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Chapter 849: Domineering Suppression!

Beside the Blood Sea.

The Overlord of Levitating Goat Peak had a dark gaze and a grim look on his face.

His cheeks were burning, as though Su Zimo had slapped him on the face as well!

The Overlords of Silvermoon Valley and Thousand Snake Island frowned.


The three of them were not the only ones – a look of surprise flashed through the eyes of the other Overlords as well.

Although they were conversing, everything that happened on the other side was naturally detected by them.

Even the Overlords present were amused when the low-level fiend demon stood out and declared brazenly that the wyrm was his mount.

But now, things did seem a little odd!

“Could that demon have cultivated some cultivation technique to conceal his cultivation realm?”

Almost at the same time, the spirit consciousnesses of six Overlords were fixed onto Su Zimo!

Before long, all six of them figured out that Su Zimo was a low-level fiend demon!

However, none of them could see his true form.

The Overlords of Silvermoon Valley and Thousand Snake Island let out a deep breath and were temporarily relieved.

If he was just a low-level fiend demon, he should pose no threat.

The reason why the young master of Levitating Goat Peak was defeated so swiftly must be because he had underestimated his opponent.

The old ape scoffed coldly internally but he was expressionless on the surface.

These fiend demons were stubbing their toes to try and bully Ape Chatter Ridge!

At the front of Ape Chatter Ridge’s faction.

The silver-robed man’s heart skipped a beat as he nodded and began to take things seriously. “Interesting, you ARE capable indeed!”

He could tell that apart from the young master of Levitating Goat Peak’s underestimation of his opponent, another reason why the latter received such a swift defeat was because he was momentarily stunned by the roar of this low-level fiend demon!

“Sound secret skills? I know some as well!”

The silver-robed man strode forward and bellowed into the air!


A wolf’s howl echoed!

The demons of Ape Chatter Ridge were stunned. Although the sound was not loud, it was extremely sinister and their blood rumbled in an uncomfortable manner!


Some of the fiend demons could not withstand it and grunted dully. They arched their backs and struggled bitterly as they clutched their ears.

“It’s no wonder why ghosts wail and wolves howl. That sure is uncomfortable to listen to,”

Su Zimo was expressionless and strode forward as well. He extended his hand and pushed down onto the silver-robed man’s face as he yelled, “Shut up!”

The group of demons at the back were further away and they could not withstand the sound.

However, Su Zimo stood right at the front and was the closest to the silver-robed man. Yet, he seemed to be completely unaffected and even had the strength to retaliate!

“What’s up with this low-level fiend demon? How is he completely fine?”

“Could he be deaf?”

The fiend demons watching at the side were puzzled.

There was no way any of them knew the vigor of Su Zimo’s blood qi after he had cultivated the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness – even the Primordial Nine Races can’t match him!

A sound secret skill of that level posed no threat to him at all.


With a single throw, Su Zimo suppressed everything.

A strong wind howled!

“You… ”

A suffocating air current surged into the silver-robed man’s mouth and his howl was interrupted, allowing him to utter only a single word.

The silver-robed man’s blood qi rumbled and the robes on his body exploded as the flesh on his arms expanded, revealing a pair of exquisitely muscular wings!


He let out a deep breath and roared as he propped both arms upwards!


There was a deafening sound.

The sound of bones grinding and meat smashing echoed in a jarring manner!

The silver-robed man crossed his arms and gripped Su Zimo’s palm tightly.

It looked like things were even between them.

However, the silver-robed man’s face was flushed red and he had channeled his blood qi to its limits.

Green veins popped up on both his arms and his muscles intertwined like snakes coiling together – it was a frightening sight!

However, Su Zimo looked significantly calmer with a normal expression; even his breathing was unusually steady.

The silver-robed man did not dare to relax.

If he relaxed, Su Zimo’s palm would push down and crush his head instantly!

Compared to the muscular and huge arms of the silver-robed man, Su Zimo’s arm looked extremely slender. His palm was fair and his fingers were long, sparkling like jade.

However, that fair and slender palm was able to suppress the silver-robed man completely such that the latter could not break free at all!

This was a one-sided defeat!

“What’s the true form of this low-level fiend demon?!”

“What a strong physique! What frightening blood qi!”

“Humph! If that woman from Thousand Snake Island were to attack, the low-level fiend demon would definitely die!”

Right when the demons present were surprised, an even more shocking scene unfolded!

Su Zimo suppressed the silver-robed man with one hand and strode forward at the same time, extending his other hand to engulf the woman in makeup from Thousand Snake Island!

“Get over here too!”

He hollered and demonic qi gushed out from his palm, blanketing everything with a deafening explosion!

All the demons were confounded!

None of them expected Su Zimo to have strength left to take the initiative and attack the woman in makeup in such an overwhelming manner while he was suppressing the silver-robed man with one hand!

The woman in makeup was startled as well.

She was itching to make a move to begin with but was somewhat hesitant.

Given the situation now, she no longer had a choice.

She had to attack!


The woman in makeup scoffed coldly and extended her tender hands, punching towards Su Zimo’s palm!

Thousand Snake Island specialized in poison and her blood qi and physique could not be compared to the young master of Levitating Goat Peak or the silver-robed man.

The demons present could not understand why the woman in makeup was making use of her lesser capabilities.

However, right before her fist was about to collide with Su Zimo’s palm, something changed!

Two curved sharp objects protruded from the woman in makeup’s finger gaps – they looked like poisoned tooths that shone with a creepy green glow!

“Since you’re so confident, let me teach you a lesson!”

A cold glint shimmered through the woman in makeup’s eyes as she revealed a venomous smile.

The two poisoned tooths between her fingers were her Destiny Dharmic Weapons. Even if a pure-blooded ferocious beast was pricked by the toxic poison on them, they would be doomed!

She believed that she could kill low-level fiend demons with absolute ease using her poison.

At the same time, the silver-robed man caught sight of this and seized the opportunity to retaliate as well!


The silver-robed man roared in anger and his face flushed purple as he channeled every single bit of his power of blood qi into his arms before pushing upwards!

Unknowingly, the young master of Levitating Goat Peak had gotten up.

Although his cheek was swollen, his combat strength was still present. He seized advantage of the situation and charged over with a bitter cold gaze as well!

To the demons present, the powerful counterattack from the three fiend demons meant that Su Zimo was now in immense danger!

The tides seemed to have reversed!

On the battlefield, Su Zimo’s gaze shone brightly when he sensed the counterattack of the silver-robed man. He exerted strength in his palm and scoffed coldly. “Kneel!”

Instantly, the silver-robed man’s counterattack was resolved and with a thud, he was pushed down by Su Zimo’s palm and knelt on the ground!

The demons present were horrified!

This demon still had strength remaining!

Su Zimo seemed like he had sensed the danger from the other side a long time ago.

Clang! Clang!

He flicked out two fingernails that were as sharp as daggers from his hand!

Curving his finger slightly, Su Zimo gave a gentle flick and struck the two poisoned tooths of the woman in makeup!


The two poisoned tooths were repelled by Su Zimo’s nails!

The woman in makeup was stunned and burst in retreat!

Right then, the young master of Levitating Goat Peak had advanced murderously with his swollen cheek.

Su Zimo glanced askance with a lightning gaze.

The young master of Levitating Goat Peak felt his heart skip a beat and his fervor was significantly reduced. He was so frightened that he backed off a few steps in retreat and did not dare to make a move!

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