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Chapter 927: Scheme

In the elementary ancient battlefield, Hang Qiuyu was tragically defeated by Su Zimo.

In the Phenomenon Ranking a hundred years ago, Hang Qiuyu was no match for Dugu Jian and was ranked eighth – the gap between him and Su Zimo was even greater.

However, any paragon that survived that calamity would experience an unimaginable transformation!

It was the same for Hang Qiuyu.

The reason why Sword Sect dared to send Hang Qiuyu despite Jian Wuzong’s tragic defeat to Su Zimo – that was how much confidence they had in the former!

However, neither Sword Sect nor Hang Qiuyu realized who they were about to challenge!

“Perfected Lord Pang Lan of Heavenly Dipper Sect is here as well!”

“Pang Lan? That sounds familiar.”

“He was the number one on the Phenomenon Ranking 400 years ago! I heard that he’s already half a step into the Void Reversion realm and no one knows his current strength!”

“Fufu, that Nascent Soul of Hundred Refinement Sect is doomed.”

“That’s normal. Hundred Refinement Sect is about to be removed from the four unorthodox groups. Who would care about them?”

Nangong Ling and the other two looked at Su Zimo and were secretly worried.

The figures discussed by the surrounding cultivators were all notorious experts who had been famous for a long time.

Even the top of the Phenomenon Ranking from 400 years ago had appeared – all three of them were worried for Su Zimo.

What surprised the three of them was that Su Zimo’s expression had not changed the entire time when he heard those discussions. His eyes were like an ancient well without any emotions.

Hang Qiuyu? Number one of the Phenomenon Ranking 400 years ago? None of them seemed to be able to stir his emotions!

Nangong Ling lamented internally, “Little Granduncle-Master is too young and probably hasn’t heard of these experts. Sigh, he’s like a newborn calf.”

Ru Xuan blinked her eyes and muttered internally, “Is Little Granduncle-Master a little crazy? Why isn’t he reacting?”

The cultivators of the various major sects and Hundred Refinement Sect headed to the resting place under the lead of the Thousand Crane Sect female cultivators.

Along the way, many cultivators discussed excitedly.

“You guys were not referring to the greatest event yet!”

Right then, a cultivator said, pretending to be profound.

“Tell me, what else is there?”

Someone asked hurriedly.

After beating around the bush, the cultivator coughed gently and said slowly, “I heard that Chaos Essence Sect and Thousand Crane Sect are going to have a marriage alliance!”

“Ah! Who and who?”

“Ye Tiancheng and Fairy Leng Rou, of course! I heard that Ye Tiancheng is going to propose in public!”

“Oh my!”

A series of sighs and thumping sounds could be heard.

Su Zimo frowned and turned to ask, “Who is this Ye Tiancheng? Why does he sound a little familiar?”

Nangong Ling and the other two looked at Su Zimo as though they were looking at a monster.

Ru Xuan said, “Little Granduncle-Master, what’s with your memory? He’s the top of the Phenomenon Ranking this time round and created an unprecedented Golden Core phenomenon. How do you not remember him?”

“Oh, is that so?”

Su Zimo replied casually, “No wonder his name sounds familiar.”

Nangong Ling and the other two were speechless.

The influence of the Phenomenon Ranking was immense.

All the cultivators present could name any cultivator on the Phenomenon Ranking with great familiarity, as though they knew it at the back of their heads, let alone the number one of the Phenomenon Ranking.

Many cultivators even remembered the names of those in the past ten Phenomenon Rankings.

Furthermore, Ye Tiancheng was the top of the Golden Core Phenomenon Ranking that had just ended.

However, how could the three of them know that Su Zimo was neither bothered with the Phenomenon Ranking and Nascent Soul paragons, let alone remember their names?

The only person he was interested in was Di Yin!

When he saw that Nangong Ling and the other two were still staring at him with strange gazes, Su Zimo smiled. “There are so many paragons. It’s normal to not remember them all.”

“But Ye Tiancheng is different!”

Ru Xuan said, “He’s truly strong! He ascended Myriad Phenomenon Peak all the way and suppressed his peers, creating an unprecedented Golden Core phenomenon. Little Granduncle-Master, I’m afraid you don’t understand how strong he is because you’ve never seen him in action.”

Nangong Ling nodded as well. “Even though he’s only a single rank above the second on the Phenomenon Ranking, I feel that there’s definitely a huge difference in their combat strength!”

Liu Hanyan said, “I’m afraid only Ye Tiancheng is worthy of Fairy Leng Rou.”

Su Zimo was silent.

If Leng Rou could find a Dao companion that she liked, Su Zimo would be truly happy for her.

However, for some reason, Su Zimo felt that something was amiss.

“The number one of the Phenomenon Ranking and Fairy Leng Rou. Those two are truly a match made in heaven,” A cultivator beside them lamented.


The first person who spoke sneered, “I don’t think so.”

A group of people hurried over and asked, “Huh? What’s the matter? Is there something behind the scenes?”

The person looked around and lowered his voice, saying softly, “I heard from some sources that Fairy Leng Rou did not agree to the marriage at all. It was Thousand Crane Sect’s sect master, her master, who agreed to it.”

Su Zimo frowned.

“What’s wrong with that? The path of cultivation is long and boring. It’s not impossible for the two of them to fall in love after spending time together,” Someone curled his lips in disdain.


The first cultivator sneered, “What do you know?! I heard that there’s a scheme behind Ye Tiancheng coming here to become Dao companions with Fairy Leng Rong!”

“What scheme?” Everyone asked.

“Don’t forget that Ye Tiancheng is Di Yin’s junior brother and the two of them are known as the Chaos Essence Twin Paragons! However, Di Yin and the top of the Phenomenon Ranking a hundred years ago are mortal enemies!”

The cultivator continued, “As for that Zimo or whatsoever, he should be dead by now. However, his friends are still alive and are good friends with Fairy Leng Rou. Hehe…”

Although the cultivator did not continue, many of them revealed contemplative expressions.

Su Zimo’s expression gradually turned cold.

“I’ve got it!”

Nangong Ling suddenly said, “Di Yin once declared that he wanted to kill those people but he failed. Later on, the successor of Tomb Sect and Puppet Sect hid in the sects respectively and refused to show themselves. Di Yin did not have the chance to attack either.”

“The reason why Ye Tiancheng and Fairy Leng Rou are getting married is to force these people to appear!”

Liu Hanyan nodded as well. “I reckon that Ye Tiancheng is going to help his senior brother take care of them after they appear!”

“In that case, Fairy Leng Rou is way too pitiful.”

Ru Xuan sighed and said indignantly, “It’s all that Zimo guy’s fault. To think that he’s the number one of the Phenomenon Ranking and the strongest monster incarnate in history.”

“In my opinion, he’s the weakest number one on the Golden Core Phenomenon Ranking in history!”

The more she spoke, the angrier she got. Turning around, she tugged at Su Zimo’s arm and said angrily, “I think that Zimo guy is even weaker than Little Granduncle-Master!”

Liu Hanyan said, “You can’t say that. We’re only speculating right now. Perhaps Ye Tiancheng and Fairy Leng Rou are truly in love.”

Right then, a cultivator asked, “Why do you think Thousand Crane Sect’s sect master agreed to this marriage?”

“She probably wants to build a good relationship with Chaos Essence Sect. The combat strength of the four unorthodox groups is average. Without the backing of an immortal sect, it’s easy for them to be eliminated.”

“For example, look at Hundred Refinement Sect. Aren’t they about to be removed from the four unorthodox groups?”

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