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Chapter 902: A Random Uncle-Master From The Skies?!

“I can’t reveal the news of my return for now.”

Dao Lord Extreme Fire said in a deep voice, “Apart from some old fogeys in the sect, don’t tell anyone else, including your three disciples.”

“Don’t worry, grandmaster!”

Dao Lord Scarlet Star patted his chest and guaranteed, “I’m the most tight-lipped.”

If Nangong Ling and the other two saw this, their jaws would probably drop.

Their usually stern master who did not smile much revealed a hint of childishness in the face of Dao Lord Extreme Fire!

Dao Lord Extreme Fire thought for a moment and asked, “Earlier on, I heard that Hundred Refinement Sect is going to have a weapon refinement competition with Hellfire Hall. When will that be?”

“Three months later, at the Thousand Crane Tea Banquet.”

At the mention of that, Dao Lord Scarlet Star revealed a worried expression.

Dao Lord Extreme Fire asked again, “What Thousand Crane Tea Banquet? Why haven’t I heard of it before?”

Dao Lord Scarlet Star replied, “Around 3,000 years ago, a Mystic Tea Tree was discovered in a valley under Thousand Crane Sect’s jurisdiction.”

The mention of that had Su Zimo’s heart skipping a beat.

In the ancient books at the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley, there were some records of the Mystic Tea Tree.

The Mystic Tea Tree was a variant of the primordial era and had long gone extinct.

It was said that the tree was extremely magical and its leaves would only mature once every thousand years.

Furthermore, the leaves would wither within a day after maturing.

The Essence Spirit of a Nascent Soul would receive unimaginable nourishment if they drank the tea that was brewed with spirit spring water within that single day!

Drinking a cup of Mystic Tea would help cultivators purge the impurities in their Essence Spirits and allow them to advance to the Void Reversion realm faster. The effect was shocking.

“The leaves of the Mystic Tea Tree can’t be stored and it’s a waste. Thousand Crane Sect doesn’t have that many Nascent Souls.”

Dao Lord Scarlet Star said, “Therefore, on this day, Thousand Crane Sect will invite the Nascent Souls of the Middle Continent here to have a friendly chat.”

“The Thousand Crane Tea Banquet is held once every thousand years and it’s a rare opportunity. Apart from the immortal and Buddhist sects, the major sects and aristocratic families will send cultivators as well.”

“If I can get myself a cup of Mystic Tea, it would be worth it even more than cultivating in seclusion for hundreds of years!”

Su Zimo understood.

In other words, the Thousand Crane Tea Banquet was a rare event in the cultivation world. Although it could not compare to the fight for the Phenomenon Ranking, it was still highly anticipated.

At that time, all the major sects and clans would appear!

The fight for weapon refinement between Hundred Refinement Sect and Hellfire Hall was perfect for this tea banquet – it would attract the attention of countless cultivators!

Dao Lord Scarlet Star said worriedly, “If we lose this match, our Hundred Refinements Sect’s reputation will be tarnished and Hellfire Hall will definitely not let go of this opportunity!”

“At that time, if the super sect behind Hellfire Hall takes the opportunity to step in and support them, they might replace Hundred Refinement Sect!”

Su Zimo was not bothered by the fight for weapon refinement. After all, he could not help much in this matter.

The only thing he paid attention to was the Thousand Crane Tea Banquet!

Since all the major factions were gathered at this tea session, it was unknown if Di Yin would appear!

If Di Yin appeared, he could find an opportunity to kill him to prevent future troubles!

Dao Lord Extreme Fire frowned and asked, “Are you not confident of winning this weapon refinement competition?”


Dao Lord Scarlet Star shook his head. “Among my three disciples, Liu Hanyan is the one with the highest attainments in weapon refinement. However, she’s still slightly inferior compared to that genius from Hellfire Hall.”

Dao Lord Extreme Fire frowned.

If he could recover his body, he could naturally step in and start a new fight as a Weapon Refinement Grandmaster.

However, three months was too short and he had yet to reconstruct his body.

Dao Lord Extreme Fire looked at Su Zimo instinctively.

At that moment, Su Zimo’s mind was filled with thoughts of how to kill Di Yin and he did not notice Dao Lord Extreme Fire’s gaze.

