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Chapter 938: Did You Ask Me?

“Who is that? How heroic!”

“Could this person be a lover of Fairy Leng Rou and is chasing after her?”

“He’s from Hundred Refinement Sect? Why haven’t I seen him before?”

Most of the cultivators present had never seen Su Zimo before.

Even if they had heard of the name Mo Ling, they could not match it to him.

While many cultivators were discussing, not many noticed that the cultivators from Sword Sect were glaring at Su Zimo fiercely!

Their gazes were sharper than sword qi, as though they wanted to devour him alive!

A sword cultivator at the front glared at the long sword beside Su Zimo and gritted his teeth with a menacing expression. The veins on his neck were popping out.

That sword cultivator was none other than the third on the Phenomenon Ranking, Jian Wuzong!

If not for someone pulling him from the side, he would have already rushed over!

It turned out that the sword that Su Zimo threw out was the Startling Dharmic Sword that he snatched from Jian Wuzong in Wind Cloud City!

But now, he was giving it to Leng Rou.

Su Zimo was not a sword cultivator to begin with.

Furthermore, he had obtained the Startling Dharmic Sword casually – he truly did not care to give it away.

“Little Granduncle-Master, you’re truly one of a kind!”

Nangong Ling lamented internally.

He clutched his forehead while Liu Hanyan turned her head, not daring to meet the gazes of the Sword Sect cultivators.

At that moment, they wanted nothing more than to drag Su Zimo back to the sect.

The current situation was chaotic enough.

By standing up for Leng Rou, Su Zimo had already offended Dao Lord Lan Yue and Ye Tiancheng.

Now, he even offended the Sword Sect as well!

Nangong Ling was on the brink of tears and prayed in his heart, “Little Granduncle-Master, please hold back! Forget the fact that you snatched his sword, you’re even giving away the snatched connate Dharmic weapon now…”

The mixture of new and old grudges… Nangong Ling could feel that the crowd from Sword Sect were at the end of their limits and wanted to charge over at any moment!

Ru Xuan remained silent at the side, feeling a little disappointed.

‘If only Little Granduncle-Master was as nice to me.’

Ru Xuan chanted internally.

“Eh? Something’s not right!”

“Why are the eyes of everyone from Sword Sect red? Why do they look like they’ve been wronged?”

“That sword looks familiar.”

“Startling Dharmic Sword! Isn’t that the Startling Dharmic Sword of Jian Wuzong? How did it end up in his hands?!”

“Don’t you know? The Startling Dharmic Sword was snatched away by someone! I heard that it’s a Nascent Soul of Hundred Refinement Sect called Mo Ling.”

“Ah! It’s him! He’s the one who made a name for himself in Wind Cloud City and crippled Cheng Peng!”

Before long, an even louder commotion broke out in the crowd.

Perfected Lord Pang Lan of Heavenly Dipper Sect crossed his arms and looked at Su Zimo with a fake smile.

He was the number one of the Phenomenon Ranking 400 years ago.

He was older and more mature than most Nascent Souls present!

In his opinion, Mo Ling would die without a burial ground in this situation even before he had to do anything.

Many cultivators were making a ruckus and their voices were chaotic. Little Fatty and the others only heard scattered pieces of information about some guy named Mo Ling and a sword cultivator.

They were not bothered either.

Only Ji Chengtian knew what was going on.

However, under the watchful gaze of Dao Lord Lan Yue, he did not dare to use his spirit consciousness to do stealthy acts such as sending a voice transmission.

“That’s enough!”

Dao Lord Lan Yue took a deep breath and a massive pressure descended on the Mystic Courtyard before the discussions gradually died down.

“What’s your name?”

Dao Lord Lan Yue turned around and asked Su Zimo in a deep voice.

Standing up, Su Zimo smiled and cupped his fists. “I’m Mo Ling, a Weapon Refinement Master.”


Leng Rou and Little Fatty’s hearts skipped a beat when they heard that name.

Even Shi Jian was momentarily stunned.

Initially, Leng Rou knelt on the ground motionlessly.

When she heard that name, she turned around for the first time and looked at Su Zimo curiously, sizing him up.

Compared to Little Fatty and the others, as a woman, Leng Rou was more meticulous in her thoughts.

She could sense that Su Zimo’s words earlier on seemed to be implying something.

Under normal circumstances, as a disciple of Hundred Refinement Sect, there was no need for Mo Ling to mention that he was a Weapon Refinement Master.

Was this person trying to remind her of something by saying that he was a Weapon Refinement Master?

“Could it be…”

Leng Rou thought of a possibility and her heart thumped wildly. She could barely suppress her emotions!

Dao Lord Lan Yue smirked in disdain. “Oh? Mo Ling, that’s an unfamiliar name. Is it on the Phenomenon Ranking? Why haven’t I heard of it before?”

Although Dao Lord Lan Yue seemed like she was asking, she was implying that Mo Ling was a nobody!

“It’s fine,”

Su Zimo grinned. “You’ll remember me after today.”

“Leng Rou is my proudest disciple and is about to be conferred the title of a Great Talisman Master!”

Dao Lord Lan Yue sneered. “Although you’re able to give a connate Perfected Lord Dharmic weapon, you’re a nobody! Bluntly put, you’re not worthy of Leng Rou at all!”


Su Zimo raised his brow slightly and asked, “So Ye Tiancheng is worthy?”


Dao Lord Lan Yue sneered once more. “Who is Ye Tiancheng? How can you compare to the top of the Phenomenon Ranking and the number one Perfected Lord?”

“Frog in the well.”

“What a joke! A cultivator who hasn’t even made it onto the Phenomenon Ranking wants to snatch Senior Brother Ye’s marriage with a mere connate Perfected Lord Dharmic weapon?”

“This is the light of a firefly trying to compete against the bright moon!”

Many Chaos Essence Sect cultivators laughed.

Even though Mo Ling had made a name for himself in Wind Cloud City, his reputation was far inferior compared to Ye Tiancheng!

Suddenly, Su Zimo laughed.

“Number one Perfected Lord?”

Su Zimo asked indifferently, “Who gave him that title?”

“Ever since master entered the Nascent Soul realm, he has fought countless battles and has never been defeated. There’s no doubt that he’s the number one Perfected Lord!” A maidservant behind Ye Tiancheng stood out and sneered.


Su Zimo smiled. “So, it’s that simple to be conferred the title of number one Perfected Lord. What a coincidence. Ever since I entered the Nascent Soul realm, I’ve fought countless battles and have never been defeated as well. Does that mean that I’m also a number one Perfected Lord?”

“You… ”

The maidservant was speechless.

The next moment, Su Zimo looked at Ye Tiancheng and said something that shocked the entire courtyard!

“Have you asked me before calling yourself the number one Perfected Lord?”


The cultivators were moved.

That simple statement was filled with a domineering aura that made one shudder!

It was absolutely overbearing!

They were completely at odds!

Nobody expected that someone would dare to challenge Ye Tiancheng head-on even before the second part of the Thousand Crane Tea Party was held!

For a moment…

All the cultivators even had a brief notion that Ye Tiancheng was inferior to Mo Ling!

Perfected Lord Pang Lan smiled with a playful look in his eyes.

“Don’t go over.”

Hang Qiuyu sent a voice transmission to Jian Wuzong, “This Mo Ling is very strong. Even if you have a sword in your hands, you won’t be a match for him!”

Leng Rou’s eyes shone brightly.

They were way too similar!

In her eyes, Mo Ling seemed to have fused with the person in her memories.

Leng Rou believed in it.

That was the only person who could possess such an unparalleled aura as well!

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