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Chapter 866: Bird in a Cage

‘You must be dreaming if you think that you can escape right under my watch!’

The Overlord of Levitating Goat Peak sneered internally.

More than ten high-level fiend demons had just made their moves when a streak of blood light flashed through the air at an extremely fast speed to escape in a frantic manner!

Su Zimo had already vanished from the spot.

Blood Escape!

“So fast!”

The demons were alarmed.

Some of the high-level fiend demons were quick to act and struck right away.

Mud and dust flew everywhere as a tornado that connected Heaven and Earth was formed from the flat plains. It had a massive aura and ripped towards Su Zimo.


A saber created with Dharmic powers descended from the skies and almost split the voids into two!

Dharmic powers surged and rumbled. Instantly, more than ten demonic arts descended and threatened to drown Su Zimo!

Apart from demonic arts, there were even some spirit consciousness attacks blanketing over!

Be it the fiend demons on the flat plains or the fiend demons fighting in midair, everyone turned around at this moment and watched eagerly – they wanted to know the outcome of this attack!

“Young Master!”


Little Fox, the spirit tiger and everyone else was alarmed and shrieked.


The blood light tore through the air and escaped 500 kilometers away!

The speed of the blood light was way too fast!

The demonic arts of the high-level fiend demons were a step too slow.

Even the Essence Spirit secret skills could not catch up to the streak of light. The strength of the spirit consciousnesses weakened beyond the range of 500 kilometers.

In the blink of an eye, the streak of blood light had already escaped to the horizons!

Thankfully, this was a boundless flat plains with unobstructed vision.

Otherwise, the demons would have already lost sight of Su Zimo a long time ago!

Everything happened way too quickly that most fiend demons on the battlefield had only just reacted to things.


The old ape roared and his figure expanded. Blood qi rumbled around his body and even his snow-white brows turned scarlet like blood.

“Lend me your rod!”

The old ape roared and his spirit consciousness surged.

On the flat plains, monkey felt a load lifted from his hands. Imminent transformed into a golden streak of light and burst into the bone cage in midair instantly, gripped tightly by the old ape!

“Break it!”

The old ape held Imminent with both hands and his terrifying spirit consciousness gushed within.

A golden glow burst forth and illuminated the world!

The old ape swung Imminent violently against the bone cage.


A deafening noise echoed!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Immediately after, cracks appeared one after another on the surface of the bone cage and spread continuously!

The figures of the Overlords of Silvermoon Valley, Thousand Snake Island and Confusion Mist Swamp shook. Their expressions were filled with horror – they had almost lost control of the bone cage completely!

At the sight of that, the Overlord of Levitating Goat Peak hesitated for a moment before a look of conviction flashed through his eyes. “Try to hold on, I’ll go slaughter that lowlife in case he gives us trouble in the future!”

Before his sentence was finished, he disappeared in a flash and was already in pursuit of the streak of blood light with a cold killing intent in his eyes.

He knew very well that Su Zimo would definitely be a huge problem for them if they let him off right now!

More than ten high-level fiend demons followed swiftly behind with their full might.

However, the distance between them and the streak of blood light increased continuously!

All of them were extremely shocked!

The difference between them and Su Zimo was two cultivation realms and they had a complete advantage in terms of strength. Yet, they could not catch up to Su Zimo!

What escape technique could produce such a frightening speed?

In less than 15 minutes, they lost track of Su Zimo!

The wind howled in his ears and the shadows of trees flashed past his eyes in reverse.

Right now, what Su Zimo released could not be considered as Blood Escape. It was Dharmic Blood Escape that made use of Dharmic powers channeled from his Essence Spirits while burning his bloodline at the same time!

The speed of Dharmic Blood Escape was even faster than Blood Escape and its burst power was even more impressive!

That was also the reason why he could break out of the encirclement and shake off the tail of more than ten high-level fiend demons hot in his pursuit.

Su Zimo was calmer now but he continued forward without stopping.

The distance between them was not far enough.

