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Chapter 959: Die!

Looking at Su Zimo’s indifferent gaze, Ye Tiancheng felt fear and took half a step back instinctively!

With that half a step back, Ye Tiancheng’s aura dissipated instantly!

“You’re finished!”

In a flash, Su Zimo arrived beside Ye Tiancheng the moment he said his last word!

Without any unnecessary movements, he punched out and the bloodline in his body surged with a torrential sound!

Tsunami blood!

Su Zimo released the power of his bloodline with that punch!

Ye Tiancheng’s expression changed.

Under the envelopment of the power of that punch, he felt as though he was about to be drowned without a corpse left!

At this critical moment of life and death, Ye Tiancheng roared and released his bloodline at the same time. Dharmic powers surged within his body as he countered with a punch!


The two fists collided!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The sound of bones cracking could be heard from Ye Tiancheng’s fist!

Under countless gazes, his fist was deformed and his flesh was mangled. His broken bones were exposed in a frightening manner!

His entire arm could not withstand the power of that punch and his perfect-grade inner armor shattered as his flesh exploded into a mist of blood!

Su Zimo’s bloodline was way too terrifying!

Now that he had activated his bloodline, the might of his punch was frightening!


Ye Tiancheng let out a tragic cry as his features contorted in pain. The veins on his neck popped and he staggered backwards.

A single punch!

A single punch was all it took to injure Ye Tiancheng severely!

Even if he survived, his arm would be completely crippled!

“I’ll take your life within three moves!”

Su Zimo hollered and extended his palm, slapping down on the top of Ye Tiancheng’s head!

Even if he was in his peak condition, Ye Tiancheng could not escape from Su Zimo’s pursuit.

Now that he was severely injured and his movement speed was reduced, there was naturally no way he could dodge. He could only raise his other arm to defend.


Although the palm strike seemed light, it snapped Ye Tiancheng’s arm!

The power of that palm was not expended and continued pressing down, landing on Ye Tiancheng’s chest.


Through the thick inner armor, Ye Tiancheng’s chest suddenly caved in!

Ye Tiancheng’s face turned blood red as he opened his mouth and spat out a mouthful of blood. His eyes dimmed and he used his last bit of strength to let out a tragic cry!

“Save me!”

A beam of light flew out from the top of Ye Tiancheng’s head towards Chaos Essence Sect’s camp.

It was his Essence Spirit!

Ye Tiancheng was extremely decisive and knew that he would definitely die if he did not abandon his body at this distance!

Given his condition, there was no way he could escape from Su Zimo’s pursuit with his battered body!

He could only escape this calamity by using the speed of his Essence Spirit!

The crowd was shocked when they saw that!

On the one hand, it was because the outcome of the battle had been decided and Ye Tiancheng was already forced into such an embarrassing situation.

On the other hand, in this battle, Dharmic powers surged and energy shot in all directions – it was equivalent to committing suicide for a Nascent Soul’s Essence Spirit to leave their body!

However, right after, to everyone’s surprise, Ye Tiancheng’s Essence Spirit traveled through the chaotic battlefield at an extremely fast speed and was completely safe!

His Essence Spirit was shrouded by a layer of gray fog, as though it could withstand the astral wind.

Chaos Essence Sect had a top-notch spirit refinement technique that could allow one’s Essence Spirit to cultivate Chaos Essence Qi at the Nascent Soul realm.

Although he was only at early-stage Nascent Soul realm, Ye Tiancheng’s Essence Spirit could behave like the Essence Spirit of a Void Reversion – it could leave the body and roam the universe!

At the same time, he sought help from Chaos Essence Sect, hoping that the sect’s Void Reversions would be able to stop Su Zimo and resolve this crisis.

Ye Tiancheng’s plan was not bad.

Unfortunately, he had underestimated Su Zimo!

“Oh? His Essence Spirit can leave his body?”

Su Zimo raised his brow slightly and said indifferently, “However, it’s useless!”

It was already not easy for an early-stage Nascent Soul to be able to eject their Essence Spirits.

