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Chapter 903: Long Lost Junior Brother


Nangong Ling and the other two looked confused as well.

How did someone appear out of nowhere and become their Uncle-Master?

Could it be any more perfunctory?

Nangong Ling scratched his head and laughed dryly. “Master, can we not joke around? Who is this fellow Daoist? How does he know the Scarlet Flame Heart Sutra?”

“Who’s joking with you!”

Dao Lord Scarlet Star rolled his eyes and pointed at Su Zimo. “He knows the Scarlet Flame Heart Sutra because he’s my junior brother!”

Nangong Ling and the other two were dumbfounded.

They were not fools.

It was clear from the way Dao Lord Scarlet Star and Su Zimo behaved that they did not know each other previously. How did they become fellow disciples in the blink of an eye?

Ru Xuan leaned forward and chuckled. “Master, stop fooling around. You’re already at the Dharma Characteristic realm and your junior brother is only at the Nascent Soul realm. Who would believe that?”

Dao Lord Scarlet Star was stunned as well.

Immediately, he glared at Ru Xuan and berated, “Stop being cheeky!”

Ru Xuan pouted and retreated.

With a stern expression, Dao Lord Scarlet Star said in a deep voice, “It’s normal that junior brother’s cultivation realm isn’t high because he hasn’t cultivated for long.”

“This junior brother of mine is only in his 140s. He’s younger than all of you!”

Although Ru Xuan and the others could not tell Su Zimo’s age, Dao Lord Scarlet Star could.

Nangong Ling and the other two were dumbfounded.

They had seen that Su Zimo had a boorish appearance and was steady in his actions. No matter what, he should be several hundred years old – to think that he was only more than a hundred years old!

A hundred years old seemed very old.

However, Nascent Souls had a lifespan of a thousand years. If compared to the lifespan of a mortal at a hundred years, Su Zimo would be equivalent to a teenager who was younger than 20 years old!

A hundred-year-old Nascent Soul was equivalent to a young expert in the mortal realm!

Furthermore, Su Zimo was already at late-stage Nascent Soul – his cultivation speed was terrifying!

Nangong Ling and the other two were over 200 years old and were older than Su Zimo. They were considered rare paragons although they had only cultivated to early-stage Nascent Soul.

Among them, Nangong Ling was ranked 83rd on the Phenomenon Ranking!

Prior to this, although Su Zimo had displayed powerful methods, Nangong Ling did not think much of it.

In his opinion, as long as he could cultivate to late-stage Nascent Soul realm, he would definitely be stronger than Su Zimo!

To think that he had already lost.

What Nangong Ling and the other two, including Dao Lord Scarlet Star, did not know was that the reason why Su Zimo could only reach late-stage Nascent Soul realm after cultivating for more than a hundred years was because he had cultivated two Essence Spirits!

Furthermore, the black-haired Essence Spirit had to cultivate the top two cultivation techniques of the immortal and Buddhist sects!

Although the cultivation technique was powerful, it consumed twice as much time!

Furthermore, at least half of the power of Su Zimo’s Essence Spirit was used to nourish the Creation Green Lotus during this period of time.

The speed at which his cultivation was raised had slowed down significantly unknowingly.

Otherwise, he might have reached his current cultivation realm before he was even a hundred years old!

In reality, based on seniority, Su Zimo was Dao Lord Extreme Fire’s disciple, so he was the junior brother of Dao Lord Tianxin who was the master of Dao Lord Scarlet Star.

In that case, he was indeed Dao Lord Scarlet Star’s Uncle-Master.

Su Zimo smiled and watched everything quietly without correcting them.

Dao Lord Scarlet Star had lived for more than 5,000 years and the connection might not have been difficult for him to make. However, he might have just found it hard to accept right away.

After all, he had a noble status in Hundred Refinement Sect and was considered the master of the Extreme Fire lineage.

Su Zimo was more than a hundred years old. In Dao Lord Scarlet Star’s eyes, he was still a wet behind the ears child.

Now that this little child had suddenly appeared and became his Uncle-Master, how was he going to survive in the sect?

