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Chapter 979: Domineering Suppression!

If he continued cultivating without this battle, it might not be long before Extreme Fire entered the Conjoint Body realm.

However, with a powerful opponent like Dao Lord Immortal Sword, there was a high chance that Dao Lord Extreme Fire would be able to find an opportunity to break through if he won this battle!

Dao Lord Extreme Fire wanted to make use of Dao Lord Immortal Sword to accomplish the title of a Mighty Figure!

He had not cultivated for 5,000 years.

However, the experience of fighting against that terrifying poison caused his Dao heart and will to reach an indestructible and relentless state!

Therefore, after reconstructing his body, his combat strength was much stronger than before!

It was precisely because of the 5,000 years of grueling trial that Dao Lord Extreme Fire managed to attain a 90 feet Dharma Characteristic!

“A Supreme Dharma Characteristic?”

Dao Lord Immortal Sword’s eyes were bloodshot. He was truly enraged and could not be bothered about capturing Dao Lord Extreme Fire alive.

He only wanted to win this battle and give it his all!

“I’ll slay your Supreme Dharma Characteristic today!”

Dao Lord Immortal Sword roared with a ferocious expression.

Dao Lord Extreme Fire’s Dharma Characteristic was half a head taller than Dao Lord Immortal Sword.

However, only a fight would reveal which of the two Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristics were stronger.

Even if an ordinary Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristic was of a similar height as a legacy Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristic that has been passed down through history, it would definitely be inferior in strength.

Legacy Dharma Characteristics that are passed down through the foundations of the super sects such as the 18 Meters Metal Body, Withered Zen Dharma Characteristic, Glass Dharmic Body and Earth Malevolent Body possess shocking power!

Lifeless Sword Body was one of the legacy Dharma Characteristics of Sword Sect!

Dao Lord Extreme Fire’s eyes burned with flames as he said coldly, “Immortal Sword, you’ve lost! From today onwards, all your glory will be trampled beneath my feet!”

Today, Dao Lord Extreme Fire wanted to trample on Dao Lord Immortal Sword and take a step further into the Conjoint Body realm!

Everyone thought that Dao Lord Extreme Fire’s Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristic did not have a title.

Little did they know that this Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristic was the Scarlet Flame Dharmic Body depicted in the top-tier cultivation technique, Scarlet Flame Heart Sutra – it was the epitome of the Fire Dao!

The two Dao Lords stood facing each other in the hall.

Their Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristics were indomitable. One of them was burning with raging flames while the other was emitting sharp sword qi. Waving their arms, they collided violently!


The clash between the two Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristics was frightening!

The entire hall was dissected instantly.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

The sword qi burst forth and shattered the entire hall into countless holes.

As the raging flames burned, the shattered hall melted into a fiery red liquid and fell like a rain of fire!

Many Dao Lords retreated in shock!

The two Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristics collided repeatedly. Their massive figures resembled two divine beings with endless explosions that threatened to destroy the world!

That was the power of Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords!

The eyes of Nangong Ling and the others were filled with yearning and envy.

If they could wield power as such, they would not have wasted their lifetime cultivating!

The fight between the two Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristics had reached its climax!


Dao Lord Immortal Sword’s Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristic condensed a gigantic sword with both hands and sliced off one of the arms of the Scarlet Flame Dharma Body viciously!

The arm that was burning with flames fell like a thick stone pillar and the entire ground shook!

To begin with, the Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristic was a phantom conjured by cultivators.

However, that arm seemed corporeal when it was sliced off!

The power of that severed arm was enough to kill ordinary Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords!


Although the Scarlet Flame Dharmic Body only had one arm left, it seized the opportunity to punch through the chest of the Lifeless Sword Body!

The clash seemed like an internecine outcome.

However, Dao Lord Immortal Sword’s expression was obviously paler.

The fist of the Scarlet Flame Dharmic Body pierced into the chest of the Lifeless Sword Body and a bedazzling scarlet flame burst forth from the wound!


