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Chapter 877: Birth of the Sword Art

The ground split open and a Thousand Demon Tomb was exposed. Apart from countless bones within, there were also many treasures!

Greed filled the eyes of many fiend demons.

Finally, somebody could not hold back any longer and charged forward right away.

Thereafter, all the demons swarmed forward towards the Thousand Demon Tomb!

Demonic qi rumbled.

Many demonic arts and weapons clashed in midair and chaos ensued!

Up in the skies, the six Overlords frowned.

All of them felt uneasy about something but could not pinpoint the reason why.

“Something is wrong.”

Dao Lord Extreme Fire’s voice sounded in Su Zimo’s mind. “The murderous aura of the Thousand Demon Tomb is way too intense. Many of those fiend demons swarming over are going to die!”

Su Zimo’s gaze was sharp as lightning and he scanned the place with a tense expression, as though he was searching for something.

A moment later, Su Zimo’s eyes lit up and he vanished from the spot in a flash.

Among the demons.

Monkey, the spirit tiger, Qing Qing, Little Fox and Solitary Cloud formed a five-men formation and followed the demons to charge into the Thousand Demon Tomb. The Rat King stumbled and followed behind them.

The spirit tiger asked softly as he sprinted, “Brother Monkey, will that old ape keep your rod for himself after using it?”


Monkey shook his head. “Given his strength, he could have killed us a long time ago if he truly wanted to snatch it for himself. Why would he wait till now?”

“Don’t get worried for nothing,”

Qing Qing pursed her lips. “The Overlord has already asked Second to get closer with his granddaughter, why will he want to hurt Second?”


The spirit tiger nodded.

Little Fox was worried and asked softly, “What about young master? Why is there no news of him after such a long time?”

“In a way, no news is good news,”

Solitary Cloud said in a deep voice, “At least, this means that the Overlord of Levitating Goat Peak has yet to succeed!”

During this period of time, monkey and the others had already arrived at the edge of the Thousand Demon Tomb. Right as they were about to leap in, a figure dashed before them!

“Who’s there?!”

Monkey and the others were alarmed and attacked before they could think twice.

Monkey’s flesh expanded and he hurled a punch forward; it slammed down instantly like a gigantic blood-red seal!

The spirit tiger reached out with his claws.

Clang! Clang!

Above the claws, four grisly white sharp fangs protruded and flashed coldly as he thrust at the figure at the front.

Qing Qing’s azure green feather fan flapped and a ball of green flames were produced.

Solitary Cloud’s cultivation surpassed monkey and the other two and his eyes lit up – he had already recognized who the intruder was.

Although Little Fox did not see the person’s appearance clearly, she frowned and sniffed. When she caught scent of a familiar aura, she did not attack as well.

In the blink of an eye, monkey, the spirit tiger and Qing Qing’s attacks descended!

The intruder released a punch and collided against monkey’s gigantic seal.

He flicked out fingernails that were sharp as daggers with his other hand and a chain of sparks were produced as they clashed against the incoming tiger claws!

Monkey and the spirit tiger shuddered and retreated a half-step backwards.

In midair, the ball of green flames had already arrived. The intruder opened his mouth and blew forward, extinguishing the ball of flames!

“It’s me!”

The intruder shouted softly, “Don’t head over!”

The figure was none other than Su Zimo.

The place was extremely chaotic with demonic qi surging everywhere. Any spirit consciousness that was released would be dispersed immediately and it was impossible to make use of voice transmissions.

As such, Su Zimo could only make a move personally to hold back monkey and the others.


“Young Master!”


Monkey and the others exclaimed with delighted expressions.

Su Zimo took a step forward and said, “This tomb is extremely dangerous, don’t join them. Follow me first!”

With that, he led the way and retreated with monkey and the others.

Although there were some fiend demons among the demons that recognized Su Zimo, all of them were filled with greed with treasures right before them and none of them could be bothered with Su Zimo.

