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Chapter 894: Golden Flames


The cultivators in the formation were stunned.

None of them expected a voice to sound from outside the Hellfire Formation that could block spirit consciousness transmissions after Wu Yuan’s statement.

It was rather ironic.

To Nangong Ling’s group’s delight, the intruder seemed to be on their side!

As the one in control of the Hellfire Formation, Wu Yuan could naturally see through the black smoke and know what was happening outside.

He took a glance and saw that there was only a single person out there.

When he saw that this was a late-stage Nascent Soul, he was relieved.

A Nascent Soul at the side revealed killing intent and looked towards Wu Yuan menacingly; he gestured with his hand that he wanted to behead the person outside!

Wu Yuan shook his head.

For some unknown reason, he felt an odd, indescribable feeling towards this intruder.

He did not wish to create unnecessary trouble and merely wanted this person to leave as soon as possible.

“Fellow Daoist, let me give you a piece of advice, don’t be a busybody! This isn’t something you can afford to get involved with!” Wu Yuan said coldly with a threatening tone.

“Fellow Daoist, we are disciples of Hundred Refinement Sect. Please hurry and head to Hundred Refinement Sect to seek reinforcements. I will definitely be immensely indebted to you and will repay you greatly in the future!”

Nangong Ling yelled hurriedly.

Wu Yuan sneered, “I’ve already told you, your voice can’t be sent outside. He can’t hear you!”

“I can hear,”

The voice from outside sounded once more with a hint of mockery.


Wu Yuan’s expression changed and he frowned.

This person could not only send his voice into the formation, he could also hear everything that was happening within?

In that case, what could the Hellfire Formation hide from this man?

Right then, the intruder outside smiled gently and said in an indifferent manner, “This so-called formation of yours is filled with openings. To me, it’s no different from being transparent.”

The moment he said that, the intruder reached out and grabbed a flag that was planted onto the ground. He exerted strength slightly and uprooted it instantly!

The dozens of flags were only able to create the formation because they were planted at designated locations.

Naturally, the formation was dispersed with any one of them removed.

With a single gust of wind, the rumbling smoke vanished in the blink of an eye.

Nangong Ling and the others turned over and saw a figure not far away. He had black hair, green robes, a boorish appearance and looked well-worn, as though he had just traveled a long journey.

This green-robed burly man was only a late-stage Nascent Soul. He did not look special and there were no emblems of major sects or factions on his sleeves either.

Nangong Ling’s group was slightly disappointed.

One of the women was slightly anxious as she shouted while defending against flying swords and Dharmic weapons around her, “My name is Ru Xuan, remember that! Hurry and go seek help from Hundred Refinement Sect!”

When she saw the green-robed burly man standing motionlessly, she could not help but urge again, “Hurry, go! What are you standing there like a fool for? A while more and you won’t be able to escape as well!”

Wu Yuan had a dark expression. Now that the Hellfire Formation was dispelled and Nangong Ling’s group was free once again, many variables were added to the situation.

“Hurry and take care of them, be it dead or alive!”

A resolute glint flashed through Wu Yuan’s eyes. At the same time, he released a spirit consciousness transmission to ask one of the Nascent Souls to block the green-robed burly man who was not far away.


Wu Yuan led eight Nascent Souls and encircled Nangong Ling’s group, prepared to go all out and kill the three of them here lest there were any other changes.

On the other side, a Nascent Soul strode towards the green-robed burly man expressionlessly. He conjured hand seals secretly and was prepared to kill the green-robed burly man right away!

The green-robed burly man smiled gently to the man.

Right as the man was about to strike, his vision blurred and a green shadow flashed; a suffocating aura surged towards him!

“You… ”

The person managed to utter a single word before his vision darkened. He felt a sharp pain in his mind before his consciousness sank and vanished.

With a thud, a lifeless corpse collapsed onto a puddle of blood.


One of the female cultivators could not help but shriek when she saw that.

Wu Yuan turned around slowly and his pupils constricted when he caught sight of the corpse on the ground!

It was too fast!

They had just surrounded Nangong Ling’s group but the fight on the other side had already ended before they even attacked!

There were no complicated moves.

The green-robed burly man merely strode forward and smashed his opponent’s head with a single slap!

It was simple, clean and clear-cut!

Suddenly, Wu Yuan realized that this intruder was extremely troublesome to deal with!

There was a high possibility that they would suffer an immense loss if they did not deal with this properly!

He raised his head slightly and gestured for the remaining eight Nascent Souls to encircle Nangong Ling’s group and settle them as soon as possible.

With a single thought of his spirit consciousness, he retrieved the dozens of flags that were planted on the ground!

“Friend, you can’t blame me since you chose to come knocking on death’s door!”

Wu Yuan’s glabella shone and his massive spirit consciousness surged into the flags as he waved his hand.

Dozens of flags streaked through the air and the runes etched on them shone with sinister glows in a mysterious manner. With a whoosh, the flagpoles were engulfed in flames!

The flames shone with a dark light as though they were Hellfire from the purgatory. Although they were burning, they emitted a chilling aura!

“Hellfire Spear!”

Nangong Ling’s expression changed as he exclaimed.

Another female cultivator that had not said anything the entire time frowned gently. With a worried expression, she could not help but remind, “Fellow Daoist, be careful. This Dharmic art is extremely powerful and must not be taken head-on.”

The woman’s voice was extremely sweet and pleasing to the ears.

“Fufu, it’s too late to remind him now!”

Wu Yuan sneered and conjured his Dharmic art as he yelled, “Converge!”


The dozens of flags converged in front of the green-robed burly man swiftly. As though they were fused together, a gigantic spear that blazed with Hellfire streaked through the air!

The green-robed burly man gazed at the incoming spear and slanted his head slightly. His gaze shone and he seemed slightly distracted, as though he was thinking about something.

“It’s over!”

Nangong Ling’s heart sank completely at the sight of that.

They had finally come across a cultivator, to think that it was a brute that did not comprehend danger at all.

“This brute is way too careless!”

Ru Xuan grumbled, “Who the hell gets distracted in a fight! How did this man manage to cultivate to the Nascent Soul realm?”

The gigantic Hellfire Spear was about to pierce the green-robed burly man’s head.


The woman with the sweet voice sighed gently and turned to the side, unwilling to continue watching.

Right then, the green-robed burly man seemed to have snapped out of his stupor. He extended his palm all of a sudden and flicked out his finger.


A ball of golden flames burst forth from the green-robed man’s fingertip.

The ball of golden flames was only the size of a fist.

However, it gave off a flawless divine aura. The moment it was released, it purged away all the coldness in the air!

The green-robed burly man seemed delighted at the sight of the golden ball of flames on his fingertip and grinned before flicking gently.

The golden ball of flames floated forward and collided against the Hellfire Spear!


The Hellfire blazing on the spear was extinguished almost immediately!

Of course, the golden flame dissipated as well.

Wu Yuan was shocked.

What was that flame – how could a small ball of flame extinguish the blazing fire on his spear?!

The eyes of Nangong Ling and the other two were filled with shock and surprise.

The golden flame of the green-robed burly man was extremely divine and was distinctly different from the flames they had cultivated. However, they felt a resonance to his flame!

It was a resonance that could only be felt by cultivators of Hundred Refinement Sect that cultivated that cultivation technique!

That cultivation technique was something that could not be imparted to anyone outside the sect!

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