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Chapter 977: Battle!

Soaring Feather Sect, one of the nine immortal sects!

Dao Lord Divine Moon was also a Dao Lord from thousands of years ago and became famous early on.

“Extreme Fire, how have you been?”

He stepped into the hall and cupped his hands towards Dao Lord Extreme Fire with a smile.

At this point, Dao Lords from the six immortal sects of the Middle Continent were all present!

Initially, Dao Lord Immortal Sword and the others could have ignored the Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords who entered earlier on.

Now that even Dao Lord Divine Moon of Soaring Feather Sect had come to congratulate Extreme Fire, everyone had to reevaluate Hundred Refinement Sect’s status in the cultivation world.

Or rather, they had to reevaluate Dao Lord Extreme Fire’s status!

Many Dao Lords arrived to extend their congratulations!

Everyone from Hundred Refinement Sect felt invigorated.

Throughout the entire cultivation world, at least half of the weapons came from Hundred Refinement Sect.

Of the remaining half, 20% came from the foundation of the various major sects themselves.

Another 20% came from ruins, cave abodes, secret grounds and inheritance grounds.

The remaining 10% were the other weapon refinement sects.

As the number one Weapon Refinement Grandmaster of Hundred Refinement Sect, Dao Lord Extreme Fire’s status and influence in the cultivation world could be imagined!

There were very few Mahayana experts among the four unorthodox groups.

That was because every cultivator had a limited amount of mental energy. If they were successful in other aspects such as weapon refinement, their path of cultivation will definitely be delayed.

In the history of Hundred Refinement Sect, Dao Lord Extreme Fire was one of the few people who had reached the peak of weapon refinement and cultivation!

He was also a monster incarnate that countless seniors of sects had high hopes for and were certain that he could step into the Mahayana realm!

That was also the reason why the entire Hundred Refinement Sect was mobilized for Dao Lord Extreme Fire’s return; even Conjoint Body Mighty Figures were willing to serve him!

“Come, take a seat!”

A smile finally appeared on Dao Lord Extreme Fire’s face when he saw his old friends coming to congratulate him.

The sight of Dharma Characteristic Dao Lord congratulating him one after another was shocking – even Dao Lord Immortal Sword would not be able to produce such an effect!

Dao Lord Immortal Sword and the others’ expressions darkened.

With this, it was even more unrealistic for them to attack!

At the very least, given their status, it was almost impossible for them to get Su Zimo out of Dao Lord Extreme Fire’s hands!

Right then, a Hundred Refinement Sect cultivator strode in with a bewildered expression. After hesitating for a moment, he said, “The… Asura of the fiend sects is waiting outside!”


Dao Lord Immortal Sword and Dao Lord Extreme Fire frowned at the same time.

The two of them exchanged glances without batting an eyelid.

Neither of them knew why the Asura of the fiend sects was here.

“What’s the Asura doing here?”

Dao Lord Cloud Rain frowned.

As someone of the fiend sects, he had a better understanding of the situation.

This Asura was the most terrifying monster incarnate of the fiend sects in recent years. He was bloodthirsty, eccentric and had no qualms about his actions!

It was said that he had just entered Dharma Characteristic realm a few decades ago.

On Dao Lord Immortal Sword’s side, apart from Dao Lord Cloud Rain who was from the fiend sects, the other Dao Lords did not have much interaction with this generation’s Asura.

As for Dao Lord Extreme Fire, he was an expert from 5,000 years ago and did not know the Asura at all.

Su Zimo was the only one whose heart skipped a beat as a glint flickered through his eyes.

The Asura?

Could it be Yan Beichen?

If it was Yan Beichen, he might be here to help him!

Asura Sect was located in the Middle Continent and it was only logical for the Asura to know about the Thousand Crane Tea Party.

Su Zimo was about to send a voice transmission when Dao Lord Extreme Fire said slowly, “Invite him in!”

In Dao Lord Extreme Fire’s mind, he could deal with anyone no matter whose side they were on!

Before long, a black-robed man walked in with a cold expression. His face was sharp as a knife and his features were defined. In his hands was a long saber filled with blood qi.

