or I might regret it!”

Shangguan Zi looked at Su Zimo and smiled. “Take it. This is one of the few treasures that Old Man Gu has in his possession.”

Curious, Su Zimo received the beast hide and took a look at it.

The beast hide was etched with mysterious formation patterns that formed a fan shape – it was a hundred times more complicated than any formation patterns Su Zimo had seen before!

Elder Gu said, “There was a teleportation formation in the primordial era. As long as it was activated, it could teleport cultivators millions of miles away! It wouldn’t be a problem for them to cross the entire Tianhuang Mainland! Unfortunately, the formation patterns have long been lost.”

Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat as he exclaimed, “This is the formation pattern of the teleportation formation?”


Elder Gu said, “You wish! This is merely a damaged formation pattern of the teleportation formation. However, if you can comprehend it, you’ll be able to gain something as well.”

Although it was only an incomplete formation, the treasure was still shocking enough!

To a certain extent, it was even more precious than Dao Lord Extreme Fire and the others’ Dharmic weapons and elixirs!

Elder Gu thought for a moment and coughed gently. “Also, don’t blame me for not reminding you! If you can comprehend it and activate this incomplete formation, don’t enter it recklessly.”

“The cultivators you lost earlier haven’t returned?” Dao Lord Extreme Fire asked.

With an embarrassed expression, Elder Gu harrumphed and did not reply.

For the sake of Elder Gu, Shangguan Zi sent a voice transmission to Su Zimo. “Five thousand years ago, Old Man Gu set up this incomplete formation according to the formation patterns on it.”

“At that time, there were ten cultivators in Ancient Array Sect who volunteered to give it a try. However, they never returned after they were teleported out. Even after 5,000 years, there’s still no news of them. They should be doomed.”

Su Zimo was secretly speechless.

Although this incomplete formation was precious, it was truly dangerous!

Who knew where they would be teleported to after activation.

If they were teleported to somewhere like the lair of the Dragon Bone Valley, they would be killed by the Dragon race right away – they wouldn’t be able to survive even if they had ten lives!

Su Zimo put away the beast hide. At least for now, he had no use for it.

Once everything was prepared, Dao Lord Extreme Fire closed his eyes and spread his spirit consciousness to sense the spatial node of the place.

All of a sudden!

Dao Lord Extreme Fire extended his palm and a ball of flames appeared in it. A hole appeared in the void and grew larger!

It was dark and hazy inside.


Dao Lord Extreme Fire said, “I can maintain this teleportation entrance for about a month. If anything goes wrong, retreat to this entrance and return in time.”

Nodding, Su Zimo took a deep breath and leaped into the gigantic hole in the void, vanishing from sight.

“Sigh, with a few titular disciples there, he’s most likely going to die on this trip.”

Shangguan Zi sighed.

Dao Lord Extreme Fire said in a low voice, “There’s still a chance. If he can establish his Dao heart and obtain the legacies of the Mighty Figures within, his combat strength will increase.”

“There’s not much use,”

Elder Gu shook his head. “Even if he obtained the legacy of a Mighty Figure, the spirit qi within is dried up and there’s almost no way for him to cultivate. There’s still no way for him to advance his cultivation realm.”

“There’s a major cultivation realm difference and his demonic methods are suppressed. There’s almost no shot at victory against Di Yin and the others.”

Dao Lord Extreme Fire murmured softly, “I hope he can tide through this tribulation!”

“Call Dao Being Yu Ding and the others over.”

Dao Lord Extreme Fire instructed once more.

Before long, Dao Being Yu Ding and dozens of Void Reversions arrived.

“Some of you have already established your Dao hearts and some of you haven’t. For this trip, all you have to do is search for your own opportunities as per normal.”

Dao Lord Extreme Fire did not request for the sect’s disciples to help Su Zimo.

Even if he requested, none of the disciples would dare to help!

Although they were Void Reversions, their combat strength was way too inferior compared to titular disciples.

Who would dare to risk their lives to help Su Zimo?

Right then, a Hundred Refinement Sect cultivator walked in briskly with an excited expression. “Sect Master, there’s a fiend demon outside who tried to infiltrate the sect. He’s been locked by the Demon Revealing Mirror and his true form is a wyrm!”

After pausing for a moment, the cultivator hesitated. “However…”


“However, that fiend demon called himself Solitary Cloud and said that he knows Su Zimo.”


Dao Lord Extreme Fire exclaimed softly with a puzzled expression. “Bring him here.”

His Essence Spirit had always been in the Mingwang Prayer Beads and naturally knew that Solitary Cloud was a pure-blooded wyrm that Su Zimo subdued in Thousand Demon Valley!

Before long, Solitary Cloud was brought into the main hall. He looked a little pale, as though he had suffered a serious injury earlier on.

“It’s really you?”

Dao Lord Extreme Fire recognized Solitary Cloud instantly and asked with a frown, “What are you doing here? Didn’t Zimo leave you at Howling Moon Mountain?”

Solitary Cloud did not know Dao Lord Extreme Fire.

However, the moment he left Howling Moon Mountain, he heard news of the cultivation world and knew that Hundred Refinement Sect was on Su Zimo’s side.

Solitary Cloud knelt on the ground and cupped his fists. “Seniors, I was originally a ferocious wyrm of Thousand Demon Valley. I was only accepted as a mount because my master favored me.”

“I heard that Master’s trip to the Dao Inheritance Ground is extremely dangerous. How can I remain indifferent and stay out of it?! Seniors, please allow me to enter and stand shoulder to shoulder with Master!”

“Little wyrm, you sure are loyal.”

Elder Gu chuckled. “However, that place is the sacred ground of the human race. You don’t know what’s going on inside.”

“When fiend demons enter, they won’t be able to conjure their true forms or release any demonic arts. The only thing you can use is your body.”

“I know.”

Solitary Cloud nodded.


This time round, Dao Lord Extreme Fire and the others did not laugh.

Elder Gu frowned. “Do you know that there are countless cultivators inside? If your identity as a fiend demon is exposed, you will die without a burial ground!”

“I know.”

Solitary Cloud nodded.

“Do you know that even Su Zimo has no confidence against Di Yin and the others? Entering is equivalent to courting death!”

Solitary Cloud replied, “I know.”

“You still want to go after knowing?” Elder Gu asked.

Solitary Cloud said, “I once made an oath to follow my master through life and death!”

Everyone was moved.

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