Outside the perimeter, Su Zimo said in a deep voice, “Something big is definitely going to happen soon. If you see me make a move, don’t be worried. Take good care of yourselves and return to Howling Moon Mountain as soon as possible. When the time is right, I’ll naturally return to look for you guys.”

Monkey and the others saw Su Zimo’s stern expression and felt their hearts skip a beat as they nodded in agreement.

Right then, a commotion sounded from within the Thousand Demon Tomb!

It was as though something was being ripped and sliced apart forcefully!

Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!

One after another, blinding white light shot out from beneath the Thousand Demon Tomb. They were incomparably sharp and ripped the tomb apart.

Many fiend demons that were fighting for the treasures in the tomb could not manage to react in time and were shredded into two by the streaks of white light. Splinted limbs flew everywhere and fresh blood spewed!

The white lights that burst out from beneath the tomb increased in quantity!

The Thousand Demon Tomb was already lined with dense cracks and warm corpses mounted on top of it with so much blood that could form a river!

In that single instant, more than 10,000 fiend demons were killed.

Their Essence Spirits could not even escape in time!

Dao Lord Extreme Fire said sternly, “When the heaven’s killing intent is released, the stars are shifted out of alignment. The killing intent of this sword art is so strong that even stars can be shifted out of alignment. Those fiend demons that entered are merely sending themselves to death!”

“The Heaven Slaying Sword Art is about to be born and it’s using the blood of the fiend demons as a tribute!”

The six Overlords in midair shouted at the same time, “All of you, hurry and retreat!”

Although they did not know what was going on beneath the tomb, the white lights released sent their hearts racing!

Was that sword qi?

What sword qi would be this powerful that even the six of them felt like they were going to be sliced apart!

Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!

The moment the six Overlords finished their sentence, an even denser sword qi burst forth from beneath the tomb. It was searing and burst into the clouds with a blazing white shade!

Few of the fiend demons that charged into the tomb were spared.

Monkey and the others stood from afar and felt a sense of trepidation as they watched the scene unfold.

If Su Zimo had not stopped them in time, the few of them would have become part of the corpses of Thousand Demon Valley!


Suddenly, the Thousand Demon Tomb exploded!

A gigantic ball of light rose slowly from underground with a blinding brilliance. It was like a blazing sun and was surrounded by boundless sword qi!

The six Overlords were startled and burst in retreat!

The sword qi on that ball of light was way too terrifying. If they reacted slower and were drawn inside, they would have been killed with their Essence Spirits destroyed as well!

“What’s that?”

“What sort of a treasure is it to possess such a might that could trigger a universal phenomenon?!”

The gazes of the six Overlords flickered and they looked bewildered.

The ball of light was way too humongous.

Their bodies that were several hundred feet tall were as insignificant as dust when compared to the ball of light!

They could not see what was within the ball of light with their vision.

The moment their spirit consciousness descended upon the ball of light, it was sliced into particles by boundless sword qi!

“A withered and yellowed ancient manual,”

Suddenly, Su Zimo said softly as he gazed into the ball of light.


Dao Lord Extreme Fire’s heart skipped a beat and he asked hurriedly, “You’re able to see what’s within?”

The ball of light should have been created by the Heaven Slaying Sword Art. However, even with his cultivation, he could not peer through the veil of the body of light!

He could not see what was within at all!

“I can vaguely see something,”

Su Zimo nodded.

His right eye looked extremely sinister and was mostly white. It glowed in a blinding manner and everything was repressed within!

Unknowingly, he was already circulating Illumination Dragon Eye!

“This doesn’t make any sense,”

Dao Lord Extreme Fire frowned. “Given your cultivation realm, you shouldn’t be able to see through the ball of light even if you had cultivated Illumination Dragon Eye.”

He paused for a moment and an idea struck his mind as he blurted, “I got it! It’s the Illumination Stone!”

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