There were streaks of blood on the blade that resembled blood vessels that were surging with fresh blood as a blood stench filled the air!

Su Zimo’s eyes lit up.

It was indeed Asura Yan Beichen!

He was about to speak when Yan Beichen’s gaze swept past his eyes casually. It was an unfamiliar gaze that did not linger at all, as though the two of them had never seen one another before.

Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat and he did not take the initiative to greet him.

Even though he was puzzled, he knew that Yan Beichen must have his reasons for doing so.

“Asura, what are you doing here?”

Dao Lord Cloud Rain asked with a frown.

“If you can come, why can’t I?”

Yan Beichen swept his gaze and asked indifferently.

Dao Lord Cloud Rain’s expression darkened as he harrumphed and did not continue asking.

“All visitors are guests. Take a seat!”

Dao Lord Extreme Fire waved his hand and said.

A Hundred Refinement Sect cultivator moved a chair in a fearful manner and placed it in front of Yan Beichen. With a frightened expression, he turned to leave hurriedly.

Yan Beichen did not thank the cultivator either and sat down just like that.

The blood-colored saber in his hands was placed horizontally across his knees. His eyes were half-opened and he looked as though he was asleep – no one knew his intentions.

Dao Lord Immortal Sword’s gaze flickered for a moment before he suddenly said, “Extreme Fire, now that things have come to this, there would only be an internecine outcome if we fight. I have a suggestion.”


Dao Lord Extreme Fire raised his brow.

“Neither of us had a good time the previous time we fought. Why don’t we take this opportunity to fight properly?” Dao Lord Immortal Sword challenged.

Through his sentence, he was reminding Dao Lord Extreme Fire.

After the battle at Thousand Demon Valley, he already knew that the ones who snatched the Heaven Slaying Sword Art were them!

Dao Lord Immortal Sword knew that the Heaven Slaying Sword Art was with Su Zimo and would definitely not return empty-handed!

However, this was Hundred Refinement Sect and he might not be able to gain an advantage if both parties were to engage in a chaotic battle.

But, he was absolutely confident in his combat strength!

If he could use this battle to suppress Dao Lord Extreme Fire, he could use Dao Lord Extreme Fire in exchange for Su Zimo!

“You want to fight me?”

Dao Lord Extreme Fire laughed as flames burned in his eyes.

Dao Lord Immortal Sword smiled and mocked, “Why? The number one of the Dharma Characteristic Ranking 5,000 years ago is frightened?”

Su Zimo was shocked to hear this.

It was only now that he truly realized the status of Dao Lord Extreme Fire in the cultivation world 5,000 years ago!

The fact that he was the number one of the Dharma Characteristic alongside his identity as a Weapon Refinement Grandmaster meant that he was an influence that even Conjoint Body Mighty Figures could not match!

“I think that will work,”

Dao Lord Cloud Rain clapped his hands. “One of them was the number one of the Dharma Characteristic Ranking 5,000 years ago and the other is the current number one of the Dharma Characteristic Ranking. What a rare sight. Why not have a fight for all of us to broaden our horizons?”

“Grandmaster, there’s no need for us to take this on.”

“That’s right. You’ve only just reconstructed your body and you’re definitely not familiar with the control and perception of this body. There’s no need for you to take the risk.”

Dao Lord Scarlet Star and the others hurriedly sent voice transmissions.

Most importantly, Dao Lord Extreme Fire was extremely famous 5,000 years ago and that was him at his peak.

However, 5,000 years had passed and for Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords with 10,000 years of lifespan, Dao Lord Extreme Fire was already in his later stages and was definitely not a match for Dao Lord Immortal Sword who was at his peak!

Dao Lord Extreme Fire thought nothing of it and stood up slowly with a surging battle intent. “Very good. I haven’t fought for 5,000 years and was just craving for an opponent. You came at the right time!”


Dao Lord Extreme Fire hollered and Dharmic powers surged in his body as he conjured a scarlet spear in reverse. It was almost transparent and scorching as though it had been burned for seven days and nights!

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