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Chapter 956: Clash of Phenomenons

Sword Formation Master!

Nobody expected Ye Tiancheng to be one of the few extremely rare Sword Formation Masters in the cultivation world!

The more flying swords required to create a sword formation, the harder it would be to control the formation and the more power it would possess.

Now that Ye Tiancheng had released 49 flying swords and all of them were perfect-grade Perfected Lord Dharmic weapons, the lethality of this sword formation was unimaginable!

“Chaos Essence Void Sword Formation!”

Ye Tiancheng controlled the 49 flying swords and drew a series of trajectories in midair, interweaving and forming formation patterns!

Sweeping his gaze across Ye Tiancheng’s flying swords, Su Zimo sneered and slapped his storage bag, pulling out a grayish-black mountain.

One of the seven Unique Treasures, the Mystic Magnet Mountain!

Dharmic powers surged within Su Zimo’s body and he injected it into the Mystic Magnet Mountain before flinging it into the air.

The Mystic Magnet Mountain expanded against the wind and crushed down towards the 49 flying swords.


Ye Tiancheng’s expression changed slightly.

Just as the Chaos Essence Void Sword Formation was about to be formed, he did not expect his flying swords to move uncontrollably towards the Mystic Magnet Mountain after it descended!

Formations would collapse instantly if there was a slightest mistake in their patterns.

What more, the 49 flying swords were all completely out of control at this moment!


Ye Tiancheng released his massive spirit consciousness in an attempt to control the 49 flying swords.

However, the Mystic Magnet Mountain had already descended!


With a loud bang, all 49 flying swords were suppressed beneath the Mystic Magnet Mountain!

“Imperial Void Seal Technique!”

Ye Tiancheng’s reaction was extremely fast as he conjured hand seals repeatedly and cast them onto the Mystic Magnet Mountain!

The Dharmic seal shone with a mysterious light and almost sealed the power of the Mystic Magnet Mountain!

Clang! Clang!

The 49 flying swords danced beneath the mountain peak, trying to break free!


Su Zimo sneered and his eyes flashed with lightning. He conjured hand seals rapidly and rumbling sounds echoed from his body!

Electric arcs even flashed on his body.

His black hair danced and purple lightning filled the air!

Dark clouds surged and covered the skies. Standing in midair, Su Zimo seemed as though he was in a sea of thunder and lightning with a majestic aura!

“Purple Thunderstorm!”

Su Zimo hollered and pointed forward.

Streaks of purple thunderbolt rained down from the dark clouds, connecting the firmaments to the earth. They weaved endlessly to form a terrifying Purple Thunderstorm!

“It’s the Purple Thunder Manual!”

Dao Being Chi Gai of Zephyr Thunder Palace grit his teeth with greed in his eyes.

There was a cultivation technique in Zephyr Thunder Hall called the Green Thunder Manual.

Be it Perfected Lord Tian Ming of Wind Thunder Palace or Dao Being Chi Gai, both of them were bent on getting back the Purple Thunder Manual because the combination of these two Dharmic arts was the top cultivation technique – the Void Thunder Manual!

Legend has it that when these two cultivation techniques were combined into one, they could create an Essence Spirit secret skill with shocking might!

“If I can seize this opportunity to get my hands on the Purple Thunder Manual, I can fuse these two cultivation techniques first!”

Dao Being Chi Gai’s eyes shone with excitement.

This was an opportunity that belonged to him – there was no way he could let this slip!

On the battlefield, the Purple Thunderstorm descended as though it wanted to destroy the world!

The storm shrouded the Mystic Magnet Mountain and purple lightning flickered, destroying the seal left behind by Ye Tiancheng’s Imperial Void Seal Technique swiftly.

The 49 flying swords were suppressed by the Mystic Magnet Mountain once more!

Not only that, the Purple Thunderstorm was already moving towards Ye Tiancheng, wanting to engulf him as well!

Everyone held their breaths and focused, their eyes filled with shock.

It was as though there were only two dazzling figures left in the world!

The fight between the two caused the weather to change and the world to quake – this was a fight that far surpassed the knowledge of Nascent Souls!

“Vast Oceans!”

Ye Tiancheng finally retracted the contempt in his heart and his eyes turned misty as he mouthed two words.


A vast ocean appeared behind Ye Tiancheng and he seemed to have fused with it!

Ye Tiancheng’s figure began to blur!

“Ah, it’s his Golden Core phenomenon!”

“Because of this Golden Core phenomenon, he was able to sweep through everyone of the Golden Core realm and dominate as the top of the Phenomenon Ranking!”

Cries of surprises came from the crowd.

As long as cultivators were willing to comprehend and deduce, many Golden Core phenomenons could be transformed into their personal Dharmic arts.

Of course, the deduction process was extremely long and boring.

There were also many paragons who wasted their time without any gains.

The vast ocean surged and engulfed the Purple Thunderstorm instantly!

The seawater churned and surged towards Su Zimo!

It was only now that Su Zimo’s eyes truly flashed with a hint of surprise.


Su Zimo muttered softly.

All of a sudden!

A massive being appeared beneath his feet!

It had four legs and two heads.

The being carried a gigantic shell that was filled with mysterious ravines. It was ancient and seemed as though it could contain the secrets of the world!

The back of the armor supported the heavens and the earth with its four legs, moving against the sea continuously!


The turtle and snake reared their heads and let out a long howl that shone with divine light.

Heaven and earth rumbled!

The phenomenon of the turtle and snake, the Black Tortoise had descended!

“To think that I would be able to see this phenomenon again a hundred years later.”

Hang Qiuyu lamented. It was as though he had returned to the unforgettable time of the phenomenon clash between the paragons of Myriad Phenomenon City.

Jian Wuzong remarked sourly, “Hmph, they’re both Golden Core phenomenons from the top of the Phenomenon Ranking. There’s not much difference!”

“There’s too much difference.”

Hang Qiuyu shook his head and did not explain further.

That was because there would soon be an outcome to this clash of phenomenons a hundred years after!

Su Zimo stood on the turtle and snake, going against the current.

The distance between the two of them narrowed constantly.

Ye Tiancheng’s expression did not change as his figure turned increasingly illusory.

“Bright Moon!”

By the time he said that, his figure had already vanished above the vast ocean!

Thereafter, a bright moon rose from the horizon, scattering silver rays onto the surface of the sea, sparkling like a painting!

Ye Tiancheng had completely fused into his phenomenon!

Vast Ocean Bright Moon!

First on the Phenomenon Ranking!

This was also a Golden Core phenomenon created by Ye Tiancheng that was unprecedented!

“Vast Ocean Bright Moon?”

Su Zimo smiled gently and his figure blurred for a moment before vanishing as well.

Flames raged on the massive turtle shell and a green lotus grew out. Under the heat of the flames, the green color gradually faded and shone with a bedazzling golden light!


The golden lotus flower suddenly moved!

It smashed towards the moon that was rising in the skies!


There was a deafening sound.

Cracks appeared on the bright moon!

Instantly, the picturesque scene was shattered and Ye Tiancheng’s figure fell out, staggering backwards with a pale face and disheveled clothes.

Su Zimo’s figure appeared as well, his green robes fluttering without a speck of dust.

The fight between the two phenomenons had come to an end!

The difference between them was clear!

Su Zimo strode forward and said indifferently, “Even if you’re the real bright moon, I can suppress you all the same!”

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