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Chapter 855: Ten Men

The young master of Levitating Goat Peak swayed with a bulging belly.

With each sway, the demons around could even hear the sound of metal clanging within his belly…

After he consumed the final Blood Sea Badge, the young master of Levitating Goat Peak could no longer hold it in. In a flash, he sped towards the dense forest in the distance.

The demons present clutched their bellies in wild laughter and the muscles on their faces even felt cramps.

The fight for the final ten spots came after the first trial.

The rules for the fight were simple.

The hundred fiend demons that obtained the Blood Sea Badges would be divided into ten groups and each group would compete in the arena in one on one fights.

After the first round, the remaining five fiend demons in their respective arenas will move on to the next round.

For the second round, one fiend demon would sit out for each round and the remaining four would engage in one on one fights, resulting in two victors.

For the third round, a fiend demon would sit out and the remaining two fiend demons would fight with a single victor remaining.

In the fourth round, two fiend demons would be left in each arena to fight for the eventual victors!

The ten fiend demons selected from the ten arenas will partake in the trip to cultivate in the Thousand Year Blood Sea!

The seven Overlords soared into the air, exchanged glances and struck at almost the same time.

Dharmic powers surged and the weather changed!

The ground on the flat plains beside the Blood Sea overturned and instantly, gigantic arenas were formed!

High-level fiend demons could alter terrains just by activating their Dharmic powers!

Before long, ten arenas were constructed.

Right then, the young master of Levitating Goat Peak flew over from far away. He staggered by the time he landed and the way he walked looked odd as well.

The young master of Levitating Goat Peak moved extremely slowly with his bum twerking; each twerk he made caused him to gasp!

“What’s up with him?”

Little Fox asked curiously, somewhat confused.

Monkey grinned. “He can’t digest all the Blood Sea Badges inside him so he must have been through vomiting and diarrhea.”

“However, it’s not an easy task to poop out so many badges,” The spirit tiger added.

“Eww! Disgusting!”

Little Fox made a retching gesture.

The spirit tiger snickered evilly. “Look at the way he’s walking. He must have had diarrhea for a long time.”

“How are you?”

The Overlord of Levitating Goat Peak asked with a frown.

“I’m fine! I can still fight!”

The young master of Levitating Goat Peak realized his voice was hoarse when he spoke.

The demons sneaked glances over.

Everyone could tell that even if the young master of Levitating Goat Peak was not severely injured from eating the Blood Sea Badges, he must have been tormented badly.

It did not take long before the ten groups were assigned.

On paper, the groupings were done randomly.

However, the seven Overlords had a tacit understanding and separated their strongest underlings from the other parties to avoid an internecine outcome.

For example, in Su Zimo’s group, apart from him, the young master of Levitating Goat Peak, the silver-robed man of Silvermoon Valley and the woman in makeup from Thousand Snake Island were all missing.

It seemed like the Overlords were wary towards Su Zimo’s strength as well.

“Let the fight officially begin!”

Before long, the fights on the ten arenas took place at the same time.

For the first round, Su Zimo’s opponent was a bull demon from Golden Flames Mountain.

“Brother Mo, I saw you in action three days ago. I’m most likely not your match in terms of strength,”

The bull demon greeted with cupped fists, “However, the opportunity to cultivate within the Blood Sea is rare. I can’t just give up without a fight and will still try my best. Let’s go!”

Golden Flames Mountain had always been on good terms with Ape Chatter Ridge and the bull demon did not show any signs of hostility at all.

“Brother Bull, let’s go!”

Su Zimo greeted with cupped fists and raised his head with a gentle smile as well.

There were not many rules to the trial but Essence Spirit fights were barred.

First, the Essence Spirit was already tested during the first trial.

Second, Essence Spirit fights were way too dangerous.

In the past, elite fiend demons of two territories fought in a deathmatch with their Essence Spirits and resulted in an internecine outcome. In the end, neither of the fiend demons managed to survive and both perished.

