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Chapter 879: Massive Battle

Su Zimo was startled at that statement.

If the Lifeless Sword Art was derived from one of the three great ancient sword arts, how frightening was the power of the three great ancient sword arts?

Su Zimo was filled with boundless hope towards the Heaven Slaying Sword Art.

“Back in the past, the ancient sword art was a huge reason why the Founder Master of Sword Sect was able to reign as the emperor of the Sword Dao and establish the number one Sword Sect in Tianhuang Mainland!”

Dao Lord Extreme Fire said, “However, nobody knows which of the three sword arts the Sword Emperor had in his possession.”

The entire battlefield descended into a momentary silence with the death of a high-level fiend demon and the obliteration of his Essence Spirit through a single sword strike.

Everyone, the six Overlords included, were stunned by that sword strike!

A moment later, the old ape’s white brows fluttered and he locked his gaze onto Dao Lord Cloud Rain, saying indifferently,

“If I’m not wrong, you should be Dao Lord Cloud Rain, the number two of the Dharma Characteristic Ranking 5,000 years ago.”

“You’re pretty knowledgeable,”

Dao Lord Cloud Rain flapped his folding fan gently and smiled with a bewitching charm.

The Dharma Characteristic Ranking!

There were three ranking lists that were renowned in Tianhuang Mainland.

They were the Golden Core Phenomenon, Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristic and Supreme Divine Powers Rankings. All of them were released by Enigma Palace and encompassed almost all the paragons and monster incarnates in history.

In other words, they were the most authoritative and renowned ranking lists!

Among them, the Golden Core Phenomenon Ranking was refreshed every hundred years.

The Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristic Ranking was refreshed every thousand years.

As for the Supreme Divine Powers Ranking, only the most terrifying supreme divine powers in history were recorded.

Unless divine powers that could surpass the might of past divine powers were created by the future generation, the Supreme Divine Powers Ranking was almost never refreshed otherwise.

“The Daos of the seven fiend sects are different. For example, Overlord Palace specializes in body tempering while Illusion Fiend Cult specializes in mental state cultivation. As for Cloud Rain Sect… humph!”

Dao Lord Cloud Rain seemed to be in disdain and harrumphed. “All in all, the combat strength of Cloud Rain Sect cultivators are ranked last within the seven fiend sects!”

“Previously, he was indeed capable to suppress many paragons of the immortal, Buddhist and fiend sects and kill his way to the number two position of the Dharma Characteristic Ranking,”

“However, I don’t know if he has grown after all these years.”

In midair, the old ape shifted his gaze towards the man and woman from Snowdrift Valley and Sword Sect respectively and said in a slow manner, “I’m sure the two of you are not nobodies to be able to accompany Dao Lord Cloud Rain here on the same footing.”

“I haven’t exited the valley in recent years. Indeed, I’ve become rather ignorant and can’t tell who the two of you are,”

Naturally, Dao Lord Cloud Rain and the other two could tell that among the six Overlords, the old ape had the most reserved aura and his combat strength was the most unpredictable.

However, the female cultivator of Snowdrift Valley had an aloof nature. Even against human cultivators, she might not bother to reply to them, let alone a bunch of fiend demons.

The man from Sword Sect was even prouder.

His hands were behind his back and unknowingly, his sword had already been returned to his sheath. He looked up into the sky as though he had not heard the old ape’s question at all.

On the other hand, Dao Lord Cloud Rain smiled and said, “This fairy’s Dao title is Snowdrift.”

He paused intentionally at the mention of that.

Everyone realized that this was another titular disciple!

The smile on Dao Lord Cloud Rain’s face deepened as he continued, “Fairy Snowdrift was the number one of the Dharma Characteristic Ranking 2,000 years ago!”

The expressions of the six Overlords changed slightly.

As Overlords, they naturally knew of the cultivation world’s Dharma Characteristic Ranking.

There were a total of 72 spots on the Dharma Characteristic Ranking. The combat strength of Fairy Snowdrift was obvious to all if she was able to be the number one of the Dharma Characteristic Ranking!

The reputation of the two of them was enough to kill someone!

They were the number one and two of their respective Dharma Characteristic Rankings.

It was equivalent to Su Zimo and Di Yin back in the ancient battlefield.

