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Chapter 958: Undefeatable!

Because there were Dharma Characteristics present at the Thousand Crane Tea Party, Su Zimo had not used any techniques of the demon race as well as his second Essence Spirit the entire time.

Otherwise, Ye Tiancheng might not be able to last more than ten moves if Su Zimo released his full cultivation!

It was the same now.

In a battle of visual techniques, Su Zimo chose not to use the Illumination Dragon Eye. Instead, he released the Illumination Sword Formation!

The flying swords that were made from the Illumination Stone complemented the sword formation perfectly, unleashing its might to its limits.

Clang! Clang!

The sword formation formed by the 36 flying swords vibrated and buzzed, forming a bedazzling sword beam that slashed towards the incoming wheel!


A deafening bang sounded when the two powers collided!

Instantly, the sword formation dispersed and the 36 flying swords turned into sword lights that returned to Su Zimo’s right eye.

“Little Granduncle-Master lost?”

Ru Xuan and the others felt their hearts clench and had worried expressions on their faces.

Many cultivators were watching the battlefield intently as well.

The wheel of Ye Tiancheng’s visual technique hovered in midair, silent and motionless.

All of a sudden!

Cracks appeared on the gigantic wheel of the visual technique and it shone with an endless light. It was sharp and almost engulfed Ye Tiancheng!


Ye Tiancheng let out a tragic cry. His eyes were filled with unbearable pain and two streams of blood flowed out, looking extremely gruesome.

His clothes were shredded by the sword qi as well, revealing a dark golden inner armor that shone with five lights.

It was a perfect-grade defensive Dharmic weapon!

If not for that defensive Dharmic weapon, Ye Tiancheng’s body would have been torn apart!

“What are you nine beasts waiting for? Kill him!”

Ye Tiancheng had a mournful expression as he pointed in Su Zimo’s direction with bloodshot eyes.


The nine wyrms that were initially on the ground let out a furious roar as demonic qi surged. Their bodies expanded as they broke free from the chains and soared into the air, revealing their sharp claws as they charged towards Su Zimo!

A stir broke out amongst the crowd.

Ye Tiancheng’s crushing defeat was already beyond most people’s expectations.

Unexpectedly, he was indignant after his defeat and ordered his nine wyrms to surround his opponent!

Ye Tiancheng was the number one of the Phenomenon Ranking and was known as the number one Perfected Lord!

He could not lose!

In order to kill Su Zimo, he had already resorted to unscrupulous means. He no longer cared about his reputation!

“What are you guys doing?!”

Furious, Ru Xuan stood out right away and hollered.

Dao Being Yu Ding had a stern expression as he turned to look at Dao Lord Lan Yue and said in a deep voice, “Senior Lan Yue, aren’t you going to stop it? Are you going to allow Ye Tiancheng to bully with numbers?”

“Pretty Sister Sect Master!”

Little Fatty protested hurriedly, “What’s up with Ye Tiancheng having nine wyrms to help him? It’s time to put your Demon Revealing Mirror to use. Hurry and use it to reflect them!”

“You’re wrong.”

Chaos Essence Sect’s Void Reversion Dao Being sneered, “This isn’t the paragon battle. This is a personal feud and there’s no such thing as bullying in numbers.”

Dao Being Chi Gai of Zephyr Thunder Palace said, “Although the nine wyrms are demons, they are the mounts of Ye Tiancheng and are a part of his strength. It’s reasonable for them to help him fight.”

“What you guys said makes sense. Let’s continue watching.”

Dao Lord Lan Yue said indifferently.

Leng Rou, Little Fatty and everyone else from Hundred Refinement Sect were enraged.

Everyone could tell that Dao Lord Lan Yue was biased!

“Master, you…”

Leng Rou hesitated and looked at Dao Lord Lan Yue with disappointment.

Dao Lord Lan Yue ignored her.

This was a cultivator without any backing.

Furthermore, he had offended several super sects.

