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Chapter 953: My Name Is Su Zimo

The crowd was stunned.

Everyone from Hundred Refinement Sect was stunned on the spot as well.

Ye Tiancheng, Hang Qiuyu and the monks of the Buddhist sects interrogated Su Zimo aggressively. Right now, even Dao Lord Lan Yue stood out.

Furthermore, Dao Lord Lan Yue had an unfriendly expression – it was clear that she was truly enraged!

Nangong Ling and the other two exchanged confused glances.

Wasn’t that Little Granduncle-Master’s original appearance?

Little Granduncle-Master hid his identity?

What was his original identity and why did he have to hide?

Leng Rou, Little Fatty and the others looked nervous.

At that moment, everyone’s gazes were focused on the green-robed man in the center of the battlefield!

Su Zimo smiled calmly and indifferently.

He had expected this.

At this point, there was no longer a need to hide.

Su Zimo’s body crackled and his facial muscles twitched.

In the blink of an eye, his appearance changed drastically and he turned into a cultivator with delicate features. His black hair swayed and his green robes fluttered. His eyes were deep and his body exuded an aura that was so strong that it could make one shudder!

Hang Qiuyu’s heart skipped a beat and he took half a step back instinctively. His eyes were filled with fear and his breathing quickened.

Fairy Luo Xue of Snowdrift Valley jolted upright and her eyes lit up.


Tang Yu of Elixir Yang Sect exclaimed softly and covered her mouth hurriedly with joy in her eyes.


Ru Xuan exclaimed and chuckled. “So, Little Granduncle-Master actually looks like this. He’s quite handsome!”

Ye Tiancheng, Perfected Lord Pang Lan and the others had never seen Su Zimo before and naturally had no reaction.

However, there was an unusual commotion in the crowd.

“It’s him!”

“He’s still alive!”

“Unknowingly, a hundred years have passed since that incident.”

Dao Lord Lan Yue frowned.

It was clear that many of the cultivators present recognized this person. However, their voices were suppressed and they did not even mention his name.

It was as though that name had become a taboo!

Dao Lord Lan Yue asked once more, “Who are you?”

“My name is Su Zimo.”

Su Zimo surveyed his surroundings calmly and said in a slow manner.

Instantly, the entire Mystic Courtyard turned silent and one could hear a pin drop!

That name seemed to possess an invisible power that could deter all the cultivators from speaking, breathing or acting rashly!

Su Zimo was the number one of the Phenomenon Ranking a hundred years ago, an unprecedented monster incarnate!

He had once suppressed the paragons of the various major sects in the two ancient battlefields and was invincible among his peers – this man has never suffered a defeat!

He created an unprecedented Golden Core phenomenon and left his name on the Ancient Phenomenon Stele!

Many cultivators recalled the various legends of that name.

Of course, the most terrifying legends were related to the catastrophe of the paragons that broke out in Myriad Phenomenon City during the battle for the Phenomenon Ranking a hundred years ago!

Legend has it that during that catastrophe, two different foreign races descended and massacred the city. Corpses were strewn everywhere and blood flowed like rivers – countless paragons were killed!

More than half of the paragons on the Phenomenon Ranking were dead!

Thankfully, this person protected the last bit of dignity of the human race and fought a bloody battle to the death. In a situation where he was almost exhausted, he managed to kill off both foreign races!

Of course, the major sects and factions forbade the details of the matter to be spread later on and many surviving cultivators were extremely secretive about it as well; it became a taboo.

As time passed by, many details were drowned in the river of time.

That matter eventually became a legend.

Now that a hundred years had passed, there were no longer many people who thought of it to be true.

As for the younger generation, they even treated it as a joke and never took it seriously.

Ignoring everyone else, Nangong Ling, Ru Xuan and the others of Hundred Refinement Sect were already filled with disdain towards Su Zimo during their casual chat.

However, many of the cultivators present were lucky survivors who were once personally involved!

Hang Qiuyu was.

It was the same for Fairy Luo Xue!

There were others!

Almost all the cultivators who survived the calamity advanced to the Nascent Soul realm and became paragons that were eligible to participate in this event!

In the hearts of these paragons, that name was invincible and taboo!

That was the true number one of the Phenomenon Ranking!

Now that this person was at the Nascent Soul realm, he was the number one Perfected Lord!

He was not the number one Perfected Lord of Middle Continent, but the number one Perfected Lord of Tianhuang Mainland!

“Little Granduncle-Master, h-he’s… Su Zimo?”

Ru Xuan widened her mouth in disbelief.

“Could the legend back then be true?” Nangong Ling murmured softly, unable to recover from the shock.

Liu Hanyan had a complicated expression.

She had long noticed that something was amiss with Su Zimo.

However, she had not expected their Granduncle-Master to have such a powerful background!

There seemed to be an explanation for everything at this moment.

Su Zimo was most likely the only person who could possess the boldness to holler at Ye Tiancheng to get down!

Su Zimo was the only one who could take down Jian Wuzong who was ranked third on the Phenomenon Ranking so badly that the latter could not even withdraw his sword!

Su Zimo was the only one who could take on all the paragons present singlehandedly!

“No wonder.”

Liu Hanyan looked towards Leng Rou and the others who were not far away.

She finally understood why Su Zimo wanted to stand out and help Leng Rou and the others to withstand the massive pressure from Ye Tiancheng and Dao Lord Lan Yue!

Dao Lord Lan Yue narrowed her eyes with a conflicted expression.

Given her status, she naturally knew everything that happened in Myriad Phenomenon City a hundred years ago.

No matter what, Thousand Crane Sect was indebted to Su Zimo for the battle a hundred years ago.

Or rather, all the sects and paragons that survived a hundred years ago owed Su Zimo a huge favor!

However, Su Zimo’s situation was complicated.

This man had already offended many super sects – Glass Palace, Chaos Essence Sect and Wind Thunder Palace – all of them wanted to kill him!

Furthermore, that person cultivated a demon cultivation technique!

Up till this point, nobody knew if he was a human or demon.

As the master of Thousand Crane Sect, Dao Lord Lan Yue was hesitant about how to deal with this person.

There was no justice in killing him.

However, if he was not killed, it would be equivalent to offending a few super sects!

Instantly, Dao Lord Lan Yue fell silent as well.

This was an unprecedentedly strange scene.

The name shocked the entire Mystic Courtyard into silence!

“Senior Brother, what are you waiting for? Go up and kill this man to help me wash away my shame!”

Unable to hold it in, Jian Wuzong pushed Hang Qiuyu.

Hang Qiuyu glared at Su Zimo with a dark expression without saying anything.

Jian Wuzong grit his teeth and said hatefully, “That sword art of his can’t be released a second time within a short period of time! Senior Brother, help me kill him!”

“Shut up!”

Hang Qiuyu spun around and gave Jian Wuzong a tight slap.

Jian Wuzong was stunned from the blow.

With a cold gaze, Hang Qiuyu glared at Jian Wuzong and ordered coldly, “Scram! Don’t embarrass yourself here! Do you know who he is?”

“Senior Brother, are you afraid?”

Jian Wuzong burst into laughter. “What happened a hundred years ago was merely a baseless rumor. To think that you would be frightened by someone whose name has been exaggerated. Hahaha!”


Hang Qiuyu replied coldly, “Everything was true!”

“How do you know? You didn’t see it with your own eyes…”

Jian Wuzong could not continue.

He suddenly recalled that Hang Qiuyu was ranked eighth on the Phenomenon Ranking a hundred years ago and had personally experienced everything in Myriad Phenomenon City!

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