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Chapter 964: A Suffocating Counterattack

Su Zimo injected Dharmic powers and tossed the Creation Green Lotus out.

The Creation Green Lotus turned into a streak of light and sped towards the Void Reversion of Chaos Essence Sect, arriving instantly!


In a flash, Su Zimo charged towards Dao Being Chi Gai and the Void Reversion of Heavenly Dipper Sect. Everywhere he passed, sand and rocks flew.

In midair, Su Zimo condensed a sword finger and touched his glabella gently before pointing in the direction of the Void Reversion of Sword Sect!

Pshew! Pshew! Pshew!

45 rays of green light shot out from his glabella and pierced towards the Void Reversion of Sword Sect.

Those were the 45 lotus seeds!

Everything was released in an instant!

At the same time, Su Zimo conjured hand seals and two flames of different colors and auras appeared in his palms!

A ball of scarlet and a ball of gold!

They were the immortal and Buddhist Dao Fires!

Within his consciousness, his Essence Spirit was already pushed to its limits.

Endless Dharmic powers surged into the two Dao flames!


Su Zimo closed in on the two flames and channeled a supreme secret skill, fusing them together to form a dual-colored Dao fire.

The Samadhi Dao Fire!

Nangong Ling, Liu Hanyan and Ru Xuan widened their eyes in shock.

There were very few cultivators in the entire Mystic Courtyard who could recognize that Dharmic art.

The three of them were legacy disciples of Dao Lord Scarlet Star and were naturally cultivating the Samadhi Dao Fire as well. However, they had yet to succeed.

To them, the secret skill that Su Zimo was using was the Samadhi Dao Fire itself.

However, there was still a difference from the Samadhi Dao Fire in their impression.

The biggest difference was that the Samadhi Dao Fire had three balls of flames.

However, Su Zimo only condensed two balls of flames!

Furthermore, the Samadhi Dao Flames they cultivated were of the same color and were scarlet without any golden flames!

The thing that truly shocked and confused them was the fact that although there were only two balls of flames in Su Zimo’s palms…

The Dao fire that was formed from the fusion of the two Dao Flames seemed to be even more terrifying than the Samadhi Dao Fire they knew!

The three of them did not know that the nature of the Samadhi Dao Fire had completely changed in Su Zimo’s hands!

The original meaning of Samadhi was the essence, qi and spirit Samadhi.

However, when it came to Su Zimo, he interpreted it as the immortal, Buddhist and fiend Samadhi!

At his level of comprehension, how could the power of that Dharmic art not increase?

The original Samadhi Dao Fire was the top Dharmic art of the Scarlet Flame Heart Sutra and was also one of Dao Lord Extreme Fire’s trump cards.

Su Zimo’s Samadhi Dao fire raised the Dharmic art to a brand new level.

No one had witnessed its might before nor could they ever imagine what it was like!

Therefore, even though Su Zimo did not condense a true Samadhi Dao fire and merely fused the Dao fire of the immortal and Buddhist sects together, its might was still terrifying!


Su Zimo hollered softly.

The ball of Dviadhi Dao Fire[1] floated and pushed towards the Void Reversion of Hellfire Hall.

At that moment, Su Zimo had already arrived before Dao Being Chi Gai and the Void Reversion of Heavenly Dipper Sect. He extended his palm and enveloped both of them!

It was absolutely terrifying!

All the cultivators widened their eyes in shock.

Initially, Dao Being Yu Ding wanted to rush over to help. However, at that moment, he realized that he did not know where to start.

Initially, Fairy Luo Xue stood up and wanted to help Su Zimo as well. However, at that moment, she sat back down slowly.

No one could imagine that Su Zimo, a Nascent Soul, would be able to break through such a deadly trap.

Furthermore, his counterattack was so ferocious and frightening that it was suffocating.

After severely injuring two Void Reversion monks and killing Monk Xuan Ming, Su Zimo’s attacked singlehandedly against five people right away.

All five Void Reversions were within his attack range!

That was the boldness of the number one Perfected Lord!

That was the means of the number one Perfected Lord!

There were no attacks or solo fights.

Since they wanted to fight, none of the five Void Reversions could escape!

The first person he came into contact with was the Void Reversion of Chaos Essence Sect.

The Void Reversion of Chaos Essence Sect did not dare to be careless when he saw the Creation Green Lotus approaching. He swiped his storage bag and summoned a gigantic silver shield in front of him.

After injecting Dharmic powers, the shield’s aura surged.


Four bedazzling lights shone on the silver shield!

It was a supreme-grade Dao Being Dharmic weapon!

According to his plan, he would first defend against the attack of the Creation Green Lotus and it would be best if he could retrieve it before counterattacking.

However, he had truly underestimated the Creation Green Lotus and Su Zimo’s strength!

This was a Grade 5 Creation Green Lotus that was comparable to a connate Dao Being Dharmic weapon.

His shield could not defend against it at all!

Furthermore, the Creation Green Lotus was Su Zimo’s Destiny Dharmic Weapon and was even more powerful. Su Zimo had thrown it out with all his might.

Its burst power was no different from a meteor crashing!


The Creation Green Lotus collided with the silver shield and let out a deafening bang!

Chaos Essence Sect’s Void Reversion’s expression changed starkly.

Sensing the power of the collision, he suddenly realized that something was amiss!

Unfortunately, it was too late!

With almost no pause in between, the silver shield exploded and the Creation Green Lotus charged forward, charging towards the Void Reversion of Chaos Essence Sect!


He only had time to shout before his head was crushed by the Creation Green Lotus!

Before his Essence Spirit could escape, it was destroyed on the spot!

If he had chosen to use his Destiny Dharmic Weapon to defend against that attack with all his might, he might have had a chance to survive.

Unfortunately, not only did he underestimate the Creation Green Lotus, he also underestimated Su Zimo.

He was still thinking of counterattacking, but he did not know that the scythe of the reaper was already hovering around his neck!

He was killed by a single move!

Chaos Essence Sect’s Void Reversion had just died and Su Zimo’s other attack had already arrived.

The 45 lotus seeds arrived before the Void Reversion of Sword Sect densely and sealed off all his escape routes!

The Void Reversion of Sword Sect wanted to throw out a few talismans to defend against the attack of the lotus seeds.

However, he caught sight of Chaos Essence Sect’s Void Reversion from the corner of his eye and was shocked!

Instantly, the Void Reversion of Sword Sect had a grim expression and did not dare to be careless. As he tore apart a few defensive talismans, he summoned his Destiny Dharmic Weapon right away!


Relying on the sword in his hands, its blade quivered with a buzzing sound that grew increasingly clear.

It was a perfect Dao Being Dharmic weapon!

The sword had followed him for many years and had been tempered by his Essence Spirit for thousands of years – it was extremely powerful!

He believed that he would be able to defend against the attack of the actual Creation Green Lotus, let alone the 45 lotus seeds!

He did not make any moves and merely flicked his wrist gently. Beams of bright and cold sword lights burst forth and formed sword qi barriers around him!

Cling! Clang!

The sword qi barrier was impenetrable and blocked all 45 lotus seeds outside!

Everyone’s eyes lit up.

As expected of a Sword Sect cultivator.

That sword technique was truly peerless!

Su Zimo’s killing move was dispelled with a single slash!

Right then, Hang Qiuyu seemed to have sensed something and his pupils constricted as he exclaimed, “Senior Brother, watch out!”

[1] Two Dao Fires

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