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Chapter 961: I Think You’re Tired of Living!


Perfected Lord Pang Lan shuddered and cried out in pain. He hugged his head with both hands and curled his body as though he was enduring immense pain.

The crowd was astonished!

If everybody was shocked when Perfected Lord Pang Lan released the spirit consciousness attack…

Su Zimo’s counterattack was absolutely mind-blowing!

Perfected Lord Pang Lan had cultivated for hundreds of years and was half a step into the Void Reversion realm. It was only logical for his cultivation to be at this level.

However, Su Zimo was only slightly older than a hundred years old and was at late-stage Nascent Soul realm – how could his Essence Spirit be so terrifying?

In fact, his Essence Spirit was so condensed that it was able to release spirit consciousness attacks!

What was even more frightening was that Perfected Lord Pang Lan was clearly defeated in that clash of spirit consciousnesses.

In reality, the moment Su Zimo entered Nascent Soul realm, he was already able to release spirit consciousness attacks by fusing his two Essence Spirits together.

By the time he cultivated to late-stage Nascent Soul, his two Essence Spirits were pure and condensed enough on their own without fusion.

The black-haired Essence Spirit cultivated two top-tier immortal and Buddhist cultivation techniques.

Not only that, there was also the nourishment of the Creation Green Lotus!

To Su Zimo, it was only normal that his spirit consciousness attack could suppress Perfected Lord Pang Lan’s spirit consciousness.

Perfected Lord Pang Lan had a splitting headache as wounds appeared on his Essence Spirit!

Essence Spirit injuries were the hardest to heal from.

Suddenly, he felt a strong sense of regret.

He struggled to stand up.

Unfortunately, Su Zimo would not give him another chance!

After the spirit consciousness attack, Su Zimo’s figure flashed and arrived before Perfected Lord Pang Lan in the blink of an eye. He extended his finger and tapped on the latter’s glabella gently.


A bloody hole appeared on Perfected Lord Pang Lan’s glabella!

His Essence Spirit was completely destroyed!

Another monster incarnate had died!

The number one of the Phenomenon Ranking four hundred years ago, an existence that was half a step into the Void Reversion realm, died right in front of countless cultivators.

He died even faster than Ye Tiancheng!

That was the danger of a clash of spirit consciousnesses!

Even if one’s Essence Spirit was not destroyed at the first moment, it was easy for them to be shaken. They would not be able to recover in time and their opponents might seize the momentum to kill them!

Therefore, most of the time, cultivators would fight and kill one another. It was rare for them to use spirit consciousness attacks or Essence Spirit secret skills right away.

This was equivalent to a life and death battle that happened in an instant!

Nobody was confident of winning.

Furthermore, even if they won, if their Essence Spirits were injured in the process, it would lead to endless trouble – it was not worth it at all.

Ye Tiancheng and Perfected Lord Pang Lan, two paragons and two former number one of the Phenomenon Ranking, fell one after another. Suddenly, a strange killing intent filled the Mystic Courtyard!

The Void Reversions of Chaos Essence Sect, Heavenly Dipper Sect, Zephyr Thunder Palace, Sword Sect and Hellfire Hall exchanged glances.

Although the five Void Reversions were expressionless, their spirit consciousnesses were communicating secretly.

Waving his hand, Su Zimo put away the Mystic Magnet Mountain and the 49 Perfected Lord flying swords that were suppressed beneath.

Unfortunately, he did not manage to obtain Perfected Lord Pang Lan and Ye Tiancheng’s storage bags.

The mysterious stone hammer of Ye Tiancheng was also put away by Chaos Essence Sect cultivators long ago.

However, Perfected Lord Pang Lan’s connate Perfected Lord flying sword did land in Su Zimo’s hands.

Without hesitation, Su Zimo gave the flying sword to Ji Chengtian.

He had the Creation Green Lotus and Dharmic weapons like the flying sword would not increase his combat strength by much – he might as well give it to his best friend.

This scene made many Nascent Souls envious once again.

In that short period of time, Su Zimo had given out two connate Perfected Lord Dharmic weapons and a supreme-grade Mystic Tea.

