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Chapter 948: Get Down!

Looking at Su Zimo’s back view, Nangong Ling and the other two exchanged glances with conflicted expressions.

For some reason, the three of them felt that Su Zimo’s words earlier on had another meaning.

The three of them guessed correctly.

Su Zimo’s words were to draw a clear line between him and Hundred Refinement Sect!

If he were to fight against the paragons, he might not be able to hide his identity!

He did not want to cause too much trouble for Hundred Refinement Sect.

“How arrogant! I’ll see what happens to you!”

“Who do you think you are? There’s only one cup of supreme-grade Mystic Tea and you think you can get your hands on it just because you want to?”

“Fufu, only the number one Perfected Lord of the Middle Continent is qualified to have the supreme-grade Mystic Tea. How dare you!”

There was no need for Ye Tiancheng to say anything – there were already many Nascent Soul paragons present who could not hold back and stood out, mocking and ridiculing.

In their hearts, there were only a few people who could become the number one Perfected Lord – how could Mo Ling compare to them?

Furthermore, Su Zimo’s tone displeased the Nascent Soul paragons.

If Ye Tiancheng were to say something like that, they would endure it even if they were displeased.

Mo Ling was completely unknown and only rose to fame in the past month. Most cultivators had not heard of him before and were naturally indignant!

“Little Granduncle-Master, even if you want to take part in the paragon battle, you should rest first.”

Nangong Ling hurriedly sent a voice transmission with his spirit consciousness and reminded, “You’ve just participated in the Weapon Refinement Competition and must have consumed a lot of your mental strength. It’s not good for you to start a fight now!”

At the same time, Perfected Lord Pang Lan chuckled and shook his head. “He’s a young man after all. He can’t control his temper.”

“Senior Brother, what do you mean?” A cultivator asked.

Perfected Lord Pang Lan said resolutely, “That lad has just refined so many connate Dharmic weapons and expended a lot of his energy. Now that he’s rushing to challenge Ye Tiancheng, he’s definitely courting death!”

“I’m willing to bet that he’ll be exhausted to death by the other paragons before Ye Tiancheng even makes a move!”

How strong was Su Zimo’s hearing?

Although Perfected Lord Pang Lan’s voice was as soft as a mosquito and insignificant in the noisy crowd, he could hear it clearly.

However, he was calm and did not mind at all.

That was because the situation Nangong Ling and Perfected Lord Pang Lan were concerned about was completely non-existent!

He was merely putting on an act for the weapon refinement earlier on and did not expend any energy at all!

Dao Lord Lan Yue stood up slowly and said in a deep voice, “Since everyone can’t wait any longer, I’ll now announce the official start of the paragon battle!”

The moment she said that, Su Zimo turned around and pointed at Ye Tiancheng who was sitting high and mighty on his throne, saying slowly, “Get down!”

Everyone was shocked!

What was going on!

Did it mean that Mo Ling wanted to challenge the number one Perfected Lord, Ye Tiancheng?

Was this person tired of living and could not wait to die?

Ye Tiancheng sat motionlessly on the throne and looked down at Su Zimo coldly with disdain.

At this point, he was no longer anxious.

In his eyes, Su Zimo was already a dead man!

Or rather, there was no need for him to do it personally!


“What a joke. Who do you think you are to challenge my master?”

The two maidservants beside Ye Tiancheng smirked.


“This Mo Ling doesn’t even know the rules of the paragon battle and he’s jumping out to die. Interesting.”

A series of laughter burst forth from the crowd.


Surveying his surroundings, Su Zimo asked, “What rules are there for the paragon battle?”

Dao Lord Lan Yue said in a deep voice, “Apart from Ye Tiancheng and Perfected Lord Pang Lan who are at the top of the Phenomenon Ranking, all the other paragons have to fight in pairs until two victors are decided. Only then can they challenge Ye Tiancheng and Perfected Lord Pang Lan!”

Ye Tiancheng grinned. “In other words, you’re not even qualified to challenge me!”

Frowning, Su Zimo looked at Dao Lord Lan Yue and asked, “If I want to fight against Ye Tiancheng, I’ll have to fight against the other paragons one step at a time?”

“That’s right,”

Dao Lord Lan Yue nodded. “Otherwise, Ye Tiancheng be annoyed to death if he’s challenged by just about anybody?”

“Oh, got it.”

Su Zimo nodded with a calm expression. He looked around and said indifferently, “I’m going to cripple Ye Tiancheng now. Anyone who wishes to stop me can come up!”

“There’s no need to fight in pairs. Anyone who’s unhappy can come at me at any time. I’ll take them all!”

The crowd was in an uproar!

“Is he crazy?!”

“He wants to suppress all the paragons here by himself?”

“I think he really thinks that he’s the number one Perfected Lord and wants to sweep through all the paragons present. He’s truly courting death!”

Not to mention the other cultivators, everyone from Hundred Refinement Sect was stunned.

“Little Granduncle-Master must be crazy!”

Nangong Ling shook his head repeatedly and murmured.

Even Ye Tiancheng and Perfected Lord Pang Lan would not be so arrogant as to dare to claim that they can suppress all the paragons present!

To be precise, apart from Leng Rou, Little Fatty and the others who knew about Su Zimo’s background, almost no one present thought highly of him.

Of course, there were a few cultivators who frowned in deep thought and retained their opinions.

Among them was Hang Qiuyu of Sword Sect.

Jian Wuzong reared his head in laughter and grit his teeth. “That man is extremely arrogant and thinks nothing of the heroes of the world. He’s courting death!”

“Not necessarily.”

Hang Qiuyu shook his head.

At the very least, in his memories, there was a monster incarnate who had the strength to make such bold claims!

He would never forget that person for the rest of his life.

That figure had shocked him way too much in both the ancient battlefields!

Fairy Luo Xue, the only Void Reversion of Snowdrift Valley, looked at the green figure and murmured softly, “How bold! If this person isn’t a lunatic, his boldness alone is enough to fight for the title of the number one Perfected Lord!”

After pondering for a moment, Dao Lord Lan Yue reminded him, “In the paragon battle, you’re not allowed to fight to the death or target the Essence Spirit!”

The crowd was in an uproar.

There were already many Nascent Soul paragons who could not hold themselves back and wanted to charge forward to fight Su Zimo!

In reality, there were not many paragons of the major sects and factions in the Middle Continent who truly had grudges with Su Zimo.

However, at that moment, many paragons were tempted.

Apart from some who were indignant and wanted to teach Su Zimo a lesson, most of them targeted the treasures on him!

Only fighting to the death was disallowed for the paragon battle.

However, there were no restrictions against fighting for the other party’s treasures!

If they could defeat Su Zimo, everyone could have a legitimate reason to snatch away all of Su Zimo’s treasures…

Including the 36 connate flying swords that were revealed earlier on!

In the eyes of the cultivators right now, Su Zimo was like a massive treasure trove that was waiting for them to fight for!

Many cultivators glared at Su Zimo with clear greed in their eyes.

Su Zimo’s gaze was cold. Sensing the intentions of the paragons, he said slowly, “Also, don’t blame me for not reminding everyone,”

“You’re not allowed to fight to the death in the paragon battle, but I’m extremely heavy-handed! The person I’m going to cripple is Ye Tiancheng. It’s best not to look for trouble if you’re unrelated!”

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