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Chapter 976: On the Verge

In the front hall of Hundred Refinement Sect.

In less than three breaths, the 50 foot tall Dharma Characteristic was incinerated into nothingness and its Dharmic powers dissipated!

Without the support of the Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristic, Dao Lord Red Tiger could not defend against the scarlet flames and was engulfed by them in the blink of an eye!

“Ah! Ah! Ahhhh!”

He shrieked relentlessly and at the end, his voice was almost inaudible.

In front of everyone, a Dharma Characteristic Dao Lord was burned to ashes without a single bone remaining!

Some Dharma Characteristics from Upper Sects who were initially also raring to test the waters became silent instantly.

The only Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords who could maintain their composure within the hall were those from the super sects!

In a certain sense, this was the first time Su Zimo had seen Dao Lord Extreme Fire attack.

In the previous two times, Dao Lord Extreme Fire was merely an Essence Spirit and did not have a physical body. As such, he could not cast such Dharmic arts.

Su Zimo realized that Dao Lord Extreme Fire’s strength was even more terrifying than he had imagined!

The 50 foot tall Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristic could not defend against Dao Lord Extreme Fire’s Dharmic art at all!

After killing a Dharma Characteristic, Dao Lord Extreme Fire led Su Zimo past many other Dao Lords to the main seat before sitting down as though nothing had happened.

Su Zimo followed right behind and no more Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords dared to attack along the way!

“Well, well, well!”

When Dao Lord Cloud Rain saw that, he clapped his hands and praised repeatedly, saying mockingly, “As expected of Extreme Fire, you’re still as mighty as ever.”

Dao Lord Extreme Fire said indifferently, “Even after 5,000 years, you still possess the same mannerisms. You haven’t improved at all.”

Dao Lord Cloud Rain was not annoyed and said leisurely, “Extreme Fire, you’re still at the Dharma Characteristic realm after 5,000 years. You haven’t improved either. Furthermore, I heard that you’ve even lost your body. Seems like you’re not doing well, eh?”

“Dao Lord Extreme Fire, although your body has recovered, how much of your combat strength can you recover? Back then, you were indeed a top-notch expert. But, now? Haha.” Dao Lord Fire Cloud of Zephyr Thunder Palace sneered.

Under normal circumstances, once one lost their original bodies, it was difficult for them to achieve 100% compatibility with their Essence Spirits be it whether they gained a new body through assimilation or reconstructed a new Dharma Characteristic physical body. Therefore, one’s combat strength would definitely weaken.

However, the reason why Dao Lord Extreme Fire reconstructed his body personally was because he wanted to avoid that situation!

Furthermore, his choice of material was all top-grade.

Right now, his Essence Spirit has already resonated with this physical body and the compatibility was close to 100%!

As long as he continued cultivating for a period of time, his Essence Spirit and body would achieve perfect compatibility!

Dao Lord Extreme Fire’s gaze shifted and landed on Dao Lord Fire Cloud. As though two beams of flame were shot forth, he said slowly, “If you want to know, you can try it out.”

Dao Lord Fire Cloud’s heart skipped a beat.

He actually felt his heart skip a beat from Dao Lord Extreme Fire’s glare! Initially, he wanted to rise but he stopped right away!

He did not want to become the second Dao Lord Red Tiger!

Dao Lord Extreme Fire looked at Fairy Snowdrift and asked with raised brows, “Why? Does Snowdrift Valley want to interfere as well?”

“It’s a misunderstanding,”

Fairy Snowdrift smiled indifferently. “I’m only here because of your fame. Firstly, I wanted to see for myself the Dao Lord Extreme Fire from 5,000 years ago. Secondly, I wanted to see the number one Perfected Lord of the current era.”

She was implying that she was in a neutral position.

With that said, Fairy Snowdrift’s beautiful eyes shimmered as she looked towards Su Zimo who was behind Dao Lord Extreme Fire.

Su Zimo’s expression was indifferent and calm.

Even in a tense situation where many Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords were present and released rampant auras, he could still maintain his cool.

“You live up to your reputation indeed,”

Fairy Snowdrift smiled faintly.

Nobody knew if she was referring to Dao Lord Extreme Fire or Su Zimo.

Unknowingly, Dao Lord Extreme Fire had already taken control of the entire situation!

