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Chapter 970: Breakthrough

There was no bitterness in the supreme-grade Mystic Tea when it entered his stomach. It carried a faint sweet fragrance and turned into a warm current that flowed through his limbs and bones before fusing into his body.

Finally, a ball of spirit qi gathered from the tea and surged into his spirit platform, breaking through Su Zimo’s consciousness and engulfing his two Essence Spirits.

Instinctively, Su Zimo closed his eyes and sat on the ground.

The spirit qi nourished the two Essence Spirits, cleansing the impurities in the black-haired Essence Spirit and refining the Yin qi in the scarlet-haired Yin Spirit.

Under the nourishment of the ball of spirit qi, the two Essence Spirits became increasingly condensed and pure, advancing towards the Void Reversion realm!

Before leaving Thousand Demon Valley, Su Zimo had already cultivated his two Essence Spirits to the peak of late-stage Nascent Soul realm with the help of the Thousand Year Blood Sea.

Right now, he was already on the brink of a breakthrough after fighting against many Nascent Soul paragons.

With the help of the supreme-grade Mystic Tea, there were almost no obstacles and he broke through in less than half an hour!

Everything happened naturally.


Su Zimo opened his eyes and let out a long howl into the skies with a divine glow!

Perfected Nascent Soul!

In a hundred years, he had advanced from Golden Core to perfected Nascent Soul realm!

That was a terrifying speed. Throughout history, there were not many cultivators who could reach that speed.

A hundred and forty-year-old Nascent Soul!

Although he did not look young, Su Zimo was equivalent to a teenager if he was compared to a mortal with a hundred years of lifespan!

Many cultivators were shocked.

Everyone did not know that Su Zimo was cultivating two great Essence Spirits at the same time and was even using them to nurture the Creation Green Lotus.

Otherwise, he might have already entered the Void Reversion realm!

Now that his Essence Spirit was at the perfected stage, Su Zimo could clearly sense that the Dharmic powers that he could control were much stronger.

Furthermore, he could vaguely sense the barrier of the Void Reversion realm.

The difference between perfected Nascent Soul and the Void Reversion realm was only a single step.

However, that single step stumped countless cultivators!

In fact, some cultivators were unable to break through this barrier and enter the Void Reversion realm for the rest of their lives.

Breaking through a major cultivation realm was the most difficult.

It was perfectly normal for people to cultivate several hundred years to attempt to break through.

For example, Perfected Lord Pang Lan who died in Su Zimo’s hands earlier on only managed to take half a step forward after cultivating for hundreds of years and had yet to truly break through to Void Reversion realm.


Shangguan Zi smiled slightly.

“Thank you, senior,”

Su Zimo hurriedly stood up and bowed.

Shangguan Zi nodded and turned to look at Lord Daoist Lan Yue, saying indifferently, “Lan Yue, you are to blame for the current state of the Thousand Crane Tea Party! This is unforgivable!”

Dao Lord Lan Yue’s heart skipped a beat.

Shangguan Zi’s tone was extremely stern. It was clear that she was truly enraged and this matter would not end peacefully!

“Master, I know my mistake now!”

Dao Lord Lan Yue knelt on the ground hurriedly and apologized loudly with a terrified expression.

Shangguan Zi shook her head and said sternly, “As a sect master, you’re unjust and ungrateful! If I hadn’t come out of seclusion in time, I can’t imagine how much trouble you would have caused or how badly the sect would have been implicated because of your actions!”

Dao Lord Lan Yue sprawled on the ground, trembling slightly and not daring to speak.

“Lan Yue, from this day forth, you are no longer the sect master of Thousand Crane Sect!”

Shangguan Zi said slowly.

“Yes, master.”

Dao Lord Lan Yue did not dare to question as she lowered her head and replied softly.

Shangguan Zi stood still for a moment before she took a deep breath and said in a deep voice, “According to the rules of the sect, you committed an unforgivable crime and should be executed!”

