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Chapter 891: Samadhi Dao Fire

Within the Thousand Demon Valley, a green-robed figure with scarlet hair sped with a rumbling demonic qi. His eyes resembled lightning – it was none other than Su Zimo who had left the Howling Moon Mountain.

On the surface, Su Zimo seemed like he was traveling with his eyes and ears fully focused on all activity within the forest.

However, in reality, there was another Essence Spirit that was cultivating within his consciousness.

This was even more advanced than multitasking.

A cultivator’s attention had to be divided evenly to multitask.

However, Su Zimo’s scarlet-haired Yin Spirit and black-haired Essence Spirit could focus on their own activities without interrupting the other.

At that moment, the scarlet-haired Yin Spirit was traveling while the black-haired Essence Spirit was cultivating.

It was not cultivating anything it had learned in the past, but a brand-new cultivation technique – the Scarlet Flame Mental Sutra!

Dao Lord Extreme Fire imparted this cultivation technique to Su Zimo after he left Howling Moon Mountain.

According to Dao Lord Extreme Fire, he obtained this cultivation technique in an ancient ruin. Although he did not know its grade, it was extremely powerful and was the number one cultivation technique used to tame fire!

Although Su Zimo had been on the road for the past few days, his cultivation of the Scarlet Flame Mental Sutra had not been affected.

With a Dharma Characteristic expert like Dao Lord Extreme Fire by his side, Su Zimo could get the answers to any doubts right away.

Furthermore, Su Zimo was a Weapon Refinement Master to begin with and felt closer to the Dao of flames.

The sacred item of the Buddhist sects, the Saraca Flower, had a fire attribute to begin with and was already fused into his Essence Spirit. As such, he had a greater affinity towards the Dao of flames.

With those three boosters, Su Zimo took less than a month to see progress and his foundation of the Scarlet Flame Mental Sutra was formed.

Thereafter, as long as he cultivated diligently and attained greater mastery of the cultivation technique, he would naturally be able to release its power.

Dao Lord Extreme Fire was relieved when he saw that Su Zimo was on the right track.

When he obtained the Scarlet Flame Mental Sutra, there was only a single sentence on the first chapter of the cultivation technique.

‘The cultivation of this technique is extremely dangerous and a single misstep would lead to Qi Deviation where one can burn to death from a surge of their internal flame.’

Later on, he tried to impart this cultivation technique to a few disciples. However, only one of them managed to attain lesser mastery; the others nearly died or had their cultivations crippled!

“Zimo, take a break first,”

Dao Lord Extreme Fire’s voice sounded. “I’ll impart you some other things today.”

Su Zimo nodded and his black-haired Essence Spirit stopped cultivating. He opened his eyes and listened intently.

Dao Lord Extreme Fire said, “The reason why I’m called Extreme Fire is because I’ve got some slight accomplishments in the Dao of the flame.”

In reality, Dao Lord Extreme Fire was being extremely humble.

If Su Zimo knew Dao Lord Extreme Fire’s title 5,000 years ago, his jaws would have dropped apart from the shock.

Dao Lord Extreme Fire continued, “The main reason for my Extreme Fire Dao title is the Scarlet Flame Mental Sutra. However, the most important thing is to know how to tame fire and release the power of the Dao of the flames to its limits!”

“The method of cultivating my Essence Spirit secret skill, the Soaring Serpent Flame Deity, can be found within the Scarlet Flame Mental Sutra. You can cultivate that on your own in the future.”

Dao Lord Extreme Fire said, “Now, I’m going to impart to you some insights I have towards taming fire and my ultimate killing move!”

It was commonly said that one’s Dao should not be imparted casually. Be it one’s insights towards cultivating or ultimate killing moves, one would usually not impart it to others easily.

But now, Dao Lord Extreme Fire had no reservations at all.

Although he knew that Su Zimo possessed an Essence Spirit of the demon race and had deep feuds with many super sects, Dao Lord Extreme Fire was not bothered in the slightest bit!

“Senior, I am immensely indebted to you. To me, you are no different from my master,”

In his consciousness, Su Zimo performed the formalities of a disciple induction ceremony and bowed deeply.