At that moment, only Dao Lord Immortal Sword and the other two could ensure that their auras did not dissipate despite Dao Lord Extreme Fire’s powerful aura!

The entire time, Dao Lord Immortal Sword had a restrained sharpness that was kept to himself.

Dao Lord Cloud Rain waved his folding fan gently as mist filled the air.

The surroundings of Fairy Snowdrift were cold as ice!

For everyone else such as Dao Lord Fire Cloud of Zephyr Thunder Palace, their auras were completely suppressed!

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Dao Lord Immortal Sword’s fingers tapped on the metal table slowly, letting out metallic sounds in a rhythmic manner.

After each strike, the sharpness of his body would increase by a fraction!

After a few knocks, the sharpness of Dao Lord Immortal Sword surged into the skies and sliced Dao Lord Extreme Fire’s aura into two!

Dao Lord Immortal Sword said slowly, “Extreme Fire, it’s important to know your limits. If you want to protect this lad, don’t drag the entire Hundred Refinement Sect down with you!”

“Why? You want to attack in Hundred Refinement Sect too?”

Dao Lord Extreme Fire glared with killing intent.

“It’s not just me.”

Dao Lord Immortal Sword stood up slowly like an unsheathed sword and said coldly, “All of us Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords of the immortal sects are here for him. Are you going to hand him over?”

“Patron Extreme Fire, Hundred Refinement Sect will be at odds with Sword Sect, Chaos Essence Sect, Heavenly Dipper Sect, Zephyr Thunder Palace and our two Buddhist sects because of a fiend demon. You have to consider this carefully,” Monk Kong Wen of Formless Monastery persuaded.

“Extreme Fire!”

Dao Lord Cloud Rain stood out as well and said with a faint smile, “If you want to fight against the situation, you’ll only bring destruction!”

“Extreme Fire, hand him over!”

“Hand him over!”

Dao Lord Fire Cloud, Dao Lord Breaking Skies and Dao Lord Cloud Sun stood forward one after another.

The four immortal sects and two monasteries were exerting pressure at the same time!

No faction in Tianhuang Mainland could withstand such pressure, let alone the four unorthodox groups!

“Pass the order!”

Dao Lord Extreme Fire stood up as well and said expressionlessly, “Kill anyone who dares to attack in Hundred Refinement Sect!”

“How dare you!”

Dao Lord Fire Cloud’s gaze turned cold as he grit his teeth. “Hundred Refinement Sect has already declined. If we die here, Hundred Refinement Sect won’t be able to shoulder the responsibility!”

“Try moving and see if I dare to kill you!”

Dao Lord Extreme Fire’s gaze was searing and the flames in his eyes seemed to be burning!

The atmosphere was tense and both parties were on the verge of fighting!

Dao Lord Immortal Sword and the others did not dare to act rashly either.

Dao Lord Extreme Fire’s methods and spirit were stronger than they had imagined – even the four immortal sects and two Buddhist monasteries could not suppress him!

They were worried that if they attacked, Dao Lord Extreme Fire would truly disregard everything and kill them.

Dao Lord Extreme Fire was wary as well.

Dao Lord Immortal Sword and the others were different from Dao Lord Red Tiger.

Dao Lord Red Tiger was from Tyrant Emperor Mountain, one of the Upper Sects – it was alright to kill him since he dared to start a fight in Hundred Refinement Sect!

However, the people before him were all extremely influential!

If he were to kill all of them here, Hundred Refinement Sect would be in deep trouble!

Right then, the voice of a Hundred Refinement Sect disciple sounded from outside.

“Sect master, Dao Lord Ferocious Spirit is here!”

The Dao Lords present were shocked when they heard that name.

He was an itinerant cultivator who traveled alone. However, his combat strength was extremely terrifying – he was ranked 10th on the Dharma Characteristic Ranking 5,000 years ago!

“He’s still alive?”

Dao Lord Cloud Rain frowned.

“Hahaha, Extreme Fire, I heard that you’re still alive so I’m here to see you!”

A tall and slender cultivator walked in. His long hair draped over his shoulders and he was slovenly as he laughed with a lazy expression.

“Sect master, Dao Lord Essence Dragon is here to pay his respects!”

“Sect master, Dao Lord Gray Flame is here to pay his respects!”

“Sect Master, Dao Lord Divine Moon of Soaring Feather Sect is here to pay his respects!”

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