Bang! Boom! Boom!

The bull demon reverted to his true form and his body blazed with golden flames in a grand manner. He charged towards Su Zimo and his hooves sounded like thunder!

This bull demon of Golden Flames Mountain had a strong physique to begin with. Coupled with the golden flames burning on his body, he was extremely strong!

Although he seemed submissive in his statement, there was a hint of indignance in his heart.

After all, he was a mid-level fiend demon.

He knew that he had a major cultivation realm advantage and wanted to challenge Su Zimo’s physique!

Su Zimo did not move a single inch.

He only extended his palm slowly when the bull demon charged to the front and pushed against the latter’s head in a seemingly gentle manner!


His palm pressed down.

The bull demon’s momentum came to an abrupt stop!

The bull demon’s eyes widened in disbelief as he glared at the seemingly frail figure before him.

To be able to stop his gigantic charging body just like that… this man’s strength was definitely multiple times of his!

Furthermore, Su Zimo had blocked it in an extremely casual manner.

He pushed back the bull demon with absolute ease!

Even more frightening than that, the blazing golden flames on the bull demon’s body were extinguished against Su Zimo’s palm push!

Not only that, the golden flames around Su Zimo’s palm extinguished in retreat continuously as well, as though they sensed something terrifying!

The bull demon was incredibly surprised.

Su Zimo froze momentarily as well before coming to a realization.

The palm he extended was the palm with the Divine Phoenix Bone!

No matter how strong the flames of the bull demon were, they could not compare to the flames of the Divine Phoenix!

Su Zimo retracted his palm. The bull demon did not continue attacking and merely slumped his head slightly as he retreated, acknowledging his defeat.

Before long, the first round was over and 50 fiend demons were eliminated.

Unsurprisingly, the young master of Levitating Goat Peak, the silver-robed man and woman in makeup made it to the second round.

Solitary Cloud defeated his opponent and advanced smoothly as well.

Su Zimo managed to subdue his opponent effortlessly during the second round as well.

During the third round, Su Zimo was left out.

In the fourth round, his arena was only left with him and a fiend demon of Vermilion Cloud Valley.

The fiend demon reverted to his true form as a toad and glared with jade-green eyes. He did not dare to charge recklessly and released a Dharmic art instead!

A sticky green ball of liquid flew through the air.

Su Zimo narrowed his eyes.

The water ball was not only formed with Dharmic powers, there was poison in it as well!

However, poison of that level could not hurt Su Zimo!

Su Zimo’s blood qi rumbled and he burst the water ball with a casual slap. He took a step forward and appeared before the toad in the blink of an eye!


All of a sudden!

The toad’s eyes suddenly bulged out and rays of resplendent light spewed forth!

Visual technique!

The Azure Eye Toad was a pure-blooded ferocious beast and visual techniques were one of their ultimate killing moves as well!

Unfortunately, he was dealing against Su Zimo.

Su Zimo did not resist and merely closed his eyes. The resplendent lights spilled onto his body but did not even manage to penetrate his body’s defenses!

“Your visual technique lacks some firepower,”

Su Zimo smiled gently and waved his robes. He flipped the gigantic toad and tossed it beneath the arena.

Finally, Su Zimo stood victorious and obtained one of the spots to cultivate in the Blood Sea!

The seven Overlords were expressionless.

All seven of them had expected this.

Not long later, the results of the other nine arenas were determined.

Apart from the young master with a belly full of badges, another Territorial Lord of Levitating Goat Peak obtained the chance to cultivate.

Two fiend demons from Silvermoon Valley and Vermilion Cloud Valley respectively obtained the chances as well.

Golden Flames Mountain, Confusion Mist Swamp, Thousand Snake Island and Ape Chatter Ridge merely managed a single fiend demon each.

Unfortunately, Solitary Cloud lost at the last fight and did not manage to obtain a spot.

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