Every time he saw Su Zimo, he would have to bow to him and address him as Uncle-Master – the thought of that was enough to drive him crazy!

Su Zimo did not expose Dao Lord Scarlet Star for pretending to be ignorant for the moment.

After all, he was indifferent towards seniority and had a carefree personality without much regard for the rules.

Furthermore, he was indeed too young.

If a 5,000-year-old old monster like Dao Lord Scarlet Star were to bow to him everyday and address him as Uncle-Master, he would feel embarrassed.

“Only more than a hundred years old?”

Ru Xuan circled around Su Zimo and exclaimed, “Why do I feel like he’s an old man around 700 to 800 years old…”

Su Zimo smiled calmly without retorting.

Now that he had changed his appearance, he indeed looked much more mature.

Liu Hanyan, on the other hand, did not say anything. She merely stole occasional glances at Su Zimo with curiosity in her eyes.

When Nangong Ling noticed this, he was even more anxious.

He had a crush on Liu Hanyan and was even willing to join Hundred Refinement Sect with her.

Nangong Ling felt that he had lost face in front of his beloved and his limelight was stolen by this unknown person for everything that happened today.

That was the reason why Nangong Ling targeted Su Zimo. However, he did not have any ill intentions.

Initially, Nangong Ling was still thinking about how he should impress Liu Hanyan in the future and compete against Mo Ling.

But great, this person had suddenly become their Uncle-Master all of a sudden…

“How am I going to compete?!”

Nangong Ling grumbled internally, “The difference in seniority is too great!”

Nangong Ling could not help but feel upset when he thought about how he had to address Mo Ling as Uncle-Master respectfully every single time they met.

Furthermore, this Uncle-Master was younger than him!

There was something amiss about this matter no matter how he thought about it.

If this person was Dao Lord Scarlet Star’s junior brother, who was his master?

One had to know that their powerful grandmaster and martial uncle seniors were long dead!

Nangong Ling asked carefully, “Master, why haven’t you mentioned having a junior brother before?”

“Do I have to tell you kids everything about me?”

Dao Lord Scarlet Star looked askance at Nangong Ling and pointed at Su Zimo. “This is my long-lost junior brother. Why? Is there anything wrong?!”


Nangong Ling hurriedly echoed with a smile.

Immediately, he rolled his eyes and asked, “Uncle-Master Mo Ling’s master is…?”

Nangong Ling was prepared to get to the bottom of things.

However, before he could finish, he was glared at by Dao Lord Scarlet Star.

With a stern expression, Dao Lord Scarlet Star said in a deep voice, “Alright, stop asking! All you have to remember is that Mo Ling is your Uncle-Master!”

“The three of you, help him settle down and accompany him around the sect when you’re free. I’ll be leaving first!”

Dao Lord Scarlet Star had a headache from the questions and was afraid that he might spill the beans. Like Dao Lord Extreme Fire, he turned and fled, leaving Nangong Ling and the other two looking at one another.

Nangong Ling was filled with questions and did not say anything in a huff, merely looking at Su Zimo with an indignant expression.

Ru Xuan’s eyes darted around, seemingly plotting something.

Liu Hanyan was still the most respectful. She smiled and came before Su Zimo, bowing slightly. “Liu Hanyan of the Extreme Fire lineage greets Uncle-Master Mo Ling.”


Su Zimo smiled and nodded. Slapping his storage bag, he took out a rusty flying sword and handed it over. “It’s a small gift. Take it.”


When Nangong Ling saw that the flying sword was ordinary and battered, he could not help but purse his lips and grumble, “Using a lousy flying sword to fool people? What kind of Uncle-Master is this?”

Liu Hanyan did not reply. She took the flying sword and injected Dharmic powers.


The flying sword quivered gently as though it was alive and its sword qi was sharp!

The rust peeled off layer by layer and five bedazzling lights shone from the sword, almost blinding Nangong Ling!

Five Dharmic patterns and perfect-grade… a Perfected Lord Dharmic weapon!

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