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Chapter 847: Someone’s Mount

“Hurry, look! There’s a fight there!”

“They’re reverting to their true form? What a commotion!”

“What’s happening over there?”

“The Territorial Lords of Silvermoon Valley, Levitating Goat Peak and Thousand Snake Island started the provocation and a wyrm of Ape Chatter Ridge took them on. Both sides are now fighting!”

The demons on the vast plains were attracted to the commotion at the side of Ape Chatter Ridge.

“What’s the background of that wyrm? How can it fight against three people singlehandedly?”

“I don’t know. I haven’t seen him before so I guess he should be one of the new Territorial Lords of Ape Chatter Ridge?”

The demons discussed.

On the side of Levitating Goat Peak, a gray-haired man assumed a lotus position at the front of the mid-level fiend demons. He had a scrawny appearance and glared coldly at the battlefield not far away.

“Young master, this wyrm from Ape Chatter Ridge might be a match for you.”

The gray-haired man pouted his lips gently in disdain. “This wyrm’s Dao is shallow and he is of no threat to me! He might be qualified to fight against me if he cultivates for another hundred years or so!”

At the side of Silvermoon Valley.

“Sir, that wyrm seems troublesome to deal with,”

A silver-robed man stood at the front of the Territorial Lords with a cold expression as a fiend demon beside him spoke.

“No worries,”

The silver-robed man waved it off. “If they’re unable to win, I’ll step in personally to subdue that wyrm! If he refuses to submit to me, he can’t blame me for crippling him!”

At the front of Thousand Snake Island.

A woman in thick makeup smacked her lips and looked at the wyrm soaring in midair with a cold glint in her eyes!

“I wonder what the flesh of a wyrm tastes like,”

The woman in makeup murmured.

A storm brewed on the battlefield!

Solitary Cloud did not dare to be overconfident against three Territorial Lords either. He reverted to his true form and his long, muscular figure circled through the voids!

Scales lined his body densely; they had become whitish from their initial gray color and emanated a glow.

He had a pair of claws beneath his abdomen that were sharp.

The most striking thing was a small bump between Solitary Cloud’s glabella!

A hundred years ago, the bump was not very obvious.

But now, the bump was easily recognizable!

By the time that bump grew and tore from his skin to become a true horn, it would mean that he was about to undergo a complete transformation into a dragon!


Solitary Cloud roared and his blood qi rumbled with a cold might.

The bloodline unique to pure-blooded ferocious beasts created an obvious suppression towards the fiend demons of Levitating Goat Peak, Thousand Snake Island and Silvermoon Valley!


The three fiend demons roared.

The fiend demon of Silvermoon Valley brought out a streak of silver light that flashed in midair before disappearing instantly – it flew towards Solitary Cloud’s neck at lightning speed!

That Dharmic weapon was created from the scale of an ancient Grand Demon and was incomparably sharp. It was able to cut through weapons, shave metals and slice jade!

Pshew! Pshew! Pshew!

The fiend demon of Thousand Snake Island opened her mouth and spat out a flurry of oily, green poisoned needles that enveloped Solitary Cloud.

The fiend demon of Levitating Goat Peak took a deep breath.

Although his Destiny Dharmic Weapon was destroyed, he had other Dharmic weapons in his storage bag.


The fiend demon of Levitating Goat Peak brought out a saber that emanated a chilling aura. He tore through the air and sliced down in Solitary Cloud’s direction!

The three fiend demons had attacked at the same time!

“Cut it!”

Solitary Cloud was unfazed and controlled his Wyrm Bone Scissors to cut forward viciously!


The saber of Levitating Goat Peak’s fiend demon was snapped again.

Bang! Boom! Boom!

Solitary Cloud’s glabella shone and he released a shocking Dharmic art, Apocalyptic Currents. One after another, raging tides appeared beneath him with a frightening aura and gushed forward.

The three fiend demons were stricken!

The currents truly possessed an apocalyptic might!

Although the bunch of needles from Thousand Snake Island’s fiend demon were lethal, they were weak and scattered immediately when they made contact with the currents.

Only the disk from Silvermoon Valley’s fiend demon managed to tear through the waves and cut Solitary Cloud’s body!

Although Solitary Cloud tried his best to dodge, he was a tad too slow.

A bloodied wound appeared on his body!

Thankfully, his body was strong, his blood qi was robust and the defensive capabilities of his scales were extremely terrifying.

Otherwise, Solitary Cloud would have been cut into two by that attack!

“You have a death wish!”

Although Solitary Cloud was injured, the three fiend demons were still caught up in his currents. They were exhausted resisting the currents and could not break free right away.

Solitary Cloud dove into the currents and vanished instantly.

Wyrms specialized in water manipulation and could travel through clouds and create rains.

When he entered the currents, he moved even faster and in the blink of an eye, he had already swam to the fiend demon of Silvermoon Valley and swept his tail viciously!


The fiend demon of Silvermoon Valley was sent flying and his chest caved in. His robes were ripped in a mess of flesh and blood, looking extremely wretched.

There were some clear fluctuations within the currents!

Solitary Cloud had sensed them long ago.

Not far away, the massive body of the fiend demon of Levitating Goat Peak swam in reverse against the currents as he thrust his sharp horns towards Solitary Cloud!


Solitary Cloud soared into the air and extended the claws beneath his abdomen. They shone with a cold shimmering light as they gripped the spine of Levitating Goat Peak’s fiend demon!

Blood gushed out rapidly!

Solitary Cloud gripped the Levitating Goat Peak’s fiend demon’s spine and dragged him out of the currents, tossing away his body in a casual manner onto the ground.

He smashed onto the ground heavily and his injuries were so bad that he would require at least dozens of years to recover from it.

Solitary Cloud turned his head and avoided the fiend demon of Thousand Snake Island who was trying to bite him. He spun in reverse and chomped down on the waist of Thousand Snake Island’s fiend demon!


Solitary Cloud chewed the fiend demon of Thousand Snake Island’s body apart right away!

“Ah! Ah! Ahhhh!”

The fiend demon of Thousand Snake Island shrieked.

Fresh blood gushed out with a foul stench.

The fiend demon of Thousand Snake Island said hatefully, “The blood that flows within my body is poisonous. You won’t be able to live long after injuring my body!”


Solitary Cloud’s eyes flashed with mockery. “Your poisoned blood can’t taint my bloodline! I’ll be able to purge away the poison after cultivating for a few days!”

Although he was a wyrm, there was a trace of the Dragon race’s bloodline within his body after all.

That single trace of bloodline from the Dragon race was enough to protect his life and provide him with the time to purge the poison from his body!

For somebody like Su Zimo, poisoned blood of that level wouldn’t even be able to hurt him at all!

In the blink of an eye, the three fiend demons were all defeated and seriously injured!

All the demons present were shocked!

A gray-haired young man from Levitating Goat Peak stood up with a grim expression and headed over.

A silver-robed man from Silvermoon Valley moved as well with a cold expression.

A woman in makeup from Thousand Snake Island strode over.

“