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Chapter 850: Killing Intent of the Overlord

The woman in makeup had a grim expression and did not dare to approach recklessly after her retreat.

Her Destiny Dharmic Weapon was sent flying by Su Zimo using the strength of his finger. His frightening strength made her extremely wary!

The silver-robed man propped up Su Zimo’s palm with both arms and had already exerted all of his strength.

However, the palm would not budge at all!

It was as though the legendary Mount Meru of Buddhism was crushing him from above such that he did not even have a chance to struggle!

Right now, the only move he could use was the Essence Spirit secret skill of the Silvermoon Wolf race.

However, he did not dare to do it!

He was right beneath Su Zimo’s palm.

Although an Essence Spirit secret skill was swift, Su Zimo could crush his Essence Spirit with a single thought as well!

He did not dare to take that gambit!

The young master of Levitating Goat Peak retreated a few steps back with a dark gaze; he was cursing in his heart a long time ago.

He had never imagined that the silver-robed man and woman in makeup would be defeated so quickly.

By the time he closed in, it would become a stand-off between him and that low-level fiend demon!

Everything had happened too quickly and rendered his previous plans worthless!

Furthermore, Su Zimo’s aura was too powerful right now and his gaze was frighteningly unfathomable. The young master of Levitating Goat Peak was so rattled that he stumbled a few steps back and froze on the stop, unsure if he should advance or retreat.

“F*ck! The young master of Levitating Goat Peak has been scared off!”

“This low-level fiend demon shouldn’t be a nobody given his frightening combat strength. How come I’ve never heard of him before?”

“The three of them were defeated too swiftly. Were they just empty shells?”

The expressions of the young master of Levitating Goat Peak and the other two turned extremely terrible when they heard the discussions around them.

When they came provoking, they intended to teach the Territorial Lords of Ape Chatter Ridge a good lesson and it was even better if they could kill off a few of them.

To think that the three of them would be suppressed by a single low-level fiend demon!

“Young man, aren’t you going to let go yet?”

Unknowingly, the Overlord of Silvermoon Valley had already arrived before the demons of Ape Chatter Ridge. He was expressionless as he remarked to Su Zimo indifferently.

The other six Overlords were behind him as well.

The Overlords of Levitating Goat Peak and Thousand Snake Island glared at Su Zimo with an icy stare.

The other Overlords looked more curious and interested.

The old ape stood at the side as well.

The reason why he did not stop the Overlord of Su Zimo and the others was because he was also worried that Su Zimo might kill the three of them in a fit of recklessness and cause the situation to be irreparable.

Su Zimo swept his glance and understood the old ape’s intentions.

In truth, the thought of killing the three fiend demons had not crossed his mind.

The reason he came this time round was to cultivate in the Blood Sea.

He had no deep feud with the other parties and there was no reason for him to provoke three Overlords just because of the provocation of three fiend demons!

Su Zimo retracted his palm and cupped his fists politely to the few Overlords before him. He had a calm expression and was neither servile nor overbearing!

To be fair, it was rare for mid or even high-level fiend demons to be this composed under the watch of seven Overlords, let alone a low-level fiend demon!

The fiend demons behind Su Zimo had strikingly different reactions compared to him.

All of them shuddered in fear in the face of seven Overlords as they lowered their heads, not daring to meet the Overlords’ gazes.

“Very good, you are very good!”

The Overlord of Silvermoon Valley nodded as a mysterious glint flickered through his eyes.

The Overlord of Thousand Snake Island laughed as well and said coyly, “Young man, you’ve only cultivated for slightly more than a hundred years and you’re already at that level. That does make my heart pound a little.”

“B*stard, prepare to die!”

The silver-robed man stood up and heaved a deep breath. Finally, he could not withstand it anymore and a silver moon shone from his glabella as he prepared to launch a sudden lethal attack!

Naturally, the Overlord of Silvermoon Valley’s presence was what gave him confidence to attack.


A crisp sound echoed from the silver-robed man’s face.

He had just regained consciousness when he was slapped.

The silver-robed man was stumped.

The demons present were dumbfounded as well.

The person that slapped the silver-robed man was the Overlord of Silvermoon Valley!

“Haven’t you embarrassed yourself enough?! Get the hell back!”

The Overlord of Silvermoon Valley berated and glared at the silver-robed man sternly.

The silver-robed man was indignant and grit his teeth in anger. He glared at Su Zimo hatefully and decided that the latter was fully accountable for his humiliation!

“Everyone, I failed to discipline him properly and have allowed all of you to witness a joke.”

The Overlord of Silvermoon Valley remarked indifferently.

The old ape was expressionless and said nothing. His eyes were half-closed, like an old monk in meditation.

“You’re not getting back yet? Are you waiting for a slap too?”

The Overlord of Levitating Goat Peak glanced at the young master and turned to leave.

The young master of Levitating Goat Peak could only endure the humiliation and tag along.

Instantly, the Overlords dispersed.

The conflict came to an end.

All the demons shook their heads in shock, feeling that this was not the end of things.

Su Zimo gazed at the back view of the departing Overlords with a shimmering gaze and a pensive expression.

“Overlord, why did you stop me. Given my…”

The moment the arrived at Silvermoon Valley’s faction, the silver-robed man sent a voice transmission hurriedly.


The Overlord of Silvermoon Valley interrupted and berated him, “Do you think the old ape is blind? How are you going to succeed in your attack in front of his face?!”

The Overlord of Silvermoon Valley had a blackened expression that was filled with killing intent upon his return!

He was merely slightly troubled when Su Zimo suppressed the number one Territorial Lord of Silvermoon Valley. However, the moment Su Zimo stood off against the seven Overlords, his killing intent surfaced completely!

The combat strength of that low-level fiend demon was so powerful.

Furthermore, he was already this composed after cultivating for slightly more than a hundred years – who could stop him in the future if he was allowed to continue cultivating?!

With this demon, it was not impossible for Ape Chatter Ridge to destroy the other six territories in the future and reign over Thousand Demon Valley singlehandedly!

“Overlord, what are your intentions?”

The silver-robed man inquired warily.

The Overlord of Silvermoon Valley sneered and glared in the direction of Levitating Goat Peak and Thousand Snake Island. “Those few old fogeys may look as though they’re not bothered. However, I’m guessing that I’m not the only one who wants to kill that demon!”

“We’ll wait for a chance to get rid of him!”

The Overlord of Silvermoon Valley narrowed his gaze in deep thoughts.

After a moment of silence, as though he thought of something, the Overlord of Silvermoon Valley sent a voice transmission. “Remember, make use of your Essence Spirit secret skill right away the next time you attack! Don’t bother with Dharmic arts against that demon! Also, more than that, remember that you must not engage him in melee combat!”

The Overlord of Silvermoon Valley rubbed his chin and murmured with a grim expression, “I’ve yet to see the true form of that demon. His background must be powerful!”

At the same time, the Overlords of the other territories looked as though they were resting with closed eyes. In reality, all of them were conversing with their Territorial Lords using their spirit consciousnesses.

At the front of Ape Chatter Ridge’s faction.

“Mo, be careful,”

The old ape suddenly sent a voice transmission, “What you did was as good as disrespecting the three Overlords. Given their vengeful nature, it’s likely that they will plan something in the future. From today on, stay close to me.”

“Noted, thank you senior.”

Su Zimo nodded.

Although the Overlords of Silvermoon Valley and the other territories hid it well, Su Zimo had already sensed it the moment their killing intents were triggered.

The old ape continued, “However, you don’t have to be overly worried either. With me around, they don’t dare to be reckless in front of everybody!”

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