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Chapter 963: One Punch!

Although the Void Reversions of Zephyr Thunder Palace, Chaos Essence Sect and the other three sects attacked later, Essence Spirit secret skills were instantaneous and their attacks were the first to arrive!

After his dragonification, Su Zimo activated the Mingwang Prayer Beads right away.


His left wrist shone with bedazzling golden lights that enveloped his entire body!

In the blink of an eye, a shimmering golden barrier appeared around him and ancient, mysterious Sanskrit appeared – it was flawless and divine!

“Essence Spirit Dharmic weapon?”

The eyes of Dao Being Chi Gai and the others focused.

Among Dharmic weapons, Essence Spirit Dharmic weapons were the rarest.

Furthermore, based on their judgment, the Dharmic weapon on Su Zimo’s wrist was of an extremely high grade and was a rare treasure for them!

Greed flashed through their eyes at the same time.

Su Zimo had way too many treasures on him!

After killing that lad and seizing his treasures, there would definitely be a fierce battle.

The Creation Green Lotus had already fallen into the hands of the Buddhist monasteries.

They had to get their hands on the remaining treasures!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The moment the golden barrier was formed, the spirit consciousness released by the five Essence Spirit secret skills descended!

Any later and Su Zimo would have been killed by the five spirit consciousnesses!

The golden barrier trembled and the Sanskrit dimmed.

The two different energies froze for a split second and the golden barrier exploded instantaneously!

However, the power of the five spirit consciousnesses was halved as well.


The remnant of the five spirit consciousnesses shot into Su Zimo’s glabella right away!

The five Void Reversions sneered internally when they saw that.

So what if he had an Essence Spirit Dharmic weapon? His cultivation realm was not high enough and he could not unleash the true power of the Dharmic weapon.

Furthermore, this was an Essence Spirit secret skill released by the five of them together!

Even if the Essence Spirit Dharmic weapon managed to defend against most of the power, the remnant of the spirit consciousness would be able to enter Su Zimo’s consciousness and kill him!

Five spirit consciousnesses barged into Su Zimo’s sea of consciousness, creating waves that crashed towards his Essence Spirit!

Although the Creation Green Lotus was still in Monk Xuan Ming’s hands, the 45 lotus seeds surrounded Su Zimo’s Essence Spirit and had not once left his side.

The Creation Green Lotus could not defend against the power of spirit consciousnesses.

However, the lotus seeds were Essence Spirit Dharmic weapons!

The 45 lotus seeds turned into rays of light that circled around Su Zimo’s Essence Spirit, emitting a terrifying sharp aura!

The moment the five spirit consciousnesses descended, they were sliced into pieces by the 45 lotus seeds and their power was almost depleted!

When the remnant of the spirit consciousness landed on Su Zimo’s Essence Spirit that was covered with dragon scales, it did not cause any ripples and dissipated silently!

At the same time, the attacks of the three Void Reversions of the Buddhist monasteries arrived!

At that moment, Su Zimo had just defended against five spirit consciousness attacks and it was too late for him to raise his hand to defend against the attacks of the three Void Reversion monks!

The only possibility was if the three Void Reversions paused for a moment to give him a breather to react.

However, that was impossible.

The two monks of Hollow and Wisdom Monasteries sighed internally and revealed pained expressions. They could not help but hold back slightly.

However, Monk Xuan Ming of Formless Monastery knew that he was the one in the wrong for snatching away Su Zimo’s Creation Green Lotus.

The only way he could cause the Creation Green Lotus to have no owner was by killing Su Zimo!

A cold glint flashed through Monk Xuan Ming’s eyes as that thought flashed through his mind. The peerless Dharmic Seal he conjured with both hands turned even more ferocious!

Right then, Su Zimo opened his mouth and let out a deafening roar!


Heaven and earth rumbled!

The roar was majestic and powerful, piercing through metal and cracking rocks. It exuded an ancient and boundless aura that contained endless rage, as though it wanted to shatter the stars!

This was not a human voice!

It was a dragon roar!

Everything went silent.

The world seemed to have gone silent after the dragon roar.

Given Su Zimo’s blood qi, the lethality of his dragon roar was extremely terrifying and the first to be struck were the three Void Reversion monks!

The three of them shuddered as though they were struck by lightning. Their eyes widened and their minds went blank momentarily.

The Hollow Finger and Wisdom Palm paused momentarily.

Monk Xuan Ming’s Formless Dharmic Seal was almost shattered by the roar!

Since the three of them were in charge of escorting the Nascent Soul paragons to this place, their strength was naturally not to be underestimated.

If it was any other ordinary Void Reversion, that roar would have destroyed their souls!

However, that brief pause was enough for Su Zimo!

Taking a deep breath of air, Su Zimo’s blood qi surged and he threw three punches at the three Void Reversion monks like lightning!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Flesh and blood splattered everywhere!

Even Void Reversion monks could not defend against Su Zimo’s body!

Furthermore, this was a full channel of his blood qi after his dragonification – the power that was released could only be described as destructive!

The Hollow Finger of Hollow Monastery’s monk was shattered by Su Zimo’s punch and his entire palm was smashed into pulp!

The outcome of the Void Reversion monk of Wisdom Monastery was almost similar.

The moment Wisdom Palm descended, it was smashed by Su Zimo’s punch and his entire arm was snapped – it was crippled completely!

The two Void Reversion monks cried out in pain and their faces turned pale. They fell backwards heavily into the crowd, looking extremely wretched.

This was Su Zimo showing mercy.

Although he had transformed into a dragon, he had not lost his rationality.

Earlier on, the two Void Reversion monks had shown compassion and retracted their strength. Inadvertently, their act of showing mercy saved themselves instead!

Although Su Zimo was decisive in killing, he was not bloodthirsty.

What he wanted was to be able to do anything he wanted and pay everything an eye for an eye!

He only killed those that deserved to be killed!

Monk Xuan Ming was someone that deserved to be killed!

Su Zimo threw out three punches in succession; two of them went towards the Hollow Finger and Wisdom Palm of the two monks.

However, the third punch landed right on Monk Xuan Ming’s head!


Monk Xuan Ming’s head was smashed into pieces and his Essence Spirit was destroyed!

He was shocked by the dragon roar and could not react in time. He was killed by a single punch without any chance of resisting!

The crowd was shocked!

Instantly, things changed on the battlefield.

No one expected that after the attacks of eight Void Reversions in unison, two of them would be severely injured and one of them was dead!

How was that possible?

The Essence Spirit secret skills of five Void Reversions could not even kill this man?

How did this person even have strength left to retaliate?

It was not only the crowd that was confused; the five Void Reversions of Zephyr Thunder Palace, Chaos Essence Sect and the other three sects were equally confused.

The five of them were shocked by the dragon roar as well but they snapped out of their stupor before long.

Immediately after, the five of them were bewildered and their eyes shone with endless confusion.

Su Zimo severely injured two Void Reversion monks of Hollow Monastery and Wisdom Monastery with two punches and killed Monk Xuan Ming with one punch. Without stopping, he pushed down with his palm and snatched the Creation Green Lotus back!

“The five of you, hand over your lives!”

Suddenly, Su Zimo turned around and glared at Dao Being Chi Gai and the others. He grinned and released a torrential killing intent, resembling a God of Massacre that had just walked out from the depths of hell!

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