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Chapter 96: The Spirit Gathering Method That Will Change the World
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Weapon Refinement Masters had spirit perception; a sense gained over a long period of time through countless weapon refinements and was extremely precious.

There was naturally no way Su Zimo could have attained it having only started on weapon refinement for less than three months.

However, he had a spirit perception as well.

His was a sharp sense towards danger – was it possible to use his spirit perception towards spirit gathering?

Gathering a scarlet Level 3 Spirit Fire in his right palm, Su Zimo warmed the tripod.

After a moment, he dug out a pure gold ore from his storage bag and placed it into the Weapon Tripod along with other materials and began smelting.

Under the high heat of a Level 3 Spirit Fire, the materials in the Weapon Tripod turned to liquid state extremely quickly and began to bubble.

Spirit Qi seeped out from the materials, swirling thickly within the Weapon Tripod.

The impurities within the materials were being purged as well as they condensed.

Before long, smelting was over.

Extinguishing his spirit fire, Su Zimo rested while waiting for the temperature inside the tripod to lower for forging.

A while later, he suddenly stood up and created a pair of spirit hands, reaching into the Weapon Tripod to create.

Before long, the shape of a flying sword appeared in the Weapon Tripod.

Fourth step, tempering.

The Level 3 Spirit Fire made its appearance once more, heating the flying sword to a scarlet state as Su Zimo hammered within.

He had spent more than three months familiarizing himself with the first four steps of weapon refinement. By now, he was so well-versed that every single step was fluid like water without any delays.

Within 15 minutes, the tempering was over.

He was at the most crucial step once again – spirit gathering.

Heaving out a breath of air, Su Zimo frowned.

He had failed countless times at this step and had destroyed many flying swords.

How could he solve this issue?

Spirit perception, danger, spirit gathering, failure, flying swords destroyed…

All of those terms and countless images flashed through his mind.

All of a sudden!

His eyes twinkled with a bright light.

He had just thought of an idea!

Su Zimo’s heart palpitated uncontrollably as his eyes could not conceal his joy of excitement.

That idea could eliminate the problem of spirit gathering and in fact, he might even attain a 100% success rate through it!

Even Advanced Weapon Refinement Masters who could create superior-grade spirit weapons would not dare to claim a 100% success rate for creating inferior-grade spirit weapons.

They would only dare to claim they had a high probability of success.

Taking a deep breath of air, Su Zimo suddenly kept away the Weapon Tripod.

In theory, spirit gathering should be conducted within the Weapon Tripod.

The reason for that was because no one could guarantee the success rate of spirit gathering. If they failed, the flying sword would explode on the spot and the shards would cause huge damage all around.

The more spirit patterns gathered, the more destructive the impact of the explosion should the spirit gathering fail. In fact, it might even endanger the Weapon Refinement Master’s life.

If it was done inside the Weapon Tripod, the shards of the broken flying sword would merely strike at the walls of the Weapon Tripod and the Weapon Refinement Master would not be injured.

Now that Su Zimo had removed the Weapon Tripod, he was exposing himself completely to the potential danger!

This was a way too dangerous move.

If any seniors of the sect saw this, they would definitely try to stop Su Zimo.

However, the gleam in Su Zimo’s eyes was only getting more intense by the moment.

He was going to expose himself to as much danger as possible – that way, his spirit perception would unleash its full potential!

Su Zimo manipulated the thick spirit qi in the surroundings and channeled it towards the flying sword.

All of a sudden!

A sense of danger rang in his mind.

Instantly, he stopped his spirit pattern creation. The sword was unchanged and undamaged.

Su Zimo heaved out a sigh of relief.

If he had continued earlier, the flying sword would have exploded on the spot!

His spirit perception had informed him of the danger beforehand – the cicada senses autumn coming before the wind even starts to blow!

Adjusting himself, Su Zimo channeled the spirit qi towards the sword once more.

Another warning!

Stopping his motions, he continued to adjust without any hurry.

For the following period of time, Su Zimo continued to test the waters with spirit gathering, abandoning each time he sensed danger.

Time flew by and in the blink of an eye, an hour had passed.


The spirit pattern on the sword was clear but Su Zimo had not sensed any danger.

The spirit pattern was being etched in!


With a slight quiver, the sword gave off a clean, ringing sound that reverberated through the cave abode.


A clear spirit pattern could be seen gathering on the sword, shimmering brightly.

Even though it was only an inferior-grade spirit weapon, he had created it personally.

A never before sense of pride rose in Su Zimo’s heart as he looked at the flying sword hovering not too far away.

Weapon Refinement Masters were in danger of exploding flying swords from failed spirit gatherings. However, with his spirit perception, Su Zimo could sense that danger beforehand.

That was akin to a premonition of a failed spirit gathering attempt so that he could abandon it and readjust for a new attempt.

This method of spirit gathering was something never seen before and it was difficult to replicate as well.

It was a spirit gathering method unique only to Su Zimo!

At that moment, Su Zimo did not know it yet. However, his act of removing the Weapon Tripod was something that would have a huge impact in the future of weapon refinement where countless Weapon Refinement Masters would attempt to imitate.

As the scarlet sword gathered its spirit pattern, the surrounding spirit qi was sufficient for a second pattern.

A bold thought crossed Su Zimo’s mind.

Since he could have a 100% success rate with this spirit gathering method, he could attempt for two spirit patterns to create a middle-grade flying sword!

Composing himself, Su Zimo continued to heat up the flying sword that was gleaming red.


The spirit qi surged and gathered towards the sword.


A warning rang out inside his mind as he stopped it right away.

It was another arduous cycle of failing and attempting.

In the blink of an eye, four hours had passed and he had not succeeded yet. Each attempt brought forth a warning to him.

By now, the spirit qi within Su Zimo was almost spent and he was worn out mentally as well.

He could no longer hold on.

“Seems like I thought too lightly of weapon refinement,” Su Zimo shook his head.

Right after he created the inferior-grade spirit weapon, he had a momentary hallucination that he would be able to craft a supreme-grade spirit weapon of his own before long.

Now, he knew that it was way too idealistic of a naive thought.

But no matter what, creating an inferior-grade spirit weapon was no longer an issue for Su Zimo!

Furthermore, he had even created a spirit gathering method that was unique to himself. If he made good use of it, the day would definitely come where he could create a supreme-grade spirit weapon.

Heaving a sigh of relief, Su Zimo dipped the scarlet flying sword into cold water for the final step, quenching.


The moment the flying sword met with the cold water, white steam billowed out as the energy created through the mix of heat and coldness solidified the sword and spirit pattern!

Looking at the unusually sharp flying sword shimmering in his palm, Su Zimo let out a grin.


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