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Chapter 941: Undefeatable Position

With a confident expression, Ming Han stood in the middle of the Mystic Courtyard a long time ago and summoned his Weapon Tripod. With a bang, it landed on the ground!

Many cultivators looked over with shocked expressions.

The Weapon Tripod was as tall as a man and its body was tough, shimmering with a dark golden metallic luster.

Four balls of Hellfire were carved around the walls of the tripod, as though they would ignite at any moment.

Most importantly, there were six Dharmic patterns on the tripod!

It was a connate Perfected Lord Dharmic weapon!

“This is the Netherworld Tripod, my Destiny Dharmic Weapon.”

Ming Han said proudly, “Back then, I managed to refine a connate Perfected Lord Dharmic Weapon with the help of this tripod!”


“Ming Han is so powerful!”

“If he can refine another connate Perfected Lord Dharmic Weapon, won’t Hundred Refinement Sect definitely lose?”

“The hall master of Hellfire Hall is currently the top Weapon Refinement Grandmaster of Tianhuang Mainland. Now that they have a successor like this kid, Hellfire Hall’s rise is almost unstoppable!”

A wave of shock and astonishment could be heard from the crowd.

This was the first time many cultivators present had heard of Ming Han and this matter.

Sensing the gazes from his surroundings, Ming Han was delighted and turned to look at Liu Hanyan of Hundred Refinement Sect with a provocative gaze.

Liu Hanyan pursed her lips tightly, looking nervous as the pressure on her increased.

“He’s putting pressure on you. Don’t fall for it.”

Su Zimo reminded her softly, “It’s not that easy to refine a connate Dharmic weapon. There’s only a chance of success if the timing, location, luck, environment and many other factors are combined!”

Although Su Zimo had not refined Dharmic weapons before, he possessed the foundation of weapon refinement and had knowledge imparted to him by Dao Lord Extreme Fire.

He understood the theory behind the craft.

Dao Being Yu Ding added, “Junior Sister Liu, relax and try your best.”

“Senior Sister Liu, you can definitely do it!”

“Senior Sister Liu, defeat him!”

Many cultivators of Hundred Refinement Sect cheered for Liu Hanyan as well.

Liu Hanyan took a deep breath and nodded vigorously.

Right then, Leng Rou who had just been conferred the title of Great Talisman Master walked over slowly and nodded at Liu Hanyan. “Fellow Daoist Liu, I wish you success.”

Although both of them were at Nascent Soul realm, Fairy Leng Rou was much more famous than her.

Furthermore, they did not know each other.

Now that she received Leng Rou’s encouragement, Liu Hanyan felt flattered and relaxed. She returned the greeting with a smile. “Thank you, Fairy Leng Rou!”

Leng Rou nodded with her usual aloof expression.

When everyone from Hundred Refinement Sect saw Fairy Leng Rou approaching, they could not help but feel nervous and uneasy.

Hundred Refinement Sect cultivators spent their days refining Dharmic weapons and were mostly rough men.

Many cultivators blushed and did not even dare to look at her.

Leng Rou glanced sideways at the green-robed man beside her and smiled. “Fellow Daoist Mo Ling, thank you for your help earlier on. If it’s convenient, please come over for a chat.”

“Look, Fairy Leng Rou is smiling at Mo Ling again!”

“Fairy Leng Rou seems to be inviting that person!”

“Aiyah, imagine the two of them standing together. What an ugly sight! It’s akin to planting a flower on cow dung!”

Many cultivators lamented internally.

The disciples of Hundred Refinement Sect were dumbfounded and their jaws almost dropped!


Rising, Su Zimo left with Leng Rou.

Under the envious gazes of countless cultivators, Leng Rou led Su Zimo, Little Fatty, Ji Chengtian and Shi Jian through the crowd and arrived at the Mystic Tea Tree.

Dao Lord Lan Yue frowned when she saw that.

She truly did not wish to see Leng Rou involved in any manner with Mo Ling from Hundred Refinement Sect.

Hundred Refinement Sect was already in a precarious situation and might not even be able to get through this.

As for Mo Ling, he would definitely die since he challenged Ye Tiancheng!

“Sect master, let her be.”

An elder of Thousand Crane Sect whispered, “The paragon battle is going to begin soon in any case. That Mo Ling won’t be able to avoid it.”


Dao Lord Lan Yue nodded and ignored Su Zimo and the others.

“Spirit consciousness detection is blocked beneath this Mystic Tea Tree. Even if we send voice transmissions using our spirit consciousnesses, there’s no way of being exposed.”

Leng Rou’s voice sounded in the minds of Su Zimo and the others.

“Bro, is that really you?”

Little Fatty could not help himself any longer and was the first to ask.

If not for the fact that there were too many cultivators around, he would have pounced over and given Su Zimo a bear hug.

Su Zimo nodded with a smile and said emotionally, “I’m back.”

Shi Jian was not someone of many words and merely smiled foolishly at the side.

He was extremely delighted as well to be reunited with an old friend.

“I heard about everything that happened to you guys,”

Su Zimo said, “Initially, I thought that Di Yin would attend this tea party. However, it’s a pity that he didn’t come. He’s lucky to escape this.”

Pausing for a moment, Su Zimo looked at Little Fatty. “Don’t worry. After this tea party is over, I’ll kill Di Yin personally and take revenge for you guys!”

“Bro, don’t be rash.”

Little Fatty replied hurriedly, “Di Yin has already cultivated to the Void Reversion realm. It won’t be too late for you to look for him after you catch up to him. We didn’t suffer much either.”

“Furthermore, Ye Tiancheng is extremely strong and not inferior to the old Di Yin! Bro, don’t underestimate him.”

Little Fatty was worried and reminded again.


Su Zimo nodded.

“Zimo, where have you been all these years? Why haven’t I heard from you?” Leng Rou looked at Su Zimo curiously and asked with concern.

Su Zimo recalled the days in Thousand Demon Valley where he reigned supreme with monkey and the others and could not help but smile.

“After leaving the ancient battlefield, I went to Thousand Demon Valley…”

Su Zimo recounted his experience in Thousand Demon Valley.

They naturally had a lot to say after reuniting after such a long time.

Unknowingly, time passed.

The fight for weapon refinement in the middle of the courtyard had already reached its climax!

Including Ming Han, there were hundreds of Weapon Refinement Masters from all over the Middle Continent that challenged Liu Hanyan.

At that moment, other than Ming Han and Liu Hanyan…

The other Weapon Refinement Masters had already withdrawn from the fight.

That was because Ming Han and Liu Hanyan’s weapon refinement speed far surpassed everyone else’s and they were already at the final step of forming their Dharmic patterns!

Both parties refined flying swords.

Furthermore, Ming Han was one step ahead of Liu Hanyan!

Condensing Dharmic patterns was similar to condensing spirit patterns.

It was the most difficult step and the slightest mistake would cause all their efforts to go to waste!

At that moment, Ming Han’s Weapon Tripod shone with a fifth beam of light under countless gazes!

This meant that Ming Han had already formed five Dharmic patterns!

“This is way too scary!”

“If Ming Han stops now, he would have already successfully refined a perfect-grade Perfected Lord Dharmic weapon!”

Many cultivators discussed softly.

However, Ming Han showed no signs of stopping!

He was blessed with luck and was a rare weapon refinement genius throughout history!

He wanted to defy the heavens and condense his sixth Dharmic pattern to refine a connate Dharmic weapon in front of everyone!

Once the connate Dharmic weapon was successfully refined, he would be in an undefeatable position!

Everything that happened today would be recorded in the history of weapon refinement forever!

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