If the two of them had appeared together, which Golden Core wouldn’t be fearful?

Dao Lord Cloud Rain pointed to the man of Sword Sect and quipped with a chuckle, “I’d advise you guys not to provoke this guy. He is the number one of the previous Dharma Characteristic Ranking and the current titular disciple of Sword Sect with the Dao title of Immortal Sword.”

“Nobody can survive against his sword; lifelessness ensues from his sword!”

Two number ones and a number two of the Dharma Characteristic Ranking as well as three titular disciples. The reputation of any single one of them could shock the entire world!

Now that these three Dao Lords were gathered in the Thousand Demon Valley, it was obvious what they were after!

“So, you guys are Dao Lords on the Dharma Characteristic Ranking. It’s no wonder why you’re fearless,”

The Overlord of Silvermoon Valley said coldly, “However, we don’t know if you’re going to live up to your reputations just yet!”

“I don’t care who you guys are, nobody who tries to steal something from Thousand Demon Valley shall be allowed to leave alive!”

The voice of the Overlord of Confusion Mist Swamp was metallic and resolute.

Many high-level fiend demons present were stunned by the reputation of the three Dao Lords.

However, what sort of characters were the six Overlords?

All of them reigned over a region with countless demons under their charge; all of them had firm mental states that were almost unshakable.

There was no way the six Overlords would fear opponents that were at similar cultivation realms as them!

Furthermore, the ball of light was clearly extraordinary if three Dao Lords of the human race were willing to venture deep into the Thousand Demon Valley and brave the dangers for it – that fact alone made the six Overlords even more curious about the ball of light and they were bent on getting their hands on it!

The six Overlords exchanged glances.

Although they were fighting earlier on, at this moment, all of them had a tacit understanding and harbored the same thought.

No matter who had their hands on the ball of light eventually, it must not be the three Dao Lords of the human race!

Thousand Demon Valley could not afford to be disgraced as such either!

Suddenly, the world went silent.

Many fiend demons, the six Overlords and the three Dao Lords remained motionless.

To begin with, the birth of the Heaven Slaying Sword Art filled the area with a shuddering murderous aura.

Now that both parties were in a stand-off, the killing intent in the void was even more intense and startling!


After a brief silence, the six Overlords roared at almost the same time.



Within the world, countless demons roared and the heavens quaked while the earth rumbled. Mountains shook and dust flew everywhere with gravel mixed in!

The six Overlords reverted to their true forms and struck Dao Lord Cloud Rain’s group at the same time; the other high-level fiend demons moved in to form an encirclement as well.

Instantly, Dharmic powers howled, surged and rumbled!

Countless demonic arts tore through the air and descended with an engulfing, frightening might. They were everywhere and even the weather changed because of them!

Even mid-level fiend demons would be destroyed instantly in the aftershock if they rushed forward, let alone low-level fiend demons.

From all directions, fiend demons retreated constantly and hid as they watched the battle from afar.

Dao Lord Cloud Rain focused his gaze and a demonic glint shone in his eyes; it was as though countless threads were weaving in an increasingly dense manner.

“Seven Emotions Threads!”

Dao Lord Cloud Rain shouted.

In midair, colorful, pretty threads spouted in midair around all the high-level fiend demons Dao Lord Cloud Rain swept his gaze across.

The threads coiled around them endlessly!

They increased in number and coiled even tighter!

Furthermore, all of these threads were connected to Dao Lord Cloud Rain’s palms in a dense manner.

“The Seven Emotions Threads. To think that I would see this Dharmic art again after 5,000 years,”

Dao Lord Extreme Fire sounded sad and emotional.

“The Seven Emotions Threads is the ultimate skill of Cloud Rain Sect and there are extremely few cultivators who managed to cultivate it successfully. Dao Lord Cloud Rain is one of them,”

“Be it human cultivators or fiend demons, all of them possess the seven emotions and six desires. The Seven Emotions Threads are meant to trigger the seven types of emotions that all living beings harbor within their bodies,”

“The more emotional one was, the more they would be affected and the greater the damage they would suffer!”

As Dao Lord Extreme Fire described the skill, Su Zimo witnessed blood seeping out from the bodies of the high-level fiend demons bound by the Seven Emotions Threads!

The Seven Emotions Threads cut into their bodies in a frightening manner!

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