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Chapter 920: Flames of War!

“What is this demonic art?”

On the dark clouds, a Void Reversion shouted in panic.

“A demonic art meant to kill!”

Su Zimo hollered and took a deep breath, howling into the skies!


A resounding dragon roar sounded, piercing through metal and cracking rocks as the world shook!

There were no outsiders here. Now that Nangong Ling and the other two had fainted, Su Zimo no longer had to conceal himself. He transformed into his dragon form and let out a dragon roar!

In the primordial era, the Dragon race was the supreme of all races!

Any race, including humans, would feel uncontrollable fear upon hearing a dragon roar – it was a memory etched in the depths of their bloodlines!

The Dragon Roar was a killing technique of the Dragon race to begin with!

Su Zimo cultivated the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness and his body was infused with dragon blood – his bloodline was even stronger than a true dragon!

Right now, that dragon roar had a huge impact on the seven Void Reversions!

Among them, the Void Reversion closest to them was caught off guard and froze on the spot with bloodshot eyes and a stiff expression.

The next moment, streams of scarlet blood flowed out of the Void Reversion’s seven orifices.

This person was only at Void Reversion realm and had a weak physique. He could not withstand the penetrative power of the dragon roar and was killed on the spot!

Before his Essence Spirit could escape, it was shattered into pieces!

Back in the Thousand Demon Meet, Su Zimo could already suppress the Territorial Lords without his dragon form.

All the Territorial Lords were the strongest mid-level fiend demons in Thousand Demon Valley!

The seven Void Reversions before him were merely cultivators of Hellfire Hall – how could they compare to the Territorial Lords who fought their way to their respective positions?

Furthermore, now that Su Zimo had transformed into his dragon form and released his full strength, the seven Void Reversions were no match for him!

Even though the Void Reversions that were standing slightly further away were not killed by the dragon roar, their bodies shuddered and their minds were in chaos as their ears buzzed!

In a flash, Su Zimo appeared before one of them and poked his glabella.


There was a bloody hole in his glabella!

Before the Void Reversion could react, his Essence Spirit was stabbed to death!

Even the mid-level fiend demons of Thousand Demon Valley could not defend against Su Zimo’s body.

Those Void Reversions had weak physiques and were like paper before Su Zimo who had transformed into a dragon – they could not withstand a single blow!


Su Zimo’s figure flashed once more and demonic qi surged as he extended a thick finger to pierce the glabella of two other Void Reversions at the side!

The Void Reversions were completely helpless against his dragon claws!

In the blink of an eye, four Void Reversions were dead!

Finally, the remaining three Void Reversions snapped out of their stupor and turned pale when they saw the bloody scene around them.


An evil gust of wind blew.

A gigantic scarlet figure arrived before the three of them and reached out with a menacing, gigantic hand, grabbing towards them!


Among them, two Void Reversions gritted their teeth and released their spirit consciousness attacks immediately. At the same time, they conjured hand seals and conjured two gigantic balls of Hellfire!

The remaining Void Reversion fled without hesitation!

Two spirit consciousness attacks arrived instantly!

However, a bedazzling golden light shone from Su Zimo’s left wrist, forming a golden light barrier that was covered with mysterious runes.

The Mingwang Prayer Beads were Essence Spirit Dharmic weapons!

When the two spirit consciousness attacks collided against the golden barrier, they could not penetrate Su Zimo’s consciousness and dissipated immediately.

The two balls of Hellfire fused together, forming a dark and cold fireball that smashed towards Su Zimo’s face!

Snorting coldly, Su Zimo reached out with his right hand and grabbed the ball of Hellfire!

Under the gazes of the two Void Reversions, the ball of Hellfire exploded from Su Zimo’s bare hands!

However, Su Zimo’s palm was intact!

The two Void Reversions widened their mouths in shock as though they had seen a ghost.

That was the palm with the divine phoenix bone!

The Hellfire could not corrode it at all!

After two consecutive failed attacks, Su Zimo had already arrived in front of them.

At that distance, the two Void Reversions did not even have a chance to escape!

Su Zimo reached out and slapped the top of their heads.

Poof! Poof!

Their heads were smashed on the spot and their Essence Spirits were destroyed!

Su Zimo raised his head and looked at the last Void Reversion who had already escaped from the battlefield and was about to disappear into the night. He did not move at all, as though he had given up on his pursuit.

However, something strange happened to his right eye.

It was as though a blazing sun was born and a blinding beam of light shot through the void, penetrating the head of the Void Reversion instantly!


The final Void Reversion fell here as well!

The beam dissipated.

Night descended once more and peace returned to the world.

In the pitch-black clouds, there was only a tall figure left. He was covered in scarlet scales and his scarlet hair danced in the wind. His gaze was burning like a peerless fiendcelestial with a domineering aura that looked down on the world!

At that moment, not many people in the cultivation world knew that the monster incarnate that caused countless paragons and sects to tremble had already arrived in the Middle Continent!

The autumn wind was bleak and the flames of war were about to ignite!

In the blink of an eye, the night had passed.

The sun had just risen and the skies on the east turned white.

Dao Lord Scarlet Star was travel-worn and arrived at the entrance of the Hundred Refinements Great Hall with a grim expression.

When Dao Lord White Flames saw Dao Lord Scarlet Star return alone, he realized that something was amiss. However, he still went forward and asked, “How was it?”

Dao Lord Scarlet Star shook his head.

He searched outside for the entire night and was completely exhausted.

“Don’t worry, they might just be playful. Given their cultivation, they might not be in any danger,” Dao Lord White Flames consoled.

Dao Lord Scarlet Star sighed. “It’s too late.”

“What?” Dao Lord White Flames asked.

Dao Lord Scarlet Star said, “I rushed to Wind Cloud City right away and found out that although the four of them caused quite a stir in the city, they managed to escape unscathed.”

“After that, I rushed out of Wind Cloud City and searched everywhere. Finally, I found this.”

Dao Lord Scarlet Star took out a spirit vessel and a look of sadness flashed through his eyes. “This is Ru Xuan’s spirit vessel. I gave it to her when she entered the Nascent Soul realm.”


Dao Lord White Flames knew that Nangong Ling’s group was most likely doomed.

However, he still consoled, “The loss of the spirit vessel might not prove anything. Perhaps the four of them escaped.”

Dao Lord Scarlet Star shook his head. “There is the remnant aura of a Dharma Characteristic on the spirit vessel. Furthermore, it’s from Hellfire Hall!”


Dao Lord White Flames’s expression changed slightly.

Enduring his grief, Dao Lord Scarlet Star grit his teeth. “Nangong and the others have already been captured by Hellfire Hall. That aura was left behind intentionally by Hellfire Hall!”

“Hellfire Hall, you’re declaring war and playing with fire here!”

Dao Lord Extreme Fire’s voice sounded from the hall with a murderous intent!

Dao Lord Scarlet Star lamented, “Poor children. I wonder what sort of torture they will have to endure after falling into the hands of Hellfire Hall.”

Dao Lord White Flames knew that Nangong Ling and the other two were the personal disciples of Dao Lord Scarlet Star and the latter viewed them as his own children – they were extremely close.

Now that his three disciples were in trouble, no one could understand the pain in Dao Lord Scarlet Star’s heart – Dao Lord White Flames did not know how to console him either.

Right then, a sect disciple sped over with a delighted expression and shouted, “Sect Master! Lineage Leader! Senior Brother Nangong and the others are back!”

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