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Chapter 942: Public Enemy

The entire Mystic Courtyard fell into silence.

Almost all the cultivators were watching the two people in the middle of the crowd who were in the midst of a weapon refinement competition intently.

This was the most critical juncture for the both of them!

Ming Han was attempting to condense his sixth Dharmic pattern.

Liu Hanyan was condensing her fifth Dharmic pattern!

No one gave up!

Nobody knew the outcome of this weapon refinement battle until the final moment.

After all, the success rate of condensing six Dharmic patterns to create connate Dharmic weapons was extremely low.

If Ming Han failed, Liu Hanyan would naturally win!

However, Ming Han still had the upper hand in the current situation!

He was the first to form five Dharmic patterns and the pressure Liu Hanyan was under would definitely increase.

Many disciples of Hundred Refinement Sect were nervous as they clenched their fists and prayed for Liu Hanyan.

Liu Hanyan’s face was already slightly pale.

Weapon refinement was extremely mentally draining.

Furthermore, she was under such immense pressure!

Ming Han closed his eyes and sensed the flying sword within the Weapon Tripod with his spirit consciousness. It rose and fell within a ball of Hellfire and the blade of the sword was burned red with five distinct patterns.

Ming Han’s expression was no longer as relaxed as before, looking slightly grim.

He did not have the confidence to condense six Dharmic patterns either.

He could only rely on that bit of experience from the past, his keen senses towards weapon refinement that were obtained after many years of effort towards the craft as well as his immense fortune to grasp that fleeting opportunity!


Right then, Liu Hanyan’s Weapon Tripod shone with a bedazzling light!

The crowd of cultivators turned and gasped!

A fifth Dharmic pattern!

Liu Hanyan had also condensed a fifth Dharmic pattern!

If she stopped now, a perfect-grade Perfected Lord Dharmic weapon would be forged successfully!

For Weapon Refinement Masters, being able to create perfect Dharmic weapons was already their limit.

Normally, Liu Hanyan would be able to win against Weapon Refinement Masters from all over the Middle Continent with this perfect-grade Perfected Lord Dharmic weapon.

However, she could not defeat Ming Han!

Ming Han’s weapon refinement speed was even faster than hers!

Furthermore, Ming Han was currently cultivating his sixth Dharmic pattern!

Liu Hanyan took a deep breath and tried her best to control the flames to calm her mind. She was in no hurry to condense the sixth Dharmic pattern.

She was waiting.

If Ming Han were to fail, she would be able to win this weapon refinement battle with that perfect-grade Perfected Lord Dharmic weapon!

Ming Han’s eyes were still closed, as though he was immersed in his own world.

Liu Hanyan’s actions did not affect him at all!

Everyone held their breaths and did not dare to blink.

The fight for weapon refinement was at its most critical moment and victory could be decided at any moment!

An unknown period of time passed.

Ming Han suddenly opened his eyes and hollered, “Condense!”

Instantly, the Heaven and Earth powers in the void seemed to be boiling!

An endless stream of Heaven and Earth powers surged into the Netherworld Tripod and almost materialized into a gigantic vortex!

Dharmic powers spewed from the Netherworld Tripod and a bright light burst forth!

A sixth Dharmic pattern appeared on the sword!

The connate Perfected Lord Dharmic Weapon was successfully done!

The cultivators were moved.

Everyone widened their eyes and looked on in disbelief.

It was too shocking!

A scarlet flying sword appeared from the Netherworld Tripod slowly. There were six distinct patterns on the sword that shone with a blinding light!

Most cultivators would not be able to witness such a sight even once in their entire lives.

Nobody wanted to miss it.


Even Thousand Crane Sect’s Sect Master, Dao Lord Lan Yue, could not help but praise.

While everyone from Hundred Refinement Sect was shocked, their expressions darkened.

Liu Hanyan was shocked and failed to control her flames. The flying sword in her tripod nearly exploded to waste all her prior efforts.

She took a deep breath and hurriedly stabilized the flames.

The birth of the connate Perfected Lord Dharmic Weapon meant that she had no way out!

She could only take the challenge head-on and continue cultivating her sixth Dharmic pattern!

