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Chapter 911: First Reveal

It was suffocating!

The intense feeling of suffocation caused the expressions of Nangong Ling and the other two to change!

Although they were both on the Phenomenon Ranking, the difference in combat strength between Nangong Ling and Cheng Peng was immense.

Under the suppression of the stars, Nangong Ling channeled his spirit consciousness continuously and channeled his blood qi and Dharmic powers. The veins on his neck were already popping out but he could not retaliate!

The table and chair beneath him had already been reduced to dust!

If Nangong Ling was already in such a state, Liu Hanyan and Ru Xuan were even worse off.

The bodies of the two women trembled slightly and a series of crackling sounds could be heard from their bodies – it was as though their bones were about to fall apart!


Sensing all of this, Nangong Ling reared his head and howled into the skies. He was on the brink of insanity as his eyes turned bloodshot; his glabella shone as he conjured hand seals with both hands.

The Scarlet Flame Heart Sutra was circulating continuously!

Finally, two scarlet flames appeared on Nangong Ling’s hands, flickering!


Cheng Peng’s gaze was deep like the vast starry skies as he sneered, “How dare you fight against the bright moon with the light of a firefly! The futile struggles of a cornered beast! Destroy!”

His aura surged and the stars conjured by his palm became even more corporeal, thicker and more domineering, as though he wanted to crush Nangong Ling and the other two into minced meat!

Splash! Splash!

The flames on Nangong Ling’s hands were extinguished instantly by the suppression of the stars the moment they rose!

Nangong Ling’s eyes dimmed.

He had not expected the difference between the two of them to be so great in a real fight.

More than that, he did not expect that the Heavenly Dipper Sect cultivators would dare to attack them and steal their treasures in front of everyone in Wind Cloud City!

If Cheng Peng’s attitude towards Hundred Refinement Sect was merely a small reflection of the situation…

In that case, the danger of Hundred Refinement Sect might be even greater than they had imagined!

In that case, it was truly irrational for them to leave the sect.

There were probably countless pairs of eyes that were watching them from the surroundings of the Immortal Welcoming Restaurant – Cheng Peng was just first to make a move!

He recalled his master, Dao Lord Scarlet Star, repeatedly reminding them not to leave the sect before the Thousand Crane Tea Party.


Nangong Ling sighed and the face of the green-robed man flashed through his mind.

‘If only we listened to Little Uncle-Master.’

‘If I didn’t try to spite Little Uncle-Master, I wouldn’t have implicated Hanyan into danger. I really deserve to die!’

Nangong Ling’s eyes dimmed and he felt a sense of regret.

Right then, he heard a voice. It was neither loud nor soft and was calm with a hint of mockery.

“How dare you claim to be the moon with your capabilities?”

It was Little Uncle-Master!

Nangong Ling was shocked. “Little Uncle-Master can still speak under that pressure?”

He glanced over instinctively.

Initially, Su Zimo was reading with his head lowered. However, at that moment, he raised his head slowly with a calm gaze. He closed two fingers together to form a sword and swiped it gently in Cheng Peng’s direction!

That action seemed so elegant and casual.

However, the effect was earth-shattering!


A streak of sword qi burst forth with a blinding white light.

Under Nangong Ling’s gaze, the stars that were initially suppressing them were sliced into two by the sword qi!

It was an extremely shocking sight!

The gigantic river of stars was sliced into two by a white sword qi and froze instantly!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The stars in the skies fell and the Dharmic art was destroyed by a single sword qi, turning into nothingness!

When the heaven’s killing intent is released, the stars are shifted out of alignment!

A single killing intent was enough to throw even true stars into chaos.

With that burst of sword qi, it was a piece of cake for him to destroy Cheng Peng’s constellation Dharmic art!

Cheng Peng’s pupils constricted.

Nangong Ling and the others were not directly involved and could not sense the power of the sword qi – however, he could sense it even more clearly when he faced it directly!

The killing intent released by the sword qi caused his scalp to tingle and his limbs to turn cold as his mind shuddered!

How could there be such a terrifying sword qi in the world!

This was practically destroying all life!

The true terror was yet to come!

After slicing the galaxy into two, the sword qi did not dissipate but continued slashing down towards Cheng Peng!


Cheng Peng gasped and his expression changed.

He had a hallucination that no Dharmic art, technique or weapon could defend against the sword qi!

That sword qi was the most lethal!

Cheng Peng was ranked 15 on the Phenomenon Ranking after all. The moment the stars dispersed, he reacted and slapped his storage bag.


A gigantic shield stood before him.

The shield was etched with the vast firmaments, stars, sun and moon. After injecting Dharmic powers, five bedazzling patterns lit up!

It was a perfect-grade defensive Perfected Lord Dharmic weapon!

In the cultivation world, offensive Dharmic weapons were more common and defensive Dharmic weapons were rare, let alone perfect-grade ones.

From this, one could see Cheng Peng’s status among the Heavenly Dipper Sect disciples!

The moment the shield was summoned, the sword qi descended.


The sword qi collided with the shield with a metallic sound.

The sword qi vanished as though it was blocked by the perfect-grade shield Dharmic weapon!

That was everyone’s first reaction.

However, everyone’s eyes narrowed and their expressions changed immediately after!

The light on Cheng Peng’s shield dimmed rapidly and its aura dissipated. It was as though the Dharmic weapon had suffered a devastating blow and was crippled!

All of a sudden!

A change happened.

Cheng Peng, who was initially hiding behind the shield, suddenly shrieked and staggered back repeatedly. Blood gushed out and a severed arm was raised high!


Immediately after, the shield fell to the ground and split into two!

The cut was neat as though it was cut into two diagonally by some divine weapon!

Everyone gradually came to their senses as they looked at Cheng Peng who was lying on the ground with a pale expression.

The sword qi released by the green-robed man sliced the perfect-grade Perfected Lord Dharmic weapon into two!

Before the sword qi dissipated, Cheng Peng’s arm was severed as well!

Although Cheng Peng did not die and was lucky enough to survive, everyone could tell…

Not only did that slash sever Cheng Peng’s arm, it even shattered his Dao foundation!

The sword qi surged into Cheng Peng’s body through the wound and cut his meridians into pieces!

Cheng Peng was crippled!

The crowd was shocked!

A paragon of Phenomenon Ranking 15 was crippled with a single move!

The way everyone looked at Su Zimo changed gradually.

Even Nangong Ling and the other two were dumbfounded and could not recover for a moment.

Although they had seen Su Zimo attack before, the feeling he gave them back then was far less shocking than this!

He was a Rank 15 paragon of the Phenomenon Ranking!

He was crippled by Little Uncle-Master with such a casual sword qi!

Even Su Zimo, the one who attacked, was shocked, let alone the others!

He was prepared to establish his might in front of everyone and intimidate some cultivators who were hiding in the dark with this attack to begin with.

However, he truly did not expect the Heaven Slaying Sword Art to possess such might!

Moreover, what he had comprehended was merely the tip of the iceberg!

It was merely the tip of the iceberg of the sword art that crippled a paragon!

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