During this period of time, Dao Lord Extreme Fire treated Su Zimo like his personal disciple and imparted his life’s teachings to the latter.

It was not only for matters related to cultivation; even explained many weapon refinement techniques in careful detail as well.

When he saw Su Zimo perform the disciple induction ceremony, Dao Lord Extreme Fire reminisced emotionally with a hint of sorrow. “I once had seven disciples and they were all rare paragons and talents of Tianhuang Mainland. Now that 5,000 years have passed, I wonder how they are now and if they’re fine.”

Su Zimo remained silent.

5,000 years was a long time and nobody could predict what would happen with the changes of the world.

A moment later, Dao Lord Extreme Fire composed himself and said, “Actually, Zimo, with your potential and personality, your achievements will definitely surpass mine in the future.”

“Today, I’m taking you in as a disciple. However, I might be the one benefiting from your repute in the future.”

Su Zimo replied indifferently, “There’s no use to fame. It can’t win against the sands of time and everything ends with death eventually.”

“Well said,”

Dao Lord Extreme Fire praised. “It’s truly rare for someone your age to possess wisdom of that level,”

He took a deep breath and said, “The most powerful Dharmic art I possessed in the past was the Samadhi[1] Dao Fire!”

“Samadhi Dao Fire?”

Frowning slightly, Su Zimo murmured.

He had heard of the Samadhi True Fire before, but he did not know what the Samadhi Dao Fire was.

As though he could understand Su Zimo’s confusion, Dao Lord Extreme Fire said, “The Samadhi True Fire is a flame tamed by Golden Cores.”

“However, the Samadhi Dao Fire is a level beyond and is a fire that can only be tamed by Void Reversions and Dharma Characteristics.”

Dao Lord Extreme Fire continued, “Of course, given the strength of your Essence Spirit currently, you should be able to try and conjure the Samadhi Dao Fire as well. However…”

He paused for a moment at the back.

“However?” Su Zimo asked.

Dao Lord Extreme Fire explained, “Samadhi refers to the creation of the three Dao Fires, the Essence, Qi and Spirit Fires. By fusing the Essence Fire created by one’s spirit consciousness together with the Qi and Spirit Fires, the Samadhi Dao Fire will be formed!”

Su Zimo nodded silently.

The Dao Fire created by the Scarlet Flame Mental Sutra was frighteningly powerful to begin with.

If he were to fuse three Dao Fires as one, it was not hard to imagine how much killing power the Samadhi Dao Fire would possess!

Dao Lord Extreme Fire shook his head. “This Dharmic art can be considered as my most powerful killing move. However, it’s not easy to cultivate it. Without a thousand years of effort, it’s almost impossible to cultivate the Essence, Qi and Spirit Fires.”

Su Zimo frowned in deep thoughts.

“Samadhi, Samadhi…”

He murmured repeatedly, as though he was troubled by something that he could not find the answer to.

“Why? Is there any problem?” Dao Lord Extreme Fire asked.

Su Zimo asked deeply, “Apart from the Essence, Qi and Spirit, what else can be used to describe the meaning of Samadhi?”

Dao Lord Extreme Fire froze momentarily. “There’s nothing else. Throughout history, this has been the only way to describe Samadhi.”

Thereafter, Dao Lord Extreme Fire chuckled. “Why? You’ve got another way of looking at it?”

It was merely a casual question from Dao Lord Extreme Fire. Unexpectedly, Su Zimo nodded.

“I wonder if Samadhi can also refer to the immortal, Buddhist and fiend Daos. The Samadhi Dao Fire is actually the convergence of the three different Dao Fires.”

Dao Lord Extreme Fire was stunned when he heard that, as though he was struck by a bolt of thunder.

Although he was a Dharma Characteristic that had cultivated for several thousand years, he had never heard that description of Samadhi.

Furthermore, Dao Lord Extreme Fire could not help but acknowledge that the grandeur of the immortal, Buddhist and fiend Daos was much greater than the Essence, Qi and Spirit!

He was almost certain that if this method worked out, the power of the Samadhi Dao Fire would definitely reach an unimaginable level!

Su Zimo would also create a brand-new chapter in the Dao of fire!

[1] [Annotation text missing]

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