Dao Lord Extreme Fire glanced at Su Zimo before shaking his head with a bitter smile as he thought to himself.

‘Zimo has just started refining Dharmic weapons not long ago and hasn’t even refined a single Dharmic weapon yet. How can he compare to Liu Hanyan?’

While Dao Lord Extreme Fire was looking at Su Zimo, Dao Lord Scarlet Star was also sizing him up, trying to guess his background.

Initially, he thought that Su Zimo was just an ordinary Nascent Soul.

Now that he saw how much Dao Lord Extreme Fire trusted Su Zimo, he could not help but wonder what their relationship was.

Dao Lord Extreme Fire pondered for a long time without any clues and said, “We’ll talk about this in the future. Who’s the current sect master?”

“It’s Senior Brother White Flames.”

Dao Lord Scarlet Star replied.

Dao Lord Extreme Fire smiled faintly. “So, it’s him. He was also a brat when I left.”

“I’ll head back to the sect to take a look. Take care of Mo Ling first.”

Dao Lord Extreme Fire reminded him before turning to Su Zimo. “The Thousand Crane Tea Banquet is in three months. If you’re not in a hurry, you can stay in Hundred Refinement Sect for a period of time and attend the tea banquet with them.”


Su Zimo nodded in agreement.

Now that he knew that Ji Chengtian, Leng Rou and the others were fine, he was in no hurry to meet his old friends.

The Thousand Crane Tea Banquet was in three months and he would naturally be able to meet everyone then.

Dao Lord Extreme Fire had yet to gather all the materials for forging his bones and body. Su Zimo might be of some help if he stayed in Hundred Refinement Sect.

Frowning slightly, Dao Lord Scarlet Star pointed at Su Zimo and could not help but ask, “Grandmaster, who is that little fellow? Why do I have to make arrangements for him personally?”

In Dao Lord Crimson Star’s opinion, he was a Dharma Characteristic Dao Lord after all. How could he be reduced to arranging a place for a little Nascent Soul?

Dao Lord Extreme Fire said indifferently, “You can call him Uncle-Master.”

With that said, Dao Lord Extreme Fire put away the surrounding flame barrier and transformed into a streak of light, disappearing into the void instantly.


Dao Lord Scarlet Star was stunned.

Uncle… Master?

Dao Lord Scarlet Star glared at Su Zimo unblinkingly, as though he wanted to devour the latter!

Su Zimo coughed gently in embarrassment as well.

He had just joined Dao Lord Extreme Fire as a disciple and was indeed a little young. He was not used to suddenly having a Dharma Characteristic Dao Lord’s Disciple-Nephew.

Nangong Ling and the other two discussed softly on the spot, speculating about various possibilities.

Before they realized it, the flame barrier beside them disappeared and a red light flashed before their eyes. None of them paid attention to it.

Immediately after, the three of them saw their master standing face to face with the unknown Nascent Soul.

Both of them were silent and the atmosphere was strange.

What had just happened?

Nangong Ling and the other two were confused.


Nangong Ling called softly.

Dao Lord Scarlet Star frowned and felt that something was amiss!

The little fellow before him was only at Nascent Soul realm at more than a hundred years old. Yet, a 5,000 year old monster like him had to address this little fellow as Uncle-Master?

How was that possible?

‘Grandmaster must have said something wrong in confusion!’

‘However, I seem to have heard the words’ Senior Uncle ‘…’

Dao Lord Scarlet Star was conflicted.

Right then, his eyes lit up when he heard Nangong Ling’s voice. He slapped his forehead in realization!

“Grandmaster did not ask me to address this man as Uncle-Master. Instead, he wanted my three disciples to address him as Uncle-Master!”

“In that case, Mo Ling is my junior brother! Yes… that must be the case!”

Dao Lord Scarlet Star sorted out his thoughts and was delighted.

Dao Lord Scarlet Star was frowning a moment earlier and was now laughing to himself foolishly as he rubbed his head. Nangong Ling shuddered at the sight of that and could not help but ask, “Master, who is this Mo Ling?”

Dao Lord Scarlet Star waved his hand. “You guys can call him Uncle-Master!”

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