The other cultivator had a super sect backing him and an even more terrifying monster incarnate senior brother with limitless potential.

It was clear which side to support.

“This is bad.”

Snowdrift Valley’s paragon, Ling Bai, shook his head. “The nine wyrms combined are equivalent to nine paragons. Furthermore, one of them is a mid-level fiend demon!”

“You underestimate him.”

Fairy Luo Xue smiled indifferently. “The show has just begun.”

On the battlefield.

Standing in midair, Su Zimo’s green robes fluttered as he looked at the nine incoming wyrms with a mocking gaze.

In Thousand Demon Valley, there were countless mid-level fiend demons that died in his hands!

Su Zimo conjured hand seals and opened his mouth once more.


Daming Mantra was released!

At the same time, Su Zimo conjured a Dharmic seal with the Daming Mantra.


A gigantic golden palm descended from the skies, blotting out the skies and emitting an endless might. It shone brightly as though it could subdue all demons!

Demon Subduing Seal!

The first three Dharmic seals of the Daming Dharmic Seal were the Fiend Suppression Seal, Demon Subduing Seal and Immortal Trap Seal.

Every single seal was targeted.

For example, the Fiend Suppression Seal was the most effective against fiend cultivators.

The Demon Subduing Seal had the greatest effect on demons!

Su Zimo cultivated a top cultivation technique of the Buddhist monasteries and his Essence Spirit was condensed with immense Dharmic powers.

Coupled with the Mingwang Prayer Beads and Daming Mantra, even Ye Tiancheng might not be able to defend against this top-tier Buddhist Dharmic art, let alone the nine wyrms!

“Aw! Aw! Aw!”

The moment the nine wyrms charged forward, they were suppressed by the gigantic palm!

Only a mid-level fiend demon wyrm broke free from the power of the Demon Subduing Seal and charged forward with widened eyes!

In a flash, Su Zimo turned into a purple streak of lightning and arrived beside the wyrm in an instant.

The burst of the Lightning Escape technique was shockingly fast!

The wyrm’s body was massive and although it was ferocious, it was relatively clumsy and it was too late to turn around.

“Come on down!”

Grabbing the wyrm’s tail, Su Zimo hollered and swung his arm, smashing it against the ground!


The ground quaked violently!

More than half of the wyrm’s body was smashed into the ground and it was covered in wounds. Its tendons and bones were broken and its head was bleeding – it no longer had its previous arrogance!


“This power…”

“A hundred years ago, there was a rumor that he was invincible in melee combat. The legend… is true!”

All the cultivators widened their eyes in shock!

How was this a cultivator?

Even the top pure-blooded ferocious beasts were suppressed by his body!

This person was even fiercer than ferocious beasts!

Perfected Lord Pang Lan’s eyes revealed a deep fear as well.

He realized that he could not get close to Su Zimo!

Although Heavenly Dipper Sect specialized in body tempering and his physique was not weak, it was no different from paper in Su Zimo’s hands!

Even so, Perfected Lord Pang Lan had no intention of retreating.

He sneered coldly with a cold glint in his eyes.

No matter what, Ye Tiancheng was at early-stage Nascent Soul.

He had expended a lot of Dharmic powers in the fight earlier on and his Essence Spirit was weak. Using this opportunity, he hurriedly consumed a large number of elixirs.

Ye Tiancheng had just caught his breath and was about to charge forward when he realized that his nine wyrms had already been crushed by Su Zimo!

“You… ”

Ye Tiancheng’s heart skipped a beat as fear filled his eyes for the first time.

Up till this point of his cultivation, he had encountered countless strong foes and had yet to be defeated!

Although he had been through multiple life and death situations and was on the brink of death, he had never felt fear in his heart!

But right now, Ye Tiancheng was afraid!

The cultivator with delicate features looked like a man-eating ferocious beast!

That seemingly frail body seemed to contain a terrifying power that could shake the world and suppress all living beings!

“This man is undefeatable!”

That was the only thought that remained in Ye Tiancheng’s mind.

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