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Chapter 954: You’re Not Allowed to Use It Unless I Allow It!

Hang Qiuyu looked at Su Zimo who was not far away with a conflicted expression.

Although they had only exchanged half a move, he knew that the difference between them was even greater than before!

At that moment, when the name Su Zimo was mentioned, Hang Qiuyu realized that did not even possess the courage to attack this man any longer!

The Void Reversion of Sword Sect narrowed his eyes and asked with a cold glint, “Is he really as strong as the rumors say?”


Hang Qiuyu replied firmly without hesitation.


The Void Reversion of Sword Sect sneered. “No matter what, he’s only the top of the Phenomenon Ranking. There are two people at the top of the Phenomenon Rankings here and he doesn’t have any extra limbs!”

Hang Qiuyu shook his head. “There have been many people who were at the top of the Phenomenon Rankings in history, but he’s different.”

“Fufu, what difference can there be?” The Void Reversion of Sword Sect sneered once more.

“What are you doing?”

Turning around, Hang Qiuyu asked with a frown.

The Void Reversion of Sword Sect said coldly, “I heard that he’s a demon. Since he’s a demon, we’ll naturally kill him with all our might. There’s no need for any morals!”

Hang Qiuyu said sternly, “I advise you not to harbor any designs on him.”

Hang Qiuyu was truly advising from the bottom of his heart.

Without experiencing the catastrophe of Myriad Phenomenon City personally, no one would be able to understand how terrifying this green-robed scholar was!

“No matter how strong he is, can he defeat someone at the Void Reversion realm and defend against my sword?”

The Void Reversion of Sword Sect pursed his lips. “To think that you’re truly afraid as Jian Wuzong said! Hang Qiuyu, you’ve truly disappointed me!”

“I admit, I’m scared.”

Without hiding anything, Hang Qiuyu paused for a moment before changing the topic. “But even if I’m not afraid, I won’t attack him!”

“Anyone from Sword Sect can attack him except me!”

“A hundred years ago, I owed him my life!”

The Void Reversion of Sword Sect harrumphed and remained silent.

Snowdrift Valley’s Ling Bai glared at Su Zimo and licked his lips, looking excited and eager.

Not every paragon would feel fear upon hearing that name.

Although Ling Bai was ranked 20th on the Phenomenon Ranking, he had obtained a great opportunity after entering the Nascent Soul realm and believed that he was not weaker than other Nascent Soul paragons!

He came to the Thousand Crane Tea Party this time round with the intention of shocking everyone present with his prowess!

Right then, Fairy Luo Xue, the Void Reversion of Snowdrift Valley, stood out and cupped her fists towards Su Zimo with a smile. “It’s been a hundred years since we parted in Myriad Phenomenon City. Do you still remember me, Brother Su?”

“How can I forget the grace of a fairy?”

Su Zimo smiled as well.

Back in Myriad Phenomenon City, of the 13 Nascent Souls, only three chose not to escape and Fairy Luo Xue was one of them.

Fairy Luo Xue also knew that it was not suitable for them to catch up at this moment. She merely exchanged some pleasantries before retreating.

“Snowdrift Valley disciples, listen up!”

Fairy Luo Xue said slowly, “It’s fine if you want to fight, but no one is allowed to attack Su Zimo!”

“Huh? Why?”

Ling Bai was indignant and asked with a frown.

Fairy Luo Xue said indifferently, “Continue watching and you’ll find out, I won’t hurt you guys. Since he is here now, unless a Dharma Characteristic shows up at the Thousand Crane Tea Party, no one else will be a threat to him!”

At the mention of Su Zimo’s name, some were wary, some were fearful but others were indifferent.

Perfected Lord Pang Lan was one of them.

He was at the top of the Phenomenon Ranking 400 years ago and was half a step into the Void Reversion realm.

He was confident that he would be able to drink the final cup of supreme-grade Mystic Tea!

To be fair, because of some personal trump cards, he was not even bothered by Ye Tiancheng!

All these years, he had been in seclusion.

He had never heard of the apocalyptic battle, much less the paragon catastrophe, a hundred years ago and was not fearful at all.

“Top of the Phenomenon Ranking?”

Perfected Lord Pang Lan smiled indifferently. “Who isn’t one?”

He was older and was more mature than the other Nascent Soul paragons.

He had no intention of attacking.

The situation before him was clear – Su Zimo was bound to fight with Ye Tiancheng. All he had to do was watch from the sidelines and reap the rewards!

“Well, well, well!”

Ye Tiancheng finally moved. Rising slowly from his throne, he looked at Su Zimo who was not far away and grinned. “The purpose for my marriage proposal this time round was merely to serve as a bait.”

“Initially, I thought that I would be able to fish out some small fishes. To think that I would be able to fish out a huge catch!”

At this point, Ye Tiancheng no longer concealed the purpose of the marriage proposal.

Leng Rou turned to look at Dao Lord Lan Yue.

Dao Lord Lan Yue had an ugly expression but she did not say anything nor did she have any intention of apologizing to Leng Rou.

As the master of a sect and Leng Rou’s master, she would definitely not bow down in front of everyone despite knowing that she was in the wrong!

“To me, you’re also bait.”

Su Zimo replied indifferently, “Di Yin has escaped a calamity by not appearing today. I’m going to use you to bait him out!”


Ye Tiancheng laughed, his eyes filled with mockery as he shook his head. “Su Zimo, oh Su Zimo, I admit that you’re indeed qualified to challenge me.”

“However, if you want to challenge Senior Brother Di Yin, you’re overestimating yourself! The difference between the two of you is like heaven and earth!”

“You’ve got two things wrong.”

Su Zimo extended his finger and shook it gently. “First, I’m not the one challenging you. You’re the one challenging me! Who were you even when I became famous?”

“I’m also the top of the Phenomenon Ranking!”

Ye Tiancheng was too young and the slightest provocation was enough to incur his wrath.

“Top of the Phenomenon Ranking?”

Su Zimo smiled gently. “That’s because I was not around. If I were, I would wipe you from the Phenomenon Ranking.”


He spoke as though he was wiping away dust with ease.


Su Zimo continued, “There is indeed a gap between Di Yin and me. A hundred years ago, Di Yin was chased by me and fled in a sorry state, discarding all his equipment. He did not even dare to return to Myriad Phenomenon City! The difference between us is truly like heaven and earth!”

“Hahahaha, it’s all from a hundred years ago. Who knows if it’s true or not!”

Ye Tiancheng laughed sinisterly. “Su Zimo, you’re old and you can only reminisce about the past. The era that belongs to you is already over! Now that a hundred years have passed, it’s my era! I’m the number one Perfected Lord!”

“That’s where you’re wrong again.”

Su Zimo shook his head. “A hundred years later, since I’m back, I’m now the number one Perfected Lord. That title? You’re not allowed to use it unless I allow it!”

You’re not allowed to use it unless I allow it!

His words were extremely domineering and an invisible aura crushed over, causing Ye Tiancheng to feel a sense of pressure!

“And if I want to use it?”

Ye Tiancheng glared at Su Zimo menacingly and said word by word.

Su Zimo’s gaze was sharp as a knife as he said slowly, “I’ll kill you if you dare taint that title!”

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