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Chapter 990: Farewell Gift

Upon hearing Su Zimo’s decision, Dao Lord Extreme Fire smiled gently and turned to look at Shangguan Zi, Elder Gu and the others. “I won.”

“Unexpected, truly unexpected,” Elder Ge shook his head and laughed bitterly.

Elder Gu lamented, “That’s right. To think that he would dare accept the challenge despite almost certain doom. His guts and boldness are worthy of all his glory!”

Before this, everyone made a bet.

Everyone guessed that Su Zimo would definitely not accept the challenge as long as they explained the dangers.

Only Dao Lord Extreme Fire believed that Su Zimo would definitely go!

Dao Lord Extreme Fire said, “Since I won this gamble, I’ll now have to trouble all of you.”

“I admit defeat.”

“Don’t worry.”

Elder Ge and the others laughed.

Su Zimo was confused and was about to ask when Dao Lord Extreme Fire turned to look at him with a smile. “Go on, there’s still a month to go. Relax and adjust your state of mind. Come and look for me here in a month.”


Su Zimo nodded and left.

Arriving outside the hall, Su Zimo stood against the wind, his black hair fluttering with a resolute gaze.

If this bit of danger was enough to frighten him from advancing, there was no need for him to establish any Dao. He might as well learn from others and merely seek the Dao of immortality.

Su Zimo moved and headed out of Hundred Refinement Sect, intending to bid farewell to Yan Beichen.

When he arrived at the mountain peak, he realized that the cave abode was empty.

There was a line of words on the wall. “Zimo, I’ve already left. Don’t worry.”

The words were carved with the edge of a blade and were filled with saber intent.

Su Zimo smiled gently.

That was indeed Yan Beichen’s character. He was carefree and unrestrained, coming and going as he pleased!

Su Zimo decided to enter seclusion in the cave abode. He looked at the words on the wall and used his palm as a saber, trying to figure out the saber intent within.

Su Zimo was in no rush.

Even if he cultivated with all his might, there was no way he could break through to the Void Reversion realm within a month.

For the following days, Su Zimo was extremely relaxed. He would sit at the entrance of the cave and watch the sun rise and set. Occasionally, he would face the wall and practice his saber techniques.

After nightfall, he laid down to rest.

Although he barely cultivated, his condition improved consistently!

At the same time, news spread and the entire cultivation world was in an uproar.

Su Zimo accepted the challenge!

A long time ago, when Di Yin set up the venue for the challenge at the Dao Inheritance Ground, countless news and guesses were spread.

Almost no one thought highly of Su Zimo.

Later on, when they heard that the titular disciples of Zephyr Thunder Palace, Heavenly Dipper Sect and the other immortal sects were about to enter the place as well, many cultivators were certain that Su Zimo would not accept the challenge.

If Nascent Souls entered the Dao Inheritance Ground, they would be courting death if they were faced with the few titular disciples!

However, not long after, news of Su Zimo accepting the challenge spread and caused an uproar!

“After a hundred years, the two monster incarnates, Su Zimo and Di Yin, will fight once more in the Dao Inheritance Ground in a life and death battle!”

“I reckon that Su Zimo will be killed by the other titular disciples before he gets to see Di Yin!”

“A few titular disciples appearing at the same time to kill a monster incarnate. This can be considered as the greatest commotion in the history of the cultivation world! It’s going to be interesting!”

Some were shocked, some mocked and some were worried.

For the past month, all the sects and factions that had the ability to open up the rift into the Dao Inheritance Ground would send their cultivators in anticipation of witnessing this unprecedented battle!

A month later.

Su Zimo walked out of his cave abode. Although his cultivation realm did not change, his mental state and spirit were already at their peak!

When he returned to Hundred Refinement Sect’s main hall, Dao Lord Extreme Fire and the others were already waiting.

Dao Lord Extreme Fire slapped his storage bag and took out a cold saber and a shimmering golden inner armor.

He wielded the saber and injected Dharmic powers into it.

The saber quivered and six lines burst forth!

“This saber is called Heaven Splitter, it’s a connate Dao Being Dharmic weapon!”

With that said, Dao Lord Extreme Fire waved his hand casually and a bedazzling saber beam tore through the air, as though it was going to split the heavens!

“This inner armor is a perfect-grade Dao Being Dharmic weapon. Its size can change with your body.”

Dao Lord Extreme Fire handed Heaven Splitter and the inner armor to Su Zimo. “I won’t be able to help you with anything after you enter the Dao Inheritance Ground. Thankfully, I managed to refine two Dharmic weapons this month and they’re not bad. Take them.”

“Thank you, master.”

Su Zimo was touched and did not decline. He put on his inner armor and kept Heaven Splitter in his storage bag.

His trip was fraught with danger and Heaven Splitter and the inner armor were things that he lacked!

Of course, given Dao Lord Extreme Fire’s capabilities, refining a Dao Lord Dharmic weapon was nothing difficult.

However, for Su Zimo, even if he had a Dao Lord Dharmic weapon, it would be difficult for him to use it.

It was already his limit for his Essence Spirit to be able to use Dao Being Dharmic weapons!

“Hang this jade pendant on your waist. In times of danger, all you have to do is shatter it and you’ll be able to defend against the strongest attack of a Void Reversion once!”

Shangguan Zi took out a jade pendant and handed it to Su Zimo.

“Protection Dharmic Weapon?”

Su Zimo’s eyes lit up.

Back in the intermediate ancient battlefield, if Di Yin had not crushed his Protection Dharmic Weapon, he would have been killed by Su Zimo!

Protection Dharmic Weapons were extremely rare and were even more precious than connate Dharmic weapons. There was no market for them and it was unknown how many runes were fused into them, making them difficult to refine.

Up till this point of his cultivation, despite many fights with paragons and monster incarnates, Su Zimo had only encountered it once during his fight with Di Yin!

“This is way too precious.”

Su Zimo had just extended his hand when he shook his head and retracted it.

“Take it.”

With a gentle gaze, Shangguan Zi smiled and said, “We made a bet with your master previously and we lost. This is the bet.”


Suddenly, Su Zimo’s eyes lit up.

“Lad, take it.”

Elder Gu chuckled. “It’s not just about the stakes. Can’t you tell the relationship between Shangguan Zi and your master?”

Although Shangguan Zi was already thousands of years old, she blushed when she heard that and glared at Elder Gu.

Su Zimo smiled and received the jade pendant hurriedly. “Thank you, Master’s wife.”

“Child, what nonsense are you spouting?!”

Shangguan Zi was delighted to be addressed as ‘master’s wife’. However, she still pretended to be reserved on the surface and scolded him in a moderate tone.

Dao Lord Extreme Fire coughed gently and changed the topic. He looked at Elder Ge of Elixir Yang Sect and asked, “Old Ge, where’s your bet?”

“Don’t worry, I won’t mistreat your precious disciple.”

With a flip of his palm, a small bottle appeared in Elder Ge’s palm. He handed it to Su Zimo and said in a deep voice, “This is the Great Essence Life Preservation Elixir. Unless your Essence Spirit is killed directly, no matter how severely injured you are or even on the brink of death, you’ll be able to survive with a single breath as long as you consume this elixir!”

Su Zimo was shocked.

That was a treasure that was no weaker than a Protection Dharmic Weapon!

Elder Ge reminded once more, “Remember, this elixir can keep you alive for a month at most. You’ll still have to find other methods to properly survive.”

It could only preserve his life and not save it.

Even so, that elixir was already heaven-defying enough!

Each of those gifts was more impressive than the previous!

Dao Lord Extreme Fire had already done everything he could for Su Zimo!

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