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Chapter 960: Spirit Consciousness Attack

Instantly, the Mystic Courtyard fell into silence.

When they saw that, everyone opened their mouths slightly with conflicted expressions and could not calm down for a long time.


Ye Tiancheng, a number one of the Phenomenon Ranking who was lauded as the number one Perfected Lord of the Middle Continent; one of the two paragons of Chaos Essence Sect, was killed right in front of everybody just like that!

Apart from shock, everyone felt emotional.

This was the cultivation world.

So what if he was a paragon?

So what if he was a monster incarnate?

There was still a danger of being killed if he did not stand at the peak of Tianhuang Mainland!

A paragon that died prematurely would eventually be forgotten.

It wouldn’t take too long, probably a hundred years, before most people forget who Ye Tiancheng was.

He was too young.

He rose like a comet and had only been famous for a few decades. To think that he would meet an even more terrifying monster incarnate and end up in such a state.

Everyone knew that Ye Tiancheng deserved to die.

The reason why he came to propose marriage was to force Little Fatty, Ji Chengtian, Shi Jian and the other old friends of Su Zimo to appear so that he could kill them one by one!

However, Ye Tiancheng did not expect that instead of luring a snake out of its cave, he lured a dragon instead!

Jian Wuzong looked at the center of the battlefield at the cultivator in his seemingly plain green robes with a hint of fear in his eyes.

It was only at that moment that he truly understood why Hang Qiuyu did not dare to attack that person!

He recalled the two times he attacked that person and felt a sense of trepidation.

Nobody would object to the description that this man was decisive to kill and was sharp and fearless.

Even a monster incarnate like Ye Tiancheng who had such a background, status and fame was killed just like that!

There was no hesitation at all!

However, Jian Wuzong refused to believe that this person was bloodthirsty.

That was because he was still alive.

He had attacked that person twice but was still alive!

Dao Lord Lan Yue had an ugly expression.

She had not expected that Su Zimo would kill Ye Tiancheng right here without giving her any face!

“The return of this man is going to cause a bloodbath in the cultivation world again!”

“Is he declaring war on Di Yin?”

“Di Yin is now at Void Reversion realm. Although his combat strength is strong, he’s a major cultivation realm weaker than Di Yin. Isn’t that a little arrogant?”

Gradually, discussions broke out in the crowd.

“No matter what, there should be no doubt about the title of the number one Perfected Lord.”

“That’s right. He’s probably the only one qualified to drink the last cup of supreme-grade Mystic Tea.”


A cold beam tore through the air and pierced towards the back of Su Zimo’s head, arriving instantly!

Just as everyone was discussing, someone suddenly attacked without any warning!

When the cold light was about to pierce Su Zimo’s head, a voice sounded. “You’ll have to get through me if you want to drink supreme-grade Mystic Tea!”

He attacked first before speaking.

This was a complete ambush!

Furthermore, that person’s Dharmic powers were terrifying and six Dharmic patterns shone on his flying sword – it was a connate Perfected Lord Dharmic weapon with shocking lethality!

He did not hold back on this attack at all!


Right in front of everyone, the flying sword pierced through Su Zimo’s head.

However, no blood splattered.

Everyone focused their gazes.

Su Zimo, who was penetrated by the flying sword, was gradually dissipating into nothingness.

However, the real Su Zimo had already dodged to the side!

Because his speed was too fast, the figure left in his original position was just an afterimage!

If it was anyone else, they might not have been able to dodge that sword.

However, Su Zimo possessed the unfathomable spirit perception. The moment the flying sword was released, he had already dodged it!

The flying sword spun in midair and turned into a streak of light, returning to a cultivator of Heavenly Dipper Sect.

It was Perfected Lord Pang Lan who had attacked!

“You have a death wish?”

Su Zimo looked at Perfected Lord Pang Lan coldly.


Perfected Lord Pang Lan smiled gently. “Ye Tiancheng is just a young lad who’s still wet behind the ears. I don’t take him seriously at all. Do you think that you’re the number one Perfected Lord after killing Ye Tiancheng?”

Su Zimo no longer wanted to listen to Perfected Lord Pang Lan’s nonsense and walked towards the latter.

A shuddering malevolent aura surged over!

Perfected Lord Pang Lan felt that he was not facing a cultivator but an ancient demon whose hands were stained with endless blood!

His heart skipped a beat.

No matter what, the melee combat strength that Su Zimo displayed earlier on still terrified him.

He must not be closed in!

“You’re the one with a death wish!”

Perfected Lord Pang Lan roared and his glabella shone with an incomparably tyrannical power as his spirit consciousness surged forth!

A spirit consciousness attack!

This was an ability that cultivators possessed after cultivating to the Void Reversion realm. By advancing and condensing their Essence Spirits further, their Essence Spirits could leave their bodies and roam the world – this was an ability that was only available after they were at that level.

Normally, Void Reversions could crush Nascent Souls.

Apart from the increase in strength of their Dharmic powers…

Spiritual consciousness attacks were also the most direct method for Void Reversions to suppress Nascent Souls!

Not every Void Reversion knew Essence Spirit secret skills.

However, every Void Reversion could use spirit consciousness attacks!

The crowd was shocked when they sensed the energy fluctuation!

“Perfected Lord Pang Lan is already able to release a spirit consciousness attack at perfected Nascent Soul realm!”

“No wonder he did not take Ye Tiancheng seriously. This is his greatest trump card!”

“No matter how terrifying Su Zimo’s physique is and how strong he is in melee combat, he won’t be able to defend against spirit consciousness attacks!”

“As expected of the top of the Phenomenon Ranking 400 years ago. He saw through Su Zimo’s weakness with a single glance. Su Zimo is doomed!”

Perfected Lord Pang Lan became excited when he heard the discussions around him.

Ye Tiancheng and Su Zimo would be his stepping stones from this day forth!

“This is your trump card?”

Right then, Su Zimo’s voice sounded calmly.

Perfected Lord Pang Lan suddenly felt uneasy.

There was no panic or fear in Su Zimo’s eyes. There was only calmness and a hint of mockery.

“A spirit consciousness attack?”

Su Zimo smirked and said slowly, “I can do it too!”

The moment he said that, Raging Tides surged within his consciousness!

The black-haired Essence Spirit stood in the air and his black hair danced, crackling with lightning.

Sanskrit echoed in his consciousness, vast and sacred, lasting for a long time!

The top two cultivation techniques of Purple Thunder Manual and Great Day Rulai Sutra were already pushed to their limits.

An even more terrifying spirit consciousness burst forth from Su Zimo’s glabella to meet Perfected Lord Pang Lan’s spirit consciousness attack head-on!


The two spirit consciousnesses collided with a deafening bang.

Ripples of air currents appeared in the void and surged in all directions, toppling the cultivators at the front!

Perfected Lord Pang Lan’s eyes were filled with endless shock and he was dumbfounded.

He had not expected that Su Zimo would be able to release a spirit consciousness attack as well!

Furthermore, it was even more ferocious and terrifying than his spirit consciousness attack!

Before long, Perfected Lord Pang Lan’s spirit consciousness was shattered and dispersed.

The remnant spirit consciousness surged into Perfected Lord Pang Lan’s consciousness!

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