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Chapter 893: Busybody

Killing and fighting was commonplace around the cultivation world.

Furthermore, the Middle Continent was a great region with an advanced and flourished cultivation culture.

Along the way, Su Zimo encountered many similar fights.

However, he had never appeared to interfere. If he did so for every single encounter he came across, he might not be able to arrive at Hundred Refinement Sect even after dozens of years on the road.

Moreover, there were a lot of killing and fights within the cultivation world where it was difficult to tell who was in the right or wrong.

Many times, the clashes could have started with a single disagreement or over certain treasures.

Su Zimo could not be bothered with all of them.

Now, even when he heard the fighting sounds in the distance, he merely paused for a brief moment and continued forward.

“Wait a minute.”

Suddenly, Dao Lord Extreme Fire’s voice sounded in Su Zimo’s mind.

“We are now extremely close to Hundred Refinement Sect and this area is also a part of the sect’s territory. Let’s go check it out!”


Su Zimo nodded and sped towards the area of the clash in a flash.

This time round, Su Zimo released Lightning Escape right away.

He transformed into a streak of lightning and arrived before long.

Su Zimo looked over.

Both sides that were fighting were Nascent Souls and Dharmic arts collided one against another in the voids.

Flying swords and Dharmic weapons streaked everywhere while lights flashed and Dharmic powers surged – it was extremely intense.

On one side, there were one man and two women. They looked young and were all at early-stage – it was clear that they had all just advanced to the Nascent Soul realm not long ago.

On the other side, there were ten Nascent Souls with their faces masked. However, their cultivation realms were profound and most of them were at late-stage.

One of their Dharmic art was domineering and the power of the spirit consciousness contained a trace of pure Yang – it was clear that this person was at the perfected Nascent Soul realm!

Once the opportunity was present, this person could advance to the Void Reversion realm!

It was clear that the side with three people was disadvantaged.

There were dozens of flags planted in the ground around the three people. They seemed to be setup in an obscure manner and formed a massive formation!

Every single flagpole was etched with complicated formation patterns.

Black smoke rumbled around the place where the dozens of flags were planted and isolated the people within from the rest of the world!

Under normal circumstances, the black smoke could not only isolate the vision of external cultivators, it could even block their spirit consciousnesses.

However, for Su Zimo who had cultivated the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness, the black smoke seemed like it was nothing more than a thin veil that was almost transparent!

The man and two women were trapped within the formation and were struggling to defend.

Although the two female cultivators were extremely beautiful, they were drenched in sweat and looked wretched. Their robes were torn in some places and revealed their fair skin partially in a charming manner.

Although the man and two women were all early-stage Nascent Souls, the difference between their combat strength was great!

The two female cultivators could be considered as ordinary Nascent Souls and were orderly in the way they fought.

However, it was extremely different for the man!

With Su Zimo’s experience, he could tell that the man could be considered as a paragon.

It was good enough that he was able to contend against ten late-stage and perfected Nascent Souls despite the terrain disadvantage after they fell into the formation.

If not for this man’s bitter struggles, the three of them might have been defeated and captured a long time ago.

Su Zimo did not recognize either of the factions.

He shifted his gaze towards the sleeves of the cultivators on both sides.

Normally, the emblems of sects would mostly be imprinted on either the waist or sleeve area of one’s robes.

On the sleeves of the side with ten Nascent Souls, there was a dark flame imprinted. It was extremely sinister and gave off an eerie aura.

On the sleeves of the other side with the man and two women, there was a gigantic ancient tripod imprinted.

“This tripod…”

Su Zimo murmured softly and there was a reminiscent look on his face – the emblem looked familiar and he had seen it before somewhere.

“This tripod is the emblem of Hundred Refinement Sect,”

Dao Lord Extreme Fire’s voice sounded and Su Zimo was enlightened.

When he saw this emblem previously, it was on Dao Lord Extreme Fire’s body beneath the cold lake in Cang Lang Mountain Range!

“Nangong Ling, stop struggling!”

The only perfected Nascent Soul within the formation smiled smugly and said in a carefree manner, “If not for the fact that I dote on our two junior sisters, Hanyan and Ru Xuan, you would have died a long time ago!


The remaining nine Nascent Souls burst into laughter and roved their eyes around the two female cultivators brazenly.

The clothes of the two female cultivators were partially torn. Now that they were glared at by so many gazes in such a brazen manner, their embarrassment turned into anger and they lost their composures; the Dharmic powers they released almost dispersed and they were nearly captured!

When Nangong Ling saw this, he said hurriedly, “Junior Sisters, don’t fall for the trick! Wu Yuan is just playing mind games with us!”

“We’re not far away from the sect. As long as our sect mates pass by and report this to the sect, we’ll be saved!”

Indeed, the two female cultivators became much calmer upon hearing that and their gazes turned firm.


Wu Yuan sneered with killing intent churning in his eyes. “Nangong Ling, I don’t mind telling you that this is the Hellfire Formation. Right now, I’m merely activating the first level of the formation, Black Smoke.”

“Once I activate the second level, Hellfire, the three of you will turn into ashes in less than ten breaths!”

Nangong Ling’s expression changed.

He knew that Wu Yuan was not boasting.

They would definitely not be able to defend against the Hellfire Formation once it was activated properly!

Even now, the rumbling black smoke in the formation was choking. It was difficult for them to stop breathing entirely during the fight and they sniffed in some of it inevitably.

The ten people on the other side covered their noses with special veils and were completely unaffected.

As time passed by, the amount of black smoke they took in would only increase and their combat strength would diminish – there was no chance for them to escape alive!

Nangong Ling shouted, “Wu Yuan, you can come at me alone for any grudges. Why must you make things difficult for the two of them?”

“I’ll let you capture me without a fight. Let the two of them go!”


As though he had heard the greatest joke in the world, Wu Yuan laughed. “Nangong Ling, you’ve got no rights to negotiate with me. Your death today is certain!”

He swept his gaze towards the petite, curvy bodies of the two female cultivators and smacked his lips with a menacing laughter. “I don’t only want the two items in their possession, I want their bodies as well!”

“Nangong Ling, at that time, I’ll accord you the mercy to watch from the sidelines, hahaha!”

Wu Yuan’s words were extremely vile. Nangong Ling had a grim expression as he hopped on the spot and howled with all his might.

“Wu Yuan, you dog! I’ll f*ck all 18 generations of your ancestors!”

“Come fight me alone if you’ve got the balls! I’ll wallop the sh*t out of you with a single hand!”

Even the two female cultivators were dumbfounded, let alone Wu Yuan and the others.

Nangong Ling’s behavior did not resemble the righteousness of an immortal cultivator; he was more like a hooligan in the marketplace.


Nangong Ling was distracted by his outburst and a gash appeared on his body with fresh blood oozing out.

“F*ck your mother!”

He glared at the cultivator that injured him and cursed, “Since I’m going to die, I’ll scold you all I want first!”

Wu Yuan frowned before asking with a fake smile, “You’re trying to let people in the vicinity hear you shouting from the top of your lungs?”

“I’ll advise you to give up hope. This formation can block the detection of a spirit consciousness, let alone sound itself!”

“To be honest, let me tell you. The communication Dao talisman you guys sneakily released earlier on was long devoured by the Hellfire Formation.”

The expressions of Nangong Ling’s group changed.

Wu Yuan said coldly, “Furthermore, even if anyone passed by, they wouldn’t know what was going on here. Why would any busybody get themselves involved in any trouble?”

The moment Wu Yuan said that, another voice sounded from outside the formation.

“I’ve always loved being a busybody…”

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