Any one of them would cause one’s eyes to turn red and many cultivators would fight over it!

Ji Chengtian knew that the reason why he was hunted down by Di Yin several dozen years ago and survived barely was because of his relationship with Su Zimo – this was something that Su Zimo felt guilty about.

Now that Su Zimo was back, he wanted to make up for the guilt he felt using this connate Dharmic weapon.

Ji Chengtian pondered for a moment and did not decline.

Su Zimo’s gaze shifted to a monk of Formless Monastery and said indifferently, “Hand it over.”

It was a Void Reversion monk with the Dao title Xuan Ming.

The crowd was stunned.

Everyone could not understand why Su Zimo would suddenly turn towards the Buddhist sects.

Right from the beginning, the Buddhist monks did nothing.

Could it be that Su Zimo was already arrogant to the point where he looked down on everyone?

Monk Xuan Ming lowered his gaze and asked without looking at Su Zimo, “Patron Su, what are you talking about?”

“Even within the Buddhist sects, there are monks as sleazy as you?”

Su Zimo sneered coldly with a mocking gaze.

“Patron, watch your words!”

“Who are you talking about?! How has our Formless Monastery offended you?!”

Many monks of Formless Monastery glared at him.

Su Zimo’s expression turned cold as he glared at Monk Xuan Ming and asked again, “Monk, does that mean that you want to play dumb with me?”

“Please explain, Patron Su.”

Monk Xuan Ming was still expressionless and calm.

“Well, well, well!”

Su Zimo nodded. “Since you want to pretend, I’ll let you suffer!”

“Break it!”

Su Zimo’s eyes lit up and he hollered.


The group of cultivators were still confused and only heard the sound of clothes tearing. However, they saw green rays of light burst forth from Monk Xuan Ming’s robes!

A green lotus platform appeared and broke out of Monk Xuan Ming’s storage bag!

The Creation Green Lotus!

Everyone opened their mouths slightly as realization dawned on them.

During the battle between Su Zimo and Ye Tiancheng earlier on, the Creation Green Lotus collided against the mysterious stone hammer.

The Creation Green Lotus fell into the crowd but before Su Zimo could retrieve it, Monk Xuan Ming of Formless Monastery had hidden it!


The Creation Green Lotus spun slowly and caused wounds to appear on Monk Xuan Ming’s waist as blood flowed.

In the blink of an eye, his robes were stained.

Monk Xuan Ming grunted and took half a step back.

How could his body withstand the power of the Creation Green Lotus?!

The Creation Green Lotus wanted to tear through the air but Monk Xuan Ming hurriedly took out a wooden fish[1] to suppress it.

He channeled his Dharmic powers and injected them into the wooden fish. The wooden fish shone brightly and pinned the Creation Green Lotus in midair, rendering it immobile!

“Monk, do you think that I wouldn’t be able to sense it because you placed a seal on your storage bag?”

Su Zimo sneered, “The Creation Green Lotus is my Destiny Dharmic Weapon and has been nurtured for a hundred years. How can a monk with evil intentions like you lay a finger on it?”

When Monk Xuan Ming saw that he could no longer continue with his disguise, he decided to throw caution to the wind and said in a deep voice, “Junior, don’t slander me!”

“The Creation Green Lotus is a sacred item of the Buddhist monasteries to begin with. Since it has reappeared, it should be returned to its owner… to our Buddhist sects!”

He was being unreasonable!

Dao Being Yu Ding frowned and was about to step in to negotiate when Su Zimo’s expression darkened completely.

He recalled Demoness Ji’s words about the difference between immortals and fiends.

Those of the fiend sects would fight for anything openly.

As for the cultivators of the immortal sects, they would fight for it as well. However, they would do it in secret by casting accusations upon those from the fiend sects.

Right now, not only did this Buddhist monk Xuan Ming want to snatch his Creation Green Lotus, he was even acting completely righteous about it!

“How dare you try to snatch something of mine,”

Su Zimo’s gaze was cold as he said slowly, “I think you’re tired of living!”

[1] Praying block

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