Dao Lord Lan Yue shuddered in fright.

Pausing for a moment, Shangguan Zi continued, “However, on account of the fact that you’ve been under my tutelage for so many years, I’ll just cripple your cultivation today and kick you out of the sect. Go and lead a peaceful life as a mortal.”

The cultivators were moved.

In the blink of an eye, the high and mighty sect master who was insufferably arrogant earlier on had fallen to the mortal realm!

Everyone knew that the punishment was not severe at all.

If Shangguan Zi had not come out of seclusion, Dao Lord Lan Yue would have attacked Dao Lord Scarlet Star and the other two and detained Su Zimo. That would have been a calamity and Thousand Crane Sect would have been doomed!

“M-Master I really know my mistake now!”

Dao Lord Lan Yue was truly frightened. She crawled to Shangguan Zi’s feet and cried.

“Grandmaster, please show mercy.”

Leng Rou could not bear to see Dao Lord Lan Yue in such a state and knelt down as well to plead for mercy.

No matter what, Dao Lord Lan Yue was her master at the end of the day.

Shangguan Zi turned to look at Leng Rou and asked, “Despite the way she treated you, you’re pleading for mercy for her sake?”

“Please show mercy, grandmaster.”

Leng Rou pursed her lips and replied.

Shangguan Zi was silent for a moment before nodding. “Alright, I’ll give you another chance! However, you won’t be able to escape punishment! Take Lan Yue to the Disciplinary Hall and subject her to the Nine Core Punishments!”

“Thank you, master. Thank you for your kindness,”

Dao Lord Lan Yue hurriedly kowtowed as though she was pardoned.

Although she was punished, she could at least preserve her cultivation and have a chance to make a comeback!

Two Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords stood out and helped Dao Lord Lan Yue up, heading towards the depths of Thousand Crane Sect.

Shangguan Zi turned to look at Leng Rou. The coldness in her eyes dissipated a lot as she said, “Your name is Leng Rou, right? Join me from now on.”

Leng Rou was slightly stunned.

Little Fatty beamed and pushed Leng Rou hurriedly, whispering, “What are you waiting for? Hurry and acknowledge your master!”

The crowd was envious.

This was a tremendous opportunity!

To be taken in by a Conjoint Body as a disciple personally meant that not only would Leng Rou’s strength increase, her status in Thousand Crane Sect in the future would soar as well!

Leng Rou knelt down and kowtowed. “Greetings, master.”

Su Zimo was happy for Leng Rou when he saw that.

It was already extremely benevolent of Leng Rou to stand out and plead for Dao Lord Lan Yue. Now that Senior Shangguan was willing to take her in as a disciple, it was naturally her fate and fortune.

The tea party continued.

Many cultivators entered the fray to fight for the ordinary Mystic Tea.

However, compared to the shocking battle earlier on, the fight between these Nascent Soul paragons seemed much more ordinary.

With a Conjoint Body Mighty Figure like Shangguan Zi around, the tea party went smoothly. By the time night fell, it was already over.

Some cultivators bid farewell that night.

Some cultivators rested for the night in Thousand Crane Sect.

Everyone knew that today’s battle was merely the beginning!

The true storm was still coming!

Ye Tiancheng, Perfected Lord Pang Lan and many Void Reversions of the immortal sects died in the hands of Su Zimo – the immortal sects were not going to let this go!

Furthermore, Su Zimo slaughtered Ye Tiancheng and declared war upon Di Yin after his domineering return – how would Di Yin respond to that?

If a few immortal sects were to attack at the same time, would Hundred Refinement Sect be able to protect Su Zimo?

Additionally, at the end of the Thousand Crane Tea Party, a letter caused a Conjoint Body Mighty Figure of Thousand Crane Sect to appear and almost reversed the entire situation, even causing a sect master to fall from grace!

Who did this letter come from?!

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