The tides had turned entirely.

Instantly, it was as though all the pressure was mounted on the body of this frail woman.

In fact, she felt as though she could barely breathe!

Ming Han stood proudly as he received the admiring gazes from the crowd and the praises of countless people. He looked down at Liu Hanyan from the corner of his eyes.

His gaze was filled with indescribable disdain.

Liu Hanyan did not dare to make eye contact with Ming Han. She could only try her best to compose herself and attempt to condense her sixth Dharmic pattern!

Time slowly passed.

Liu Hanyan’s face turned paler and beads of sweat formed on her forehead.

She did not dare to attempt condensation!

If she failed in her attempt, she would fall into an endless abyss!

However, if she did not attempt to condense it, her chances would decrease until she exhausted her mental strength.

The external pressure and mental fatigue made Liu Hanyan feel like she was about to break down!

Ming Han smirked when he saw that.

He knew that he would definitely win!

Su Zimo and the others were also watching the situation under the Mystic Tea Tree.

“That beautiful sister is probably going to lose,” Little Fatty sighed.

Leng Rou turned to look at Su Zimo and said, “If she loses, it will greatly affect the reputation of Hundred Refinement Sect. I’m afraid…”

The first segment of the Thousand Crane Tea Party was to select Great Masters of the four unorthodox groups.

The titles of Great Formation Master, Great Elixir Refinement Master and Great Talisman Master were all obtained by cultivators of Ancient Array Sect, Elixir Yang Sect and Thousand Crane Sect.

However, if the Hundred Refinement Sect cultivators did not manage to get their hands on the title of Great Weapon Refinement Master, Hellfire Hall would definitely make use of the opportunity to strike!

Su Zimo frowned deeply in deep thought.

If he resorted to force before the paragon battle segment, there was a high chance that he would be ousted from this place by Dao Lord Lan Yue.

However, he would not be of much help if he did not resort to force.

Rubbing his forehead gently, Su Zimo pondered for a moment and his eyes flickered.


Right then, Liu Hanyan finally made a move to condense her sixth Dharmic pattern!

However, the moment she said that, a faint cracking sound came from the Weapon Tripod!

Although it was a soft sound, it was like thunder in Liu Hanyan’s ears!

Ming Han’s smile deepened.

He had already won!

It was the sound of the sword’s blade cracking from a failed Dharmic pattern condensation attempt!

Right after, a loud bang sounded from the Weapon Tripod as the sword exploded into countless shards that struck the walls of the tripod.

Liu Hanyan’s mind was affected and her body swayed as she fell from midair. Her face was pale as she spat out a mouthful of blood.


Nangong Ling hurried forward and supported Liu Hanyan with a heartbroken expression.

“I’ve lost.”

Liu Hanyan murmured softly with a miserable expression, her eyes filled with pain.

Ming Han’s eyes were cold as he shouted, “If your Hundred Refinement Sect can’t even defend the title of a Great Weapon Refinement Master, what rights do you have to be one of the four unorthodox groups?!”

“That’s right!”

Perfected Lord Pang Lan of Heavenly Dipper Sect stood up and declared, “Hundred Refinement Sect’s decline is now a cold fact. In my opinion, you guys should have been eliminated from the four unorthodox groups a long time ago!”

Jian Wuzong added coldly, “I agree.”

The reason why he stood out was purely due to his anger towards Su Zimo who was from Hundred Refinement Sect.

Ye Tiancheng said indifferently, “How dare you guys from Hundred Refinements Sect stay here? Get lost, you disgraceful scum!”

His intentions were simple. Once he chased everyone from Hundred Refinement Sect out of Thousand Crane Sect, he could send the nine wyrms by his feet to kill everyone from Hundred Refinement Sect!

Of the six major immortal sects that were participating in the tea party, three of them expressed their stand on the side of Hellfire Palace.

The other three immortal sects remained silent and watched coldly by the sidelines – it was clear they had no intention of helping.

The Hundred Refinement Sect cultivators were at a loss.

It was as though Hundred Refinement Sect had turned into a public enemy that everyone wanted to step on!

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