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Chapter 950: Fatal Encirclement!

Ming Han’s words did not arouse much suspicion.

The cultivators present merely thought that he was spouting nonsense after suffering a breakdown because he could not withstand the series of blows.

The initial group of Nascent Soul paragons did not retreat. Each of them controlled their Dharmic weapons and conjured hand seals, preparing to attack Su Zimo once more!

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!

More than ten more Nascent Soul paragons gathered, ready to take advantage of the situation!


Su Zimo conjured hand seals and chanted Sanskrit!


Golden light filled the skies.

A gigantic golden palm tore through the firmament, covering the skies as it descended!

The palm patterns on the golden palm were clearly visible and shone with a blinding golden light, suppressing the dozens of Nascent Soul paragons in midair with a majestic aura!


Many Nascent Soul paragons attacked one after another, turning their Dharmic weapons to stab towards the golden palm.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Numerous Dharmic weapons stabbed into the palm and sparks flew everywhere – there was no way they could shake that divine and mighty palm!

Many Dharmic arts struck it but nothing happened.

It was one of the Daming Dharmic Seals, Immortal Trap Seal!

After Su Zimo advanced to the Nascent Soul realm, the Daming Dharmic Seal was activated with his Essence Spirit. Coupled with the Daming Mantra and Mingwang Prayer Beads, its power was already at its limits!

Bang! Boom! Boom!

The golden palm continued crushing down!


Many cultivators saw that the situation was not looking good and wanted to break free from the golden palm’s range. However, the five fingers of the golden palm were already bending and closing, as though they were forming a prison!

The Immortal Trap Seal could even trap true immortals!

No matter how many cultivators tried to escape, they could not break free from the cage formed by the five golden fingers!

It was an extremely uncomfortable feeling.

It was obvious that they would be able to escape with just a single step more.

However, no matter how they fled, they could not break free of the range!

The dozens of paragons could only watch helplessly as the five fingers closed in continuously, holding them together and exerting strength!

All of them were squeezed together by that gigantic golden palm that reined in continuously!

The crowd was shocked when they saw that!


Finally, one of the paragons could not hold it in and let out a hysterical shriek with a horrified expression.

Poof! Poof! Poof!

Under that immense pressure, blood mists burst forth from the bodies of many cultivators and their bones were snapped!

One after another, figures fell to the ground. Although they did not die, their bodies were severely injured and it would be difficult for them to recover completely in the future.

In the blink of an eye, dozens of Nascent Soul paragons were defeated!

Everyone was shocked!

The Nascent Souls that were initially restless stopped in their tracks and hesitated, not daring to move forward.



Decisive to kill!

Those were the only thoughts in the minds of many cultivators as they looked at the green figure at the center of the battlefield.

All the Nascent Souls that went up earlier on ended up in miserable states.

Broken arms and legs were already considered minor injuries.

Some cultivators were completely crippled!

His domineering methods stunned all the Nascent Souls who wanted to hit him while he was down and take advantage of the situation. None of them dared to act rashly now!

“Isn’t he a sword cultivator? How does he know Buddhist Dharmic arts?”

“What Dharmic art is that? It doesn’t seem like it belongs to the six Buddhist monasteries. Why is it so terrifying?!”

“Is he really going to sweep through all the paragons singlehandedly?”

The initial fervor of the group of cultivators was completely suppressed by Su Zimo’s thunderous methods!

Ye Tiancheng sat on his throne with a calm expression.


Perfected Lord Pang Lan smiled indifferently and was not bothered.

The methods that Su Zimo displayed right now were indeed powerful and stunning. However, they were not enough to threaten him.

Furthermore, they knew one thing.

In their eyes, the dozens of Nascent Soul paragons that Su Zimo defeated were nothing and could be suppressed easily!

That was because true paragons had pride in their hearts.

Under the watchful eyes of everyone, true paragons could not be bothered to join forces with others!

Furthermore, monster incarnates like him and Ye Tiancheng were renowned.

Even if they managed to defeat Su Zimo by joining forces, it would be an unfair victory.

They could not afford to lose face like this!

At that moment, all the cultivators were stunned by Su Zimo’s sharp methods and did not dare to advance.

Jian Wuzong sneered and finally stood out!

Perfected Lord Pang Lan smiled when he saw that. “You want to challenge us? The test has just begun.”

“Jian Wuzong, don’t go!”

Hang Qiuyu frowned and reminded with a voice transmission.


Jian Wuzong harrumphed and asked instead, “Why? Are you going to help me retrieve the Startling Dharmic Sword, Senior Brother?”

“There’s no hurry,”

Hang Qiuyu said in a deep voice, “This person’s background…”


Before Hang Qiuyu could finish, he was interrupted by Jian Wuzong’s cold laughter. “Senior Brother, I think you just want to stand by and watch me make a fool of myself!”

“I’ll take back the sword that I lost personally. It’s none of your business!”

Jian Wuzong said coldly and walked towards Su Zimo with his sword in hand.

“Prepare to attack and kill that person at all costs!” Ye Tiancheng sent a voice transmission expressionlessly.

The eight maidservants beside him nodded.

“The third on the Phenomenon Ranking, Jian Wuzong, is here to take revenge for his previous humiliation.”

“Last time, Jian Wuzong did not display his true strength without a sword in his hands. This is the only way to see who’s stronger!”

Amidst the discussions of the crowd, Jian Wuzong walked towards Su Zimo step by step. He wielded his sword casually and sparks flashed as the tip of his sword sliced across the ground.

Although Jian Wuzong looked lazy and was full of openings, no one dared to underestimate him.

That was because no one knew when he would strike!

When he struck, it would definitely be an attack that could shock the heavens!

The distance between the two of them narrowed constantly.

One was passive while the other was active.

The air seemed to have frozen and was suffocating!

All of a sudden!

A breathtaking sword beam appeared and pierced Su Zimo’s throat, arriving instantly!

It was like lightning that tore through the night sky!

It was too fast!

That was the only thought in everyone’s minds.

Many paragons instinctively thought that if they were in the same position, they would not be able to react to that sword!

Even Dao Lord Lan Yue’s eyes lit up.

As expected of third on the Phenomenon Ranking!

There were probably less than ten Nascent Souls present who could defend against that single slash!

At the same time, eight figures beside Ye Tiancheng moved.

Ye Yi played the flute.

The bitter sound of the flute sounded, mournful and unsettling.

Ye Si scattered flowers!

The petals fell with a chilling killing intent!

Ye Wu fanned her folding fan.

The wind howled and sand flew everywhere!

The figures of the other maidservants flashed and they took out their Dharmic weapons, charging forward with daggers, needles and sabers!

The timing of the eight maidservants was perfect!

They sealed off all of Su Zimo’s escape routes!

There was no way to retreat!

At that moment, Jian Wuzong had just attacked. It was an attack that everyone would have to focus on, as though they were approaching an abyss – nobody could afford to be distracted!

At the same time, the attack of the eight maidservants was equivalent to pushing Su Zimo into the abyss!

Perfected Lord Pang Lan retracted his smile.

If he was merely facing Jian Wuzong’s attack, he would be able to defend.

However, even he might not be able to escape unscathed from this encirclement!

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