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Chapter 949: Singlehanded Suppression

“How arrogant! I’ve been pissed off at your attitude since a long time ago!”

A paragon from Peach Blossom Peak, an Upper Sect of the Middle Continent stood out and strode towards Su Zimo, shouting, “I’m Perfected Lord Tian Liang, come…”

Before he could finish, he felt a green figure flash by.


Before he could react, his chest was struck by a tremendous impact and he was sent flying, spitting out blood!

That person laid on the ground motionlessly.

Although his Essence Spirit was fine, the bones in his chest were shattered by Su Zimo’s punch and he fainted on the spot in unbearable pain!

The Nascent Soul paragon of Peach Blossom Peak merely showed his face and said half a sentence before being drowned in the crowd.

“I heard that you’re a sword cultivator as well. I’m Yan Ling of the Unparalleled Sword Sect. Do show me the way!”

A sword cultivator rushed out from the crowd and drew his sword before he even got close.

The sword glowed in a piercingly cold manner!

When the sword approached, it split into two and pierced towards Su Zimo’s eyes with a sharp sword qi!

Unparalleled Sword Sect was also one of the Upper Sects of the Middle Continent.

Their sword techniques were known to be beguiling.

This unparalleled Sword Dao could be considered as one of the sect’s secret skills – if one was caught off guard, they would be injured easily!

Su Zimo narrowed his eyes.

At the end of the day, the sword technique was nothing more than an illusion technique.

Although it looked like there were two swords, in reality, only one of them was real!

Su Zimo had terrifying eyesight after cultivating the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness all year round.

Even without using the Illumination Dragon Eye, he could see the flaws in the sword technique!

Without dodging or retreating, Su Zimo extended his finger and flicked gently towards one of the incoming swords!


The tip of his finger collided against the sword!

There was the sound of metal clashing!

The true body of the sword appeared and the sword quivered!

Yan Ling’s expression changed.

Although Su Zimo merely flicked his finger casually, Yan Ling was the only one who could sense the terrifying power that was released!

His palm was torn and blood gushed out.

Yan Ling could not hold on to his sword and it flew out of his hands.

Just as he was about to retreat, Su Zimo had already seized the opportunity and leaned against him gently!

Yan Ling felt as though a massive mountain had slammed into him.

His tendons and bones felt as though they were about to split apart as he was sent flying before slamming heavily onto the ground and fainting.

He defeated two paragons in two moves!

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!

Another five figures darted out and took up five different positions, revolving around Su Zimo with mysterious footsteps.

They were the paragons of Five Elements Sect!

When he first arrived at Thousand Crane Sect, Su Zimo had a conflict with the disciples of Five Elements Sect.

Now that Five Elements Sect heard that Su Zimo wanted to suppress the paragons present singlehandedly, they summoned their Five Elements Formation and surrounded him!

“Arrogant fool, let’s see how long you can last in this Five Elements Formation!”

A paragon of Five Elements Sect said coldly.

Once the Five Elements Formation was activated, anything that was related to the Five Elements would be weakened infinitely, be it weapons or Dharmic arts.

Furthermore, as the formation changed, the power of their Dharmic arts would increase as well!

“What Five Elements Formation? Break!”

Su Zimo sneered and stomped on the ground!


The ground quaked violently!

Shocked, the five paragons shuddered and nearly fell to the ground. Even the channeling of the formation came to a stop.

It was a fleeting opening that was difficult for others to catch.

However, who was Su Zimo?

He was the strongest monster incarnate in history!

To him, this fleeting opening was the difference between victory as well as life and death!

A paragon of Five Elements Sect had just stabilized himself and was about to continue channeling the formation when Su Zimo arrived and roared!

The person felt as though a thunderbolt struck his mind and he froze.

Furthermore, that was Su Zimo holding back.

Otherwise, if Su Zimo were to use Thunderclap Kill at this distance, that person’s Essence Spirit would be killed on the spot!

Su Zimo’s palm pressed gently on the person’s chest.


The person’s chest caved in and he spat out blood, fainting on the spot.

With one person severely injured, the Five Elements Formation could no longer be activated.

In a flash, Su Zimo arrived before the Five Elements Sect cultivators and sent the remaining four paragons flying with a few punches and kicks!

In his hands, paragons were as frail as babies!

“That person’s physique is extremely strong and he is terrifying in melee combat. We can’t fight him up close!”

A Nascent Soul paragon reminded loudly.

Immediately after, more than ten paragons stood out. However, they did not approach Su Zimo and merely stood far away, condensing Dharmic arts and controlling Dharmic weapons!

Pshew! Pshew! Pshew!

Dharmic weapons tore through the air one after another.

Many paragons no longer held back and used their trump cards!

Bang! Boom! Boom!

Many Dharmic arts descended, covering the skies with a terrifying might!

Su Zimo’s expression was unchanged as his hands changed continuously, forming a mysterious hand seal. Opening his mouth slightly, he hollered, “Pa!”

The entire world went silent with that Sanskrit exclamation!

Lowering his head, Su Zimo had a dignified expression and a divine Buddhist light shone from his body, illuminating all living beings!

It was the Daming Dharmic Seal combined with the Daming Mantra!

The power of the Dharmic Seal was at its limits!

Furthermore, this was the only defensive Dharmic Seal among the six Daming Dharmic Seals – Immovable Foundation Seal!

Many Dharmic arts descended and dissipated the moment they made contact with the Buddha Light without any ripples.

Many Dharmic weapons froze in midair as well, trembling slightly and unable to stab down!

Su Zimo remained unmoved and conjured a Dharmic seal with his hands, neutralizing the attacks of more than ten paragons!


When the monks of the three major Buddhist monasteries caught sight of this, their expressions changed as disbelief filled their eyes.

Many of them recognized the origin of the Dharmic seal.

Normally speaking, the Daming True Sutra was long lost.

It was said that the cultivators who released the Dharmic Seal recently were two people who appeared a hundred years ago. One of them was the top of the Phenomenon Ranking a hundred years ago and the other was the fifth on the Phenomenon Ranking a hundred years ago. Later on, the latter joined Dapamara Temple as a young monk.

But now, this top-tier cultivation technique of the Buddhist monasteries had surfaced from the hands of another cultivator!

Narrowing her gaze, Dao Lord Lan Yue focused on Su Zimo and swept her spirit consciousness across him.


Finally, Dao Lord Lan Yue discovered something amiss!

“Sect master, what’s wrong?”

Dao Lord Lan Yue shook her head without saying anything. She merely frowned in deep thought.

Right then, as though he had thought of something, Ming Han of Hellfire Hall suddenly charged forward with a ferocious expression and shouted, “I got it! I got it!”

“Those 36 flying swords earlier on were not connate Dharmic weapons! They were…”

Su Zimo swept his gaze and conjured hand seals. A ball of golden flames had already formed on his fingertips and floated towards Ming Han.

Buddhist Dao fire!

Before Ming Han could finish his sentence, he saw a ball of golden flames flying over. Frightened out of his wits, he hurriedly conjured a Hellfire Spear and thrust it towards the golden flames!


The Hellfire Spear was minuscule and defenseless against the golden flames and was extinguished instantly!

Before Ming Han could react, Su Zimo had already closed in and grabbed his throat, whispering into his ear, “You know too much!”


Ming Han’s throat was crushed by Su Zimo!

Although his Essence Spirit was still present, the rupture of his throat was equivalent to crippling him!

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