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Chapter 957: Eye of Reincarnation

Ye Tiancheng was very strong.

As the number one of the Phenomenon Ranking, he created an unprecedented Golden Core phenomenon and left his name on the Ancient Phenomenon Stele.

His hands were stained with the blood of more than one Void Reversion!

An opponent that was a major cultivation realm above him!

That was enough to prove his strength!

He was only a early-stage Nascent Soul. Not only him, even the others did not dare to imagine how strong he would be once he cultivated to late or perfected-stage Nascent Soul realm!

Ye Tiancheng had never tasted defeat throughout his cultivation journey.

Fighting someone above his level was as common as eating and drinking to him.

He truly had the strength to do so as well!

Unfortunately, he was against the wrong opponent!

Among those of the same cultivation realm, there was no one who could match Su Zimo, let alone the fact that Ye Tiancheng was two cultivation realms lower!

Their Dharmic powers were not on the same level.

The phenomenons collided and Ye Tiancheng was defeated!

If not for the fact that he possessed a powerful defensive Dharmic weapon on him, he would have been severely injured in this clash!

“Little Granduncle-Master actually has the upper hand?”

Nangong Ling was secretly speechless.

One had to know that they had witnessed Ye Tiancheng dominating his peers with their own eyes.

To many of them, Ye Tiancheng was an invincible symbol!

They truly had not expected that someone of the same cultivation realm would be able to gain the upper hand against Ye Tiancheng!

“I’m afraid it’s not as simple as just gaining the upper hand.”

Liu Hanyan shook her head. “Right from the beginning, has Ye Tiancheng managed a proper counterattack against Granduncle-Master at all?”

Nangong Ling and Ru Xuan were stunned.

Ye Tiancheng’s methods were strong and he had many trump cards. Although he had endless methods and even released his Golden Core phenomenons, they were all defeated by Su Zimo!

This was not an upper hand, but a crushing!

On the battlefield.

The distance between them closed rapidly.

Ye Tiancheng narrowed his eyes and took out a pitch-black mountain from his storage bag unhurriedly, charging towards Su Zimo!

The mountain peak expanded and shone with beams of light.

That mountain was a perfect Dharmic weapon!

Su Zimo’s expression was unchanged as his glabella shone and a green lotus platform flew out.

Compared to the black mountain peak, the green lotus platform looked incomparably tiny. However, when the two collided, an earthshaking sound exploded!


Under everyone’s watchful eyes, the perfect Dharmic weapon on the peak was shattered by the green lotus platform!


The crowd was shocked!

A perfect-grade Perfected Lord Dharmic weapon was destroyed just like that!

Even a connate Perfected Lord Dharmic weapon would not be able to achieve such terrifying lethality!

“It’s the Creation Green Lotus!”

Right then, a Void Reversion of the Buddhist sect exclaimed as he recognized the origin of the green lotus platform.

“Heavens! The Creation Green Lotus has already been resurrected and has grown to grade 5!”

“How did this person manage to do it?”

“That’s way too scary! With the Creation Green Lotus in hand, whose Dharmic weapon can compete against it?”

The Buddhist monks were shocked.

The mountain peak exploded!

Amidst the flying sand and rocks, Ye Tiancheng’s figure suddenly flashed and lunged over with a stone hammer in his hands.

He seemed to have expected that the mountain peak would not be able to stop Su Zimo.

The stone hammer looked ordinary and rough. However, it gave off an extremely ancient aura as though it came from the primordial era!


Ye Tiancheng raised his arm and smashed it towards Su Zimo’s head!

Su Zimo’s expression changed and the Creation Green Lotus tore through the void, colliding against the stone hammer.


It was yet another deafening sound!

The stone hammer flew out of his hands.

The Creation Green Lotus was sent flying as well, turning into a streak of green light and falling into the crowd.

Ye Tiancheng shuddered and his eyes shone with disbelief.

Although the stone hammer in his hands did not have any Dharmic patterns, it had a powerful origin and could even smash a connate Perfected Lord Dharmic weapon!

He had not expected that the collision with the Creation Green Lotus would cause him to lose his grip and have the stone hammer fly out of his hands.

Su Zimo was surprised as well.

A Grade 5 Creation Green Lotus was already comparable to a connate Dao Being Dharmic weapon.

He had not expected that the stone hammer would not shatter!

Of course, that did not affect the entire situation.

Ye Tiancheng was slightly stunned but Su Zimo did not hesitate at all.

He strode forward and extended his palm, clenching it into a fist and punching towards Ye Tiancheng!

Ye Tiancheng snapped out of his stupor and punched back without fear!


There was a dull sound of defeat when the fists clashed!

Ye Tiancheng grunted and his expression changed!

His physique was definitely not weak and he was only a step away from cultivating tsunami blood as well.

Unexpectedly, his fist nearly shattered after exchanging a single punch with Su Zimo – the pain was unbearable!


Su Zimo reared his head in laughter. “Ye Tiancheng, you’re still far from Di Yin!”

Back in Myriad Phenomenon City, the two of them fought.

Because Su Zimo could not use the blood qi of the demon race, he was disadvantaged in melee combat and was suppressed by Di Yin. He had no choice but to release his Dharmic arts to counterattack before he managed to recover.

But now, Su Zimo had suppressed Ye Tiancheng with just his physical strength without even activating his bloodline!

“Not necessarily!”

Ye Tiancheng’s voice was cold as a vicious glint flashed through his eyes!

Immediately after, his eyes shone with a strange fluctuation that seemed as though the entire world was spinning!

Time went haywire and space was distorted!

Two beams of light shot out from Ye Tiancheng’s eyes and collided in midair, forming a gigantic wheel that crushed over slowly, as though it wanted to engulf the entire world!

This’ wheel ‘encompassed everything, as though it could turn the five elements inside out, throw Yin and Yang into chaos and turn the universe upside down, causing all living beings to fall into reincarnation!

The Eye of Reincarnation!

It was one of the ancient visual techniques!

The two of them were extremely close and there was no way the visual technique could be dodged!

The cultivators were moved!

Nobody expected that at this point of the battle, when Ye Tiancheng was about to suffer a crushing defeat, he would counterattack and release the Eye of Reincarnation!

Visual techniques were the hardest to cultivate.

Up till this point of his cultivation, Su Zimo had only encountered two or three paragons with visual techniques.

To think that Chaos Essence Sect would possess two of them!

It was normal for cultivators with visual techniques to be invincible among their peers.

Visual techniques could be released instantly and unexpectedly – these attacks were almost always fatal!

Even if his opponent could react, he might not be able to defend against it.

Even if he could defend against it, he would have to exhaust his mental strength. At this moment, the cultivator could take advantage of the situation and kill his opponent!

Leng Rou and the others were shocked!

They knew that Su Zimo knew of an extremely terrifying visual technique as well.

Back when Su Zimo was fighting against the God race experts, he had already released this sort of visual technique and gained the upper hand!

However, that was the Illumination Dragon Eye.

Once released, it would expose the fact that he was a demon.

If Dao Lord Lan Yue interfered, Su Zimo might even die here, let alone be able to kill Ye Tiancheng!

In the blink of an eye, a dense cluster of flying swords appeared in Su Zimo’s right eye. They were tiny and exquisite, resembling needles!

The needles were none other than the 36 flying swords conjured by the Illumination Stone.

In the blink of an eye, the 36 flying swords had already formed the Illumination Sword Formation and shot out from Su Zimo’s right eye!

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