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Chapter 886: Appearance of a Grand Demon!


Another sword strike slashed down and the ball of light quivered.

Dao Lord Immortal Sword’s eyes lit up as he channeled his blood qi and Dharmic powers – he was prepared to charge in and get his hands on the Heaven Slaying Sword Art!

Right then.

The ball of light in midair suddenly dimmed and sword qi was dissipating.

In the blink of an eye, everything vanished without a trace.

The ball of light was gone!

Right in front of everyone, the ball of light dispersed and disappeared!

The stars that were originally moving with a chaotic trajectory up in the skies faded as well.

Everyone within the battlefield was stunned.

Even Dao Lord Cloud Rain, Fairy Snowdrift and the six Overlords who were initially in an intense fight stopped for a brief moment, gazing over with astounded expressions.

Instinctively, Dao Lord Cloud Rain and Fairy Snowdrift turned towards Dao Lord Immortal Sword.

After all, Dao Lord Immortal Sword was the last to strike the ball of light with his sword before it disappeared.

Did that mean that Dao Lord Immortal Sword got his hands on it?

However, at that moment, Dao Lord Immortal Sword’s expression was extremely grim.

Naturally, he knew that the disappearance of the ball of light had nothing to do with his sword slash!

There was only a single possibility for the disappearance of the ball of light.

The reason why it vanished without a trace was because someone managed to get his hands on the Heaven Slaying Sword Art!

Right in front of him and the noses of many Dharma Characteristic experts, someone managed to get hold of the Heaven Slaying Sword Art!

Was it that person in the Bronze Square Tripod?

But, how was that possible?

Even if that person could locate the Heaven Slaying Sword Art within the boundless sword qi ocean, how did he manage to vanish without a trace?

A concealment technique!

A thought crossed the mind of Dao Lord Immortal Sword.

This person must have cultivated some sort of a concealment technique!

Within the cultivation world, there were sects that specialized in concealment techniques. The sect that was the best in them was one of the seven fiend sects, Hidden Death Sect!

In fact, when cultivated to their peak, these concealment techniques can create a divine power… Invisibility!

Legend has it that there is even a Greater Invisibility technique above Invisibility that was considered as a supreme divine power. In fact, it was unfathomable and could even hide from the detection of a Mahayana Patriarch!

Within the world of demons, there were also some fiend demons that specialized in concealment techniques.

The innate divine power of some high-level fiend demons was Concealment itself!

Although concealment techniques were mystifying, they had a weakness – one is not able to move too quickly or they will reveal openings and expose their location!

In other words, the person that took away the Heaven Slaying Sword Art must still be in the vicinity!

At that thought, Dao Lord Immortal Sword released his massive spirit consciousness and scanned his surroundings continuously, trying to look for clues.

Right then, something weird happened!

A dark rift split open in the skies with a terrifying might. Complete silence engulfed the entire place as all the demons kept quiet out of fear!

The expressions of the six Overlords changed and they were even trembling slightly against the envelopment of that aura.

The three Dao Lords looked stricken and were motionless with ashen expressions.

That was the aura of a Grand Demon!

Great demons were equivalent to Conjoint Bodies Mighty Figures of the human race.

The commotion of this place caught the attention of a Grand Demon in Thousand Demon Valley at the end of the day!

Grand Demons could shake Heaven and Earth with a single lift of their hands. In the face of a Grand Demon, the six Overlords and three Dao Lords were nothing but ants that could be killed with a single squash!

Suddenly, two bright lights burst forth from the rift that opened up in midair and shone down on the area. It scanned the place back and forth like a pair of ice-cold eyes!

A Grand Demon was using a divine method to scan this area!


On the other side, a rift opened up in the skies once again with a ghastly glow within.

Another Grand Demon had appeared!


Yet another terrifying spirit consciousness descended upon the area.

Against the spirit consciousnesses, the Dharma Characteristic experts present were like infants; they were scanned from head to toe and were read like books!

It was another Grand Demon!

Three Grand Demons had appeared in succession!