Back then, Su Zimo had only managed to reach this stage thanks to the Creation Green Lotus.

If Ye Tiancheng were to cultivate to late-stage Nascent Soul realm and was on par with Su Zimo, it would take a lot of effort to kill him.

However, there was no doubt that Su Zimo would be able to crush him in today’s battle!

Chaos Essence Sect’s Void Reversion leaped into the air hurriedly and conjured hand seals, preparing to release Dharmic arts to save Ye Tiancheng.

However, a streak of lightning flashed past his eyes!


It was too fast!

Before he could react, another person appeared before him!

Su Zimo!

A pair of wings formed from Dharmic powers behind him dissipated slowly.

With the burst of Ethereal Wings and Lightning Escape, Su Zimo arrived first and grabbed Ye Tiancheng’s Essence Spirit in his palm!

The entire process happened in the blink of an eye.

The Void Reversion of Chaos Essence Sect had yet to form his Dharmic art!

“You… ”

The Void Reversion of Chaos Essence Sect was shocked and retreated two steps.

Even he was afraid of being closed in by Su Zimo!

The other Chaos Essence Sect cultivators were even more flustered and retreated.

“You can’t kill me!”

Ye Tiancheng’s voice sounded from Su Zimo’s palm. He was fierce on the outside but cowardly on the inside.

Everyone looked over.

In Su Zimo’s palm, there was a gigantic ball of Dharmic power. Ye Tiancheng’s Essence Spirit was trapped within and could not move at all, looking extremely terrified.

“Su Zimo, release him!”

The Void Reversion of Chaos Essence Sect reacted and shouted.

Ye Tiancheng’s Essence Spirit was in Su Zimo’s palm and could be crushed with a single thought.

He was cautious and did not dare to act rashly.

Taking a deep breath of air, Dao Lord Lan Yue stood up slowly and said in a deep voice, “Su Zimo, since the outcome has been decided, let him go.”


A mocking look flashed through Su Zimo’s eyes. Turning around, he looked at the high and mighty Dao Lord Lan Yue and asked instead, “If I were in Ye Tiancheng’s position, would you plead for me, Sect Master Lan Yue?”

Dao Lord Lan Yue’s expression darkened.

It was clearly stated that the fight between Su Zimo and Ye Tiancheng was a personal feud and had nothing to do with Thousand Crane Sect.

However, if Ye Tiancheng could be saved, Chaos Essence Sect would owe the savior a favor.

In Dao Lord Lan Yue’s heart, if it was as Su Zimo said, she would definitely not plead for mercy on behalf of Su Zimo and offend super sects like Chaos Essence Sect if the latter was in the same position!

Suppressing the rage in her heart, Dao Lord Lan Yue said sternly, “Junior, I’ve been through this before. Let me give you a piece of advice. You’re too sharp and fearless. You’ll definitely get yourself killed in the future!”


Su Zimo smiled indifferently. “I’ve been burdened with a lot of troubles to begin with. I don’t mind adding one more to the list!”

“Su Zimo, there’s no deep hatred between us. It’s merely the title of the number one Perfected Lord. I’ll let you have it! Y-You don’t have to kill me!”

Ye Tiancheng was scared out of his wits as he begged for mercy with a trembling voice filled with endless fear.

The cultivators sighed.

The number one of the Phenomenon Ranking and the number one Perfected Lord of Middle Continent had fallen to such a state – it was truly a pity.

Not many people could remain calm in the face of death.

“Ye Tiancheng, I wouldn’t even be bothered to fight if it’s just for the title of the number one Perfected Lord,”

Su Zimo’s gaze shifted as he glared at the Essence Spirit in his palm and said coldly, “However, of all things, you shouldn’t have harbored designs on Leng Rou!”

Ye Tiancheng’s heart turned cold when he heard that.

Su Zimo had already raised his head and looked at everyone from Chaos Essence Sect, saying coldly, “Since Di Yin wants to lure me out, I’ll give him a huge gift today!”


Su Zimo clenched his fist.


Ye Tiancheng’s Essence Spirit was crushed and destroyed on the spot!

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