He had a strong blood stench on him and the only way he could not be tracked by those high-level fiend demons hunting him was if he was a certain distance away.


Suddenly, Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat, as though he sensed something.

He frowned slightly and turned back as his pupils constricted.

Several thousand feet behind him, a tall, scrawny figure rode on the clouds and was hot on his tail!

It was the Overlord of Levitating Goat Peak!

Su Zimo frowned deeply and was secretly alarmed.

To think that although he managed to shake off more than ten high-level fiend demons, he could not shake off the Overlord of Levitating Goat Peak!

The distance between them did not shorten.

However, if the distance was maintained, it was almost impossible for him to escape from the Overlord of Levitating Goat Peak either!

Su Zimo did not know that he was not the only one shocked – the Overlord of Levitating Goat Peak was as well!

Initially, the Overlord of Levitating Goat Peak looked at Su Zimo’s escape with disdain.

That was because a long time ago, he obtained an escape technique from a beast bone within an ancient ruin. Once released, he would become extremely fast and move with lightning speed – he could even catch up to the stars!

He might not have the strongest combat strength among the seven Overlords.

However, he was ranked number one in speed!

He thought that he would catch up to Su Zimo within a few breaths.

But now, the two of them were already sprinting for an hour and had left the high-level fiend demons far behind a long time ago. However, he was still unable to catch up to Su Zimo!

The Overlord of Levitating Goat Peak’s expression was grim.

Dharmic powers surged from Heaven and Earth into his body continuously. He remained right behind Su Zimo the entire time without letting up at all!

This low-level fiend demon was hiding many secrets.

The potential of this demon seemed to be limitless. Because of that, the Overlord of Levitating Goat Peak was extremely wary and even more determined to kill Su Zimo!

With a cold gaze, the Overlord of Levitating Goat Peak shouted as he chased, “Lowlife, even if you flee into the heavens or burrow underground, I’m going to kill you today!”

Su Zimo remained silent and merely continued fleeing dully.

“Fufu, why aren’t you speaking?”

The Overlord of Levitating Goat Peak sneered sinisterly, “You know it yourself. Everything you’re doing right now is futile and is merely your final attempt at struggling!”

Su Zimo was clear that the Overlord of Levitating Goat Peak was trying to rile him with words.

If he was distracted or affected by fear, hesitance or cowardice, his speed would definitely drop.

At that time, he would die for sure!

However, more than that, Su Zimo was certain that the Overlord of Levitating Goat Peak was not just trying to scare him.

He was almost certainly dead now that he was targeted by an Overlord!

The Overlord of Levitating Goat Peak’s eyes were filled with ridicule as he said coolly, “Lowlife, your escape technique sure is heavenly-defying. It’s definitely taking a huge toll on your body and you won’t be able to last long!”

As an Overlord, he had not lived in vain for thousands of years.

Although he did not understand much about Dharmic Blood Escape, he could almost guess the truth!

Su Zimo pursed his lips tightly and remained silent still.

To be fair, even if Blood Escape had no sequela, he was definitely incapable of comparing to an Overlord in terms of stamina or Dharmic powers.

The two of them continued sprinting one after another.

Perhaps because it was too long, Su Zimo’s speed had indeed decreased and the distance between them narrowed as well!

At the sight of that, the Overlord of Levitating Goat Peak was even more certain that he had not guessed wrongly.

“Lowlife, don’t worry, I’m in no hurry,”

A cruel, playful look appeared on the face of the Overlord of Levitating Goat Peak as he roared in laughter. “I’ll continue with this war of attrition and you won’t be able to withstand it eventually! Hahaha!”

The moment he said that, the distance between them seemed to have narrowed further.

The Overlord of Levitating Goat Peak’s gaze narrowed – he could clearly see that the back of Su Zimo’s green robes was drenched with sweat!

His ears twitched and he could even hear heavy pants coming from Su Zimo!

Those were signs of fatigue!

The Overlord of Levitating Goat Peak was thoroughly relaxed.

To him, Su Zimo was now a bird in a cage that could not escape!

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