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Chapter 951: Sword Snatching, Counterattack!

Leng Rou, Little Fatty and the others turned nervous.

After all, they had not seen Su Zimo for a hundred years and they did not know how strong he was right now.

Leng Rou looked at the Startling Dharmic Sword in her hands and suddenly felt regret.

If she had returned the connate Perfected Lord Dharmic weapon to Su Zimo earlier on, it might have been of some use at this critical juncture.

But now, Su Zimo was standing on the spot, unarmed and fighting with his bare hands.

Jian Wuzong’s sword was already at his throat!

At this distance, it was already too late for Su Zimo to retrieve his Dharmic weapon from his storage bag!

Furthermore, the eight maidservants of Ye Tiancheng had already surrounded him and sealed off all his escape routes!

“Arrogant fellow, let’s see where you can hide!”

Ye Jiu said hatefully with a cold gaze.

A look of joy flashed through Jian Wuzong’s eyes as well.

He could almost see Su Zimo’s throat being pierced by his sword the next moment!


Suddenly, Su Zimo reared his head and roared with laughter that was deafening!

Jian Wuzong frowned slightly.

He had suddenly noticed that even in the face of such an encirclement, Su Zimo’s eyes were filled with mockery instead of panic!

Thereafter, Su Zimo said indifferently, “If I can snatch your sword once, I can do it again!”

He was the strongest monster incarnate in history!

He had no intention of dodging attacks as such!

There was no need for it either!

Before he finished his sentence, Su Zimo suddenly struck. His entire arm went limp and he flung it out with a thud, like the trunk of a primordial divine elephant against the incoming sword!

A coil and a tremble!


Jian Wuzong exclaimed.

He sensed an extremely terrifying power that twisted and trembled before erupting.

His palm could not hold the sword at all!

The sword vibrated and his palm was torn apart. Blood oozed from the muscles on his arm!

In a flash, the sword flew out of his hands and was snatched away by Su Zimo!

Nobody could tell what happened the moment the two of them exchanged blows.

Even Jian Wuzong himself could not see clearly either.

Everyone only knew that the sword had changed owners in the blink of an eye!

No one could understand the fear in Jian Wuzong’s heart right now!

Although his current sword was not a connate Perfected Lord Dharmic weapon, it was still a perfect Dharmic weapon that was extremely sharp and could slice through metal like mud!

He truly could not imagine that someone of the same cultivation realm could snatch his sword barehanded!

Such methods and powerful physique were way beyond his understanding!

At that moment, there was only a single thought in Jian Wuzong’s mind.


With his sword snatched away, Jian Wuzong did not hesitate and burst in retreat.

Immediately after, he felt an extremely terrifying aura that caused his scalp to tingle!

Su Zimo extended his left hand and closed two fingers together like a sword, slashing in his direction casually!


A sword qi burst forth from Su Zimo’s fingertip. It was a blinding white!

In that instant, the entire world shook and the weather changed!

“Heaven Slaying Sword Art!”

The sword snatching and counterattack happened at almost the same time!

Even the cultivators in the entire Mystic Courtyard felt a chilling killing intent, let alone Jian Wuzong!


The crowd gasped.

What a terrifying sword qi!

Apart from Sword Sect, was there another sword art in Tianhuang Mainland that was this terrifying?

“I know! Cheng Peng of Heavenly Dipper Sect was crippled by that sword qi!”

Someone exclaimed.

Initially, Dao Lord Pang Lan had the thought of watching a show. However, after the sword qi burst forth, he felt a chill run down his spine!

Instinctively, he sat upright with a grim expression.

Dao Lord Lan Yue’s expression changed slightly as her eyes narrowed.

She was a Dharma Characteristic Dao Lord and her cultivation realm far surpassed everyone else’s – she could sense everything clearly!

It was clear that Mo Ling had yet to unleash the true might of the sword qi. Even so, it was enough to destroy everything!

Compared to this sword qi, Jian Wuzong’s attack earlier paled in comparison, as though he was a kid that was waving a sword wildly.

The cultivators at the side felt their hearts skip a beat.

It was easy to imagine the current situation of Jian Wuzong!

It was as though he could smell death!

Jian Wuzong’s pupils constricted as he conjured hand seals repeatedly. Dharmic powers surged and a gigantic Dharmic power sword was formed between his palms!


With a furious roar, he waved his Dharmic power sword and slashed viciously at the incoming sword qi!


There was a soft sound.

It was almost inaudible.

The Dharmic power sword in Jian Wuzong’s hands was sliced into two by the thin white sword qi and dissipated instantly!

However, the sword qi did not pause at all and stabbed towards Jian Wuzong’s chest!

A Dharmic art of Sword Sect could not defend against the sword qi at all!

Jian Wuzong had a ferocious expression and green veins popped out on his neck, his eyes filled with indignance.

Although the sword qi might not be able to kill him, it would definitely destroy his body once it entered his body!

He had never seen such a terrifying sword qi even back in Sword Sect!

“I’m indignant!”

Jian Wuzong let out his final roar.

All of a sudden!

Just as Jian Wuzong was about to give up, a massive tug on his arm pulled him back!

Jian Wuzong’s figure floated and he fell towards the front of Sword Sect.

In the blink of an eye, he caught sight of a familiar figure who shielded him.

“Senior Brother!”

Jian Wuzong jolted.

Hang Qiuyu chose to stand out when he was on the brink of death!

“Senior Brother, help me kill him!”

Jian Wuzong shouted through gritted teeth.

Hang Qiuyu did not reply.

He could not speak either!

When he stood in front of the sword qi properly, Hang Qiuyu felt the fear full and proper.

Unknowingly, beads of sweat appeared on his face!


Hang Qiuyu struck!

A breathtaking sword beam appeared!

Six Dharmic patterns, a connate Perfected Lord Dharmic weapon!

Wherever the sword beam passed, all life in the void seemed to be sucked away by it!

Lifeless Sword Art!

That sword art was a secret skill that was deduced by the Sword Sect’s Founder Master through one of the three ancient sword arts and possessed shocking might!


The sword qi and sword tip collided!

Endless killing intent filled the air!

The void where they collided seemed to be sliced into pieces!

Hang Qiuyu shuddered and staggered three steps back.

With every step, his feet sank deeply into the ground, leaving a clear footprint!

The terrifying sword qi finally dissipated.

However, Hang Qiuyu’s arm that was gripping his sword was still trembling uncontrollably!

Even with his connate Dharmic weapon and the Lifeless Sword Art, he could barely defend against the sword qi!

What was the origin of that sword qi?!

What scared Hang Qiuyu even more was not the sword qi.

It was the person who released the sword qi!

After releasing that sword qi, Mo Ling turned around and faced the eight maidservants of Ye Tiancheng without turning back.

He did not even look at them once.

Nobody could match his confidence!

The true reason why Hang Qiuyu’s heart sank was because of that person’s identity!

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