Dao Lord Immortal Sword was not the only one – the three Grand Demons thought of the same possibility as well, that the person who got his hands on the Heaven Slaying Sword Art must have released some sort of concealment technique and was still in the vicinity.

However, a while later, the three Grand Demons found nothing still!

Dao Lord Immortal Sword frowned to himself.

He exchanged blows with the person before and the latter’s cultivation was only at the Dharma Characteristic realm at best.

There was no way a concealment technique cultivated by a Dharma Characteristic expert could avoid the detection of a Grand Demon!

In other words, that person was not hiding in the vicinity with a concealment technique – there was a high chance that person was already gone!

Another guess crossed Dao Lord Immortal Sword’s mind.

Suddenly, he recalled something. When the ball of light vanished earlier on, a momentary rift seemed to have opened up in the void where the ball of light was originally and closed swiftly after.

“That rift…”

Dao Lord Immortal Sword murmured softly, “Could it be…”

“Trans… ference… Talisman!”

Suddenly, a booming voice echoed from above the firmaments; it was chilling to the bones and contained a boundless wrath.

It was the same as Dao Lord Immortal Sword thought.

This Grand Demon had arrived at the same conclusion!

The wrath of a Grand Demon could shake Heaven and Earth!

The three Dao Lords exchanged glances with dim gazes as they shook their heads.

The three of them were going to be the first ones to suffer from the wrath of a Grand Demon!

5,000 kilometers away, two spirit demons were engaged in a fight within the forest and were injured from head to toe.

All of a sudden!

A sinister rift opened up beside the two spirit demons.

Unable to dodge in time, the spirit demons were sucked in by the rift. On the other hand, a figure drenched in sweat leaped out, panting heavily.

This figure was none other than Su Zimo who had just obtained the Heaven Slaying Sword Art!

Dao Lord Immortal Sword’s guess was not wrong – the reason why Su Zimo was able to escape from under everyone’s nose was because of the Minor Transference Talisman.

The tear of a Minor Transference Talisman could teleport a cultivator 5,000 kilometers away in a random direction!

Su Zimo had just arrived in the forest but he could already sense a shuddering aura coming from the end of the horizon far away!

What sort of aura was this frightening?!

“A Grand Demon has appeared!”

Before Su Zimo snapped out of his stupor, Dao Lord Extreme Fire’s voice sounded with a hint of anxiousness as he said hurriedly.

“Hurry, hurry! Revert to your demon state and original appearance. Compose your aura and calm down! You must not expose yourself!”

Su Zimo did not hesitate and the black-haired Essence Spirit retreated from his consciousness right away, allowing the scarlet-haired Yin Spirit to take over the center spot.

In the blink of an eye, his black hair turned red as blood.

The muscles on his face twitched and he regained his original appearance before long. With his refined features, he donned a new set of green robes and threw the ancient scroll in his hands towards his storage bag.

However, immediately after, Su Zimo froze up.

He was unable to put the Heaven Slaying Sword Art into his storage bag!

“W-What’s going on?”

Su Zimo was stumped – this was the first time he encountered something as such.

Dao Lord Extreme Fire said, “The Heaven Slaying Sword Art is one of the three great ancient sword arts and has an immense killing aura. Although it is not revealed, your storage bag is unable to accommodate it.”

Even his storage bag could not accommodate it!

“Keep it hidden under your robes first and don’t panic!”

Dao Lord Extreme Fire said in a deep voice, “Nobody has seen the Heaven Slaying Sword Art before. Even a Grand Demon won’t be able to recognize it even if he discovers it!”

Su Zimo nodded and stuffed the Heaven Slaying Sword Art into his robes. He took a deep breath and strode forward with one hand behind his back.

The moment he did that, an extremely terrifying spirit consciousness spread over and engulfed the entire forest rapidly, Su Zimo included!

Immediately after, two similarly terrifying spirit consciousnesses extended and descended as well!

The Grand Demons appeared immediately after like shadows and had already chased here!

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