The blazing flames engulfed the Lifeless Sword Body from its chest inside out!

If the flames came from the outside, the Lifeless Sword Body could still destroy them with its sharp sword qi.

But now, the flames were coming from within the Lifeless Sword Body!


Dao Lord Immortal Sword let out a low growl and his body trembled. His Essence Spirit was pushed to its limits and Dharmic powers were injected continuously. The Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristic let out a painful roar in the raging flames as well!

“Burn it!”

Dao Lord Extreme Fire shouted and willed.

The Scarlet Flame Dharmic Body strode forward and opened its mouth, spitting out a stream of scarlet lava onto the Lifeless Sword Body!


The sword qi on the Lifeless Sword Body was instantly extinguished by the terrifying lava!

The Lifeless Sword Body struggled and roared. Its eyes, ears, mouth and nose were filled with raging flames and thick smoke!

The flames inside and outside incinerated the Lifeless Sword Body completely!

Many Dao Lords were dumbfounded when they saw that, unable to conceal the shock in their eyes.

Dao Lord Immortal Sword was defeated!

The number one of the current Dharma Characteristic Ranking had lost to the number one of the Dharma Characteristic Ranking 5,000 years; the latter was already past his peak and was in his later years!

Although the Scarlet Flame Dharmic Body had lost an arm, it was still present and the flames on its body did not diminish – it could still release a terrifying power!

As for the Lifeless Sword Body, it was incinerated into nothingness!


The Scarlet Flame Dharmic Body with a severed arm roared and strode forward, stomping down fiercely at Dao Lord Immortal Sword with its flaming feet!

That stomp carried a supreme might as though it was crushing an ant!

Dao Lord Immortal Sword’s face was pale as he swallowed a handful of elixirs and forced his Essence Spirit to activate. He conjured hand seals and conjured a gigantic sword that stabbed towards the incoming foot!


An ear-piercing sound could be heard when the sword touched the feet!

Dao Lord Immortal Sword shuddered.

Right after, under countless gazes, the gigantic sword was burned red and almost transparent!


The sword broke.


Dao Lord Immortal Sword looked as though he was struck by lightning. Before the feet of the Scarlet Flame Dharmic Body could land on him, he retreated and avoided the calamity.

Even so, he was severely injured and spat out a mouthful of blood in midair.

A crushing defeat!

Without his Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristic, Dao Lord Immortal Sword’s strength was not enough to fight against a Supreme Dharma Characteristic!

Even with a severed arm, a Supreme Dharma Characteristic could suppress him!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The Scarlet Flame Dharmic Body strode towards Dao Lord Immortal Sword with torrential flames!

“Fellow Daoists, save me!”

Dao Lord Immortal Sword shouted with a terrified expression.

Dao Lord Breaking Skies of Heavenly Dipper Sect, Dao Lord Fire Cloud of Zephyr Thunder Palace and the others were still aggressive earlier on but now, they were wary and did not dare to attack!

They were no match for even the damaged Scarlet Flame Dharmic Body!

This battle had stunned many Dao Lords!

Dao Lord Extreme Fire was clearly filled with killing intent and was invincible – no one dared to take him on!

Dao Lord Cloud Rain’s eyes flickered but he did not attack.

While the other Dao Lords did not make a move out of fear, he had other motives in his mind!

If Dao Lord Extreme Fire were to disregard everything and kill Dao Lord Immortal Sword, Hundred Refinement Sect would most likely suffer the wrath of Sword Sect!

At that time, many sects and factions might be implicated!

For him, he had everything to gain and nothing to lose if a fight between the orthodox sects were to break out.

Although he had once helped Dao Lord Immortal Sword fight for the Heaven Slaying Sword Art, that was on account of the benefits the latter promised.

Fairy Snowdrift had an indifferent expression.

Before she came, she had already said that she would remain neutral and would not interfere in the fight between the two parties.

Dao Lord Immortal Sword’s heart turned cold when he saw the reactions of the other Dao Lords.

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