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Chapter 947: Declaration of War!

When Su Zimo saw that the situation was set, he beckoned gently and put away the 36 flying swords.

No matter what, his flying swords were not connate Dharmic weapons. If the entire set was exposed for too long, there was no guarantee that nothing would happen.

Even if the 36 flying swords were gathered together, they did not take up much space.

Holding them in his palm, Su Zimo casually swiped his brow and the 36 flying swords entered his right eye silently!

“Even if your Hundred Refinement Sect wins this weapon refinement battle, it doesn’t mean anything!”

The person who spoke was seated at the front of Hellfire Hall. He was the only Void Reversion of Hellfire Hall for this trip and his Dao title was Refinement Peak.

Everyone knew that by saying that, it meant that Hellfire Hall had admitted defeat.

Dao Being Refinement Peak’s face darkened as he said slowly, “In a weapon refinement battle between grandmasters, there’s nobody from Hundred Refinement Sect that can match our hall master!”

“That’s not for sure,”

Su Zimo replied indifferently, “If you guys from Hellfire Hall are indignant, Hundred Refinement Sect will come looking for you guys after the tea party. I’m just afraid that you won’t dare to accept the challenge at that time!”

Everyone from Hundred Refinement Sect felt guilty.

They were well aware that no one in the sect could surpass the master of Hellfire Hall in terms of weapon refinement!

The reason why Su Zimo dared to say that was naturally because of Dao Lord Extreme Fire!

After the tea party, Dao Lord Extreme Fire would reconstruct his body and return in a domineering manner.

Given his accomplishments in weapon refinement, he would definitely not lose to the hall master of Hellfire Hall!

“Alright, let’s wait and see!”

Dao Being Refinement Peak sneered.

After returning the Weapon Tripod to Nangong Ling, Su Zimo turned around and looked at Dao Lord Lan Yue who was not far away. “Senior, the outcome of this weapon refinement battle should be clear. Please give me some tea!”

Dao Lord Lan Yue was extremely unwilling.

However, she naturally could not break the rules set by Thousand Crane Sect in front of everyone.

Taking a deep breath, Dao Lord Lan Yue composed herself and said slowly, “Grant the tea!”

Before long, a steaming cup of supreme-grade Mystic Tea was handed to Su Zimo.

The Dharma Characteristic elder of Thousand Crane Sect was comparatively friendly towards Su Zimo and nodded with a smile. “This tea is best drunk when it’s warm. Drink it and use your Essence Spirit to comprehend the mysteries within.”

“Thank you, senior,”

Su Zimo received the supreme-grade Mystic Tea but did not drink it. Instead, he carried the teacup and returned to the front of Hundred Refinement Sect.

“Have a drink,”

Under countless gazes, Su Zimo handed the supreme-grade Mystic Tea to Liu Hanyan!

The cultivators were moved!

The true focus of Thousand Crane Tea Party was the Mystic Tea.

The reason why all the Nascent Soul paragons of the Middle Continent gathered here was none other than to drink a cup of Mystic Tea.

Even the ordinary Mystic Tea was an incredible opportunity alongside incomparable glory.

Furthermore, there were only five cups of supreme-grade Mystic Tea!

To be precise, up till this point of the tea party, there were only two cups remaining, including the one in Su Zimo’s hands!

But now, he had given away the supreme-grade Mystic Tea!

“Isn’t that Mo Ling way too generous?”

“The moment he appeared earlier on, he gave away a connate Perfected Lord Dharmic weapon. Now, he’s even giving away a supreme-grade Mystic Tea.”

“I can’t take it anymore. I’ve already fallen for him.”

A Thousand Crane Sect female cultivator whispered with an infatuated expression.

Another female cultivator murmured as well, “I can’t take it anymore. If I were in her shoes, I would have fainted from happiness the moment that supreme-grade Mystic Tea was handed to me…”

Everyone from Hundred Refinement Sect widened their eyes in shock too.

Many people looked at Su Zimo and Liu Hanyan with odd expressions.

Could it be that the beauty of Hundred Refinement Sect was already taken?

Ru Xuan felt a little envious and upset.

Nangong Ling’s expression dimmed as well.

As time passed by, he realized that the gap between him and Little Granduncle-Master was getting wider and wider, even beyond his reach!

Perhaps, only Liu Hanyan knew that Su Zimo had no feelings for her.

“Don’t think too much.”

Su Zimo said softly, “Hanyan failed her spirit gathering and it will be difficult for her injured Essence Spirit to recover completely. This supreme-grade Mystic Tea can heal her Essence Spirit.”

Ru Xuan and Nangong Ling’s hearts skipped a beat.

They could tell that Su Zimo was saying that to them.

Nangong Ling was relieved and smiled foolishly. He turned to Liu Hanyan and said, “That’s right. Once you drink this tea, Hanyan, there’s a high chance that your Essence Spirit will recover immediately!”

“But, you were the one who won this cup of tea, Granduncle-Master.”

Liu Hanyan’s eyes were red as she choked, “It’s all thanks to you that the sect’s reputation is preserved. I’m not fit to drink this tea.”

“You’re thinking too much. You’re the only one in the sect who’s qualified to drink this cup of tea.”

Su Zimo smiled gently and placed the supreme-grade Mystic Tea in Liu Hanyan’s hands. He said in an unquestionable manner, “Drink it. Don’t feel pressured.”

His words were truly not meant to comfort Liu Hanyan.

The reason why he was able to win the Weapon Refinement competition was entirely because of tricks and not because of his actual skill in weapon refinement.

In Hundred Refinement Sect, only Liu Hanyan was qualified to drink this tea!

“Go ahead and drink it, Little Granduncle-Master has already said so.”

Nangong Ling persuaded with a smile.

Liu Hanyan shook her head still.

“There’s only one cup of supreme-grade Mystic Tea. If I take it, Granduncle-Master will have nothing at all,”

Liu Hanyan said, “Granduncle-Master is also at the Nascent Soul realm. This supreme-grade Mystic Tea is extremely important to him too.”

“Who said that there’s only one cup of supreme-grade Mystic Tea?”

Su Zimo smiled gently and pointed to the only remaining green tea leaf on the tip of the Mystic Tea Tree. “There’s another cup.”


Nangong Ling and the other two were stunned before their expressions changed!

Everyone knew that the remaining cup was for the final victor of the fight between the paragons, the number one Perfected Lord of Middle Continent!

By saying that, did Little Granduncle-Master mean…

Nangong Ling hurriedly sent a voice transmission, “Little Granduncle-Master, don’t be rash. Hundred Refinement Sect has fulfilled our purpose for this trip and there’s no need for us to cause trouble.”

“The matter of Hundred Refinement Sect has ended, but mine has only just started…”

Patting Nangong Ling on the shoulder, Su Zimo said softly, “For everything that’s going to happen next, neither you nor Hundred Refinement Sect should get involved.”

Before Nangong Ling and the others could react, Su Zimo had already turned around and said word by word, “I’m going to get my hands on that final cup of supreme-grade Mystic Tea!”

The crowd was in an uproar!

A declaration of war!

That was a blatant declaration of war!

“Such guts!”

Seated on the throne, Ye Tiancheng was still motionless as he said coldly with a murderous gaze!


The nine wyrms were ready to charge as demonic qi surged and the gigantic chains on their bodies let out a terrifying sound.

The remaining eight maidservants beside him glared at Su Zimo coldly.

“It’s finally about to begin?”

Perfected Lord Pang Lan of Heavenly Dipper Sect said with a smile as a cold glint flashed in his eyes.


Jian Wuzong could not hold it in any longer and drew his sword right away. He glared at Su Zimo with a vicious glint, prepared to charge forward at any moment to wash away his shame!

This time round, he wielded his sword first!

He did not heed Hang Qiuyu’s advice at all!

He was third on the Phenomenon Ranking!

Although Hang Qiuyu was his senior brother, he was only ranked eighth on the Phenomenon Ranking a hundred years ago and even lost to an unknown sword cultivator!

In Jian Wuzong’s heart, Hang Qiuyu could not be compared to him!

Clang! Clang! Clang!

The sound of blades being unsheathed echoed.

Many paragons stood up with surging battle intent!

The fight between paragons was about to begin!

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