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Chapter 904: Buddhist Dao Fire


Nangong Ling’s lips quivered and he almost bit his tongue.

This was way too generous!

No matter what, perfect-grade Dharmic weapons were extremely rare.

Although they were disciples of the largest weapon refinement sect in Tianhuang Mainland and were experienced and knowledgeable, they had never seen anyone who could give away perfect Dharmic weapons so casually.

His expression and casualness were akin to throwing a cabbage by the roadside!

Ru Xuan’s reaction was even more intense. She jumped up from her spot and ran to Su Zimo’s side.

Before Su Zimo could react, Ru Xuan had already tugged at his sleeves and shouted sweetly, “Little Uncle-Master, Little Uncle-Master, Little Uncle-Master…!”

It seemed like she was not going to stop until Su Zimo took out his gift.

Su Zimo flipped his palm and waved it in front of Ru Xuan.

Ru Xuan’s eyes widened instantly.

It was a scarlet pearl with a cloud-like pattern on it, looking extremely mystical.

Although the bead was not a Dharmic weapon, both Nangong Ling and Liu Hanyan looked envious.

This was a Fire Cloud Bead. When carried by cultivators who cultivated fire-elemental cultivation techniques, it would halve the efforts required by them to do anything.

Fire Cloud Beads were extremely rare and were consumables. If they were placed in an auction house, the price would not be lower than a perfect Perfected Lord Dharmic weapon.

“Thank you, Little Uncle-Master.”

Ru Xuan took the Fire Cloud Bead over hurriedly and excitedly as she exclaimed in joy.

Ru Xuan had already thought things through.

In any case, she had to acknowledge this Uncle-Master sooner or later – it wasn’t as though she would die just by addressing him as Uncle-Master.

Most importantly, there were treasures to be gained!

Furthermore, this Uncle-Master seemed to be very generous and foolish. If she were to fool him more in the future, she might be able to obtain more treasures!

There was no way she could know that Su Zimo truly did not care to give away those two items.

He had many treasures on him and he had quite a few more perfect-grade Perfected Lord Dharmic weapons as such.

Most importantly, he was no longer interested in treasures of this level!

Although perfect-grade Perfected Lord Dharmic weapons were rare, Su Zimo could crush them easily with the Creation Green Lotus!

The power of the Creation Green Lotus was comparable to a connate Dao Being Dharmic weapon!

Nangong Ling’s eyes turned red when he saw both Liu Hanyan and Ru Xuan holding their treasures – he could not stay still any longer.

They had just entered the Nascent Soul realm and did not have perfect-grade Perfected Lord Dharmic weapons.

Furthermore, naturally, it was better if they had more of such treasures.

An additional perfect Perfected Lord Dharmic weapon would raise his combat strength by a level!

Nangong Ling was a little embarrassed as he came before Su Zimo reluctantly. He turned her head and called out softly, “Little Uncle-Master.”

Su Zimo pretended not to hear him and asked with a fake smile, “What did you say?”

Nangong Ling was furious internally and grit his teeth.

Ru Xuan, who was at the side, could not stop laughing gloatingly as though she wanted nothing more than to wreak havoc in the world.

‘A man knows when to bow and submit! I’ll endure it!’

Nangong Ling lamented internally, ‘When my cultivation and strength surpass yours in the future, let’s see how you’re going to be my Uncle-Master!’

At that thought, Nangong Ling straightened his neck and said loudly with a reckless expression, “I’m Nangong Ling. Greetings, Little Uncle-Master! Please give me a gift!”

Nangong Ling thought that since he was going to be shameless, he might as well go all the way and brazenly ask for something!

Furthermore, he had other intentions.

The reason why he addressed Su Zimo as ‘Little Uncle-Master’ was to remind the latter that he was too young and not qualified!

Su Zimo looked at Nangong Ling meaningfully, as though he had read the latter’s mind.

Su Zimo nodded with a smile. “Good Disciple-Nephew, how obedient.”

Nangong Ling nearly spat out a mouthful of blood!

As Su Zimo spoke, he took out a black object from his storage bag and handed it to Nangong Ling.

Nangong Ling fixed his gaze and his eyes were filled with disappointment and anger.

That black object was the black shield that Wu Yuan used to defend against Su Zimo.

Nangong Ling saw with his own eyes how the black shield was sent flying by Su Zimo’s bare hand, shaking Wu Yuan half-dead from the shock.

From this, it could be seen that the black shield was useless and was merely trash.

“Hmph, what kind of an Uncle-Master is this? All you know is how to tease others.”

Nangong Ling received the black shield and mumbled indignantly.

Su Zimo replied indifferently, “If you don’t like it, I’ll change it for you.”

“There’s no need.”

Nangong Ling shook his head hurriedly when he heard Su Zimo’s words.

If it was another one, it might not even be comparable to the black shield.

Nangong Ling took another look at the black shield and exclaimed softly. Gradually, he realized something strange.

The shield was not a Dharmic weapon but the bones of some demon beast. That was why there were no Dharmic patterns.

Nangong Ling knocked some more and his eyes lit up.

If he was not wrong, the black shield should have been made from the bones of a mid-level fiend demon!

Its defense was definitely comparable to a perfect Perfected Lord Dharmic weapon!

This was a great gain!

Nangong Ling was delighted and accepted the black shield hurriedly.

In reality, Nangong Ling did not know the power of Su Zimo’s punch.

Although Su Zimo did not use his full strength, the shield was considered a treasure to be able to withstand a single punch from him without shattering!

The three of them were naturally delighted after obtaining their treasures.

Ru Xuan rushed to speak, “Little Uncle-Master, let’s return to the sect. I’ll show you around.”


Su Zimo nodded.

With Ru Xuan leading the way, Su Zimo followed behind.

Liu Hanyan was half a body behind with Nangong Ling by her side.

“Hanyan, it’s all Wu Yuan’s fault for summoning that formation.”

Nangong Ling sent a voice transmission secretly, “If not for the restriction of the formation, I’ll definitely be able to kill my way out with you guys!”

“Hanyan, Little Uncle-Master only has a higher cultivation realm advantage. When I reach late-stage Nascent Soul, I’ll definitely be stronger than him!”

Along the way, Nangong Ling pestered Liu Hanyan to prove himself.

Liu Hanyan smiled without saying anything.

On the other side, Ru Xuan was focused on Su Zimo completely!

“Little Uncle-Master, where are you from?”

“Someone from the Middle Continent.”

“Little Uncle-Master, you’re lying! You clearly said that you’re from another region!”

“Oh, is that so? Then I’m someone from another region…”

“Uncle-Master, you’re patronizing me!”

Ru Xuan expressed her immense curiosity towards Su Zimo and could not wait to interrogate his entire lineage up till all 18 generations of his ancestors.

However, Su Zimo was distracted and merely replied in a casual manner.

“Little Uncle-Master, what was with that golden flame you condensed earlier on?”

Ru Xuan could not help but ask, “We both cultivate the Scarlet Flame Heart Sutra. Why is your flame golden and much stronger?”

This time round, even Nangong Ling and Liu Hanyan turned around and listened intently.

The golden flame that Su Zimo released earlier on was way too shocking.

It was only the size of a fist but it suppressed the raging Hellfire instantly!

Furthermore, the golden flames were sacred and flawless, completely different from the Dao fire aura they cultivated.

At that moment, Su Zimo was deep in thought as well, recalling the fight earlier on.

The reason why the golden flames were different from Nangong Ling and the other two was because the golden flames were one of the Samadhi Dao Flames that he had cultivated – the Buddhist Dao Fire!

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