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Chapter 912: Assassination!

After a brief silence, there was an uproar!

Thud! Thud! Thud!

A few Heavenly Dipper Sect disciples who were initially following behind Cheng Peng ran over hurriedly and helped him up. All of them glared at Su Zimo but none of them dared to step forward with fearful expressions.

If even Cheng Peng was reduced to such a state by the sword qi, which of them could defend against it?

“Hurry, let’s go!”

There was no color on Cheng Peng’s face as he panted heavily. “Return to the sect and report this matter!”

The Heavenly Dipper Sect disciples did not hesitate and supported Cheng Peng as they left the Immortal Welcoming Restaurant. They summoned a cloud and sped into the distance.

“Who is that? Judging from his robes, he doesn’t seem to be a Hundred Refinement Sect cultivator?”

“It must be a cultivator from Sword Sect!”

“That’s right. The only person who can cultivate such a terrifying sword qi is probably the successor of the Sword Sect!”

“However, he looks unfamiliar. I’ve never seen him before. Could he be a paragon that has risen recently?”

The cultivators discussed and pointed.

Nangong Ling could clearly sense that some of the powerful auras that were initially approaching had stopped in their tracks, as though they were stunned by the scene earlier on!

“Go, let’s leave this place!”

Putting away the Heaven Slaying Sword Art into his robes, Su Zimo leaped into the air and arrived at the long street instantly.

Nangong Ling and the other two followed hurriedly.

Many cultivators who were watching from beneath the restaurant dispersed and looked at Su Zimo with curious, respectful and hostile gazes.

Su Zimo’s expression was calm as he strode forward.

Nangong Ling and the other two only regained their senses after they had walked far away.

Ru Xuan ran a few steps forward excitedly. “Little Uncle-Master, that sword strike of yours was way too cool! What is it called? Can you impart it to me?”

Even Nangong Ling could not hold back his curiosity and asked with a voice transmission, “Little Uncle-Master, have you cultivated in the Sword Sect before?”

Su Zimo did not reply and merely strode forward in haste.

This time round, Nangong Ling was not angry.

After that incident, he viewed Su Zimo with more respect.

Not everyone could cripple a paragon on the Phenomenon Ranking with a single sword qi.

“Little Uncle-Master, don’t walk so quickly!”

Ru Xuan was excited and there was no fear in her eyes. She skipped along behind Su Zimo and sent a voice transmission.

“Little Uncle-Master, what do we have to fear if you know such a sword technique? In this Wind Cloud City, we can do whatever we want! Hmph!”

“Little Uncle-Master, don’t worry. We’re cultivators of Hundred Refinement Sect after all. Void Reversions will definitely not attack and bully us with their higher cultivation realms.”

“If a Nascent Soul doesn’t know what’s good for them and wants to snatch the Lava Crystal, move your fingers and send a sword qi over! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!”

The more she spoke, the more excited she became and she even gestured with her hands.

Suddenly, Su Zimo said, “That sword qi consumes a lot of mental energy. I can only release it once in a short period of time.”

Su Zimo was not bluffing.

The Heaven Slaying Sword Art was one of the three great ancient sword arts!

Even though Su Zimo had only comprehended the basics, it was already an overload for him to release that sword qi with his Nascent Soul realm cultivation.

If not for the fact that his Essence Spirit was far superior to his peers, he would have been injured by the sword qi before he could release it!

When she heard Su Zimo’s reply, Ru Xuan wilted and did not dare to speak anymore.

Of course, Su Zimo was not worried about those who were after the Lava Crystal. Instead, he was worried about some existences hidden in the darkness!

Su Zimo had a feeling that they were targeted by an even more terrifying enemy!

They had to leave this place as soon as possible!

“Woah, are you trying to escape after obtaining a great treasure?”

“Fufu, I heard that you guys obtained a Lava Crystal. Unfortunately, I need that stone as well.”

Suddenly, an eccentric voice sounded from the crowd.

“Who’s hiding?!”

Nangong Ling’s gaze was bright as he hollered and surveyed his surroundings!

The crowd retreated.

However, Nangong Ling could not find the person that provoked them!

It seemed as though it could be anybody.

“Fufu, as expected of the 83rd on the Phenomenon Ranking. How impressive.”

“What’s the use of showing off? He’s just a piece of trash who needs protection.”

“Hey, that green-robed sword cultivator, what’s your relationship with those three Hundred Refinement Sect cultivators? Let me give you a piece of advice. It’s best if you don’t get involved with them.”

“Hundred Refinement Sect is about to be removed from the four unorthodox groups! I reckon that it won’t be long before it’s destroyed as well, hehehehe!”

The mocking voice sounded once more and it was still changing directions continuously – there was no way to determine the person’s location!

Nangong Ling and the other two were enraged when they heard that, but they could only worry.

Initially, Su Zimo was on his way when he suddenly stopped in his tracks. In a flash, he leaped into the crowd beside him!

“Get the hell out!”

Su Zimo’s gaze was electric as he extended his palm and spread his fingers, grabbing towards a cultivator in the middle of the crowd as though he wanted to blot out the sun.

That person had an ordinary physique and appearance. There was nothing special about him – he was an existence that could be forgotten with a single glance.

However, this ordinary cultivator had a cold glint in his eyes when he saw Su Zimo’s attack. He let out a strange laugh. “Fellow Daoist, you’re quite skillful to be able to discover my tracks!”

That person did not fight Su Zimo head-on at all. He turned around and retreated at an extremely fast speed.

“Unfortunately, it’s too late!”

That person said meaningfully.

At the same time, an inconspicuous figure was rapidly approaching Nangong Ling and the other two on the other side of the crowd!

The cultivator was expressionless and his eyes were calm – there was no killing intent at all!

Narrowing his gaze, Su Zimo’s bones rumbled and his outstretched arm expanded by three feet. Instantly, it descended on the head of the escaping cultivator and grabbed him viciously!


Against Su Zimo’s palm, that person’s head was crushed like a piece of tofu and his Essence Spirit was destroyed, dying on the spot!

When Nangong Ling and the other two saw that, they suddenly felt an unprecedented killing intent and their hearts shuddered!

The next moment, the three of them caught sight of a sword beam.

It was too fast!

Unknowingly, an unassuming cultivator had appeared beside them.

Out of nowhere, that person took out a slender soft sword and attacked!

Without a doubt, this was an assassination attempt that could send despair down one’s soul!

This person’s combat strength might not be able to match Nangong Ling.

However, after that attack, Nangong Ling could only wait for death and watch helplessly as the sword brushed past his throat!

He seemed to be able to see his throat being slit and spewing blood onto the long street!

Hidden Death Sect, one of the seven fiend sects!

To be able to execute an assassination to such an extent without any loopholes and even shock one into such despair… this was something only achievable by Hidden Death Sect cultivators!

It had to be said that the assassination was meticulously planned.

First, someone lured Su Zimo away.

Another person sneaked over and launched a fatal attack to kill and steal the treasure!

The entire process was almost flawless.

Unfortunately, they had truly underestimated a person!

Just as the sword beam was about to slice Nangong Ling’s throat, it suddenly dissipated!

The sword was exposed.

It was only inches away from Nangong Ling’s throat and the sharpness of the sword even severed the hairs on his neck!

At that moment, the sword froze in midair motionlessly.

One end was clutched in the hands of the Hidden Death Sect cultivator.

The other end was gripped by two slender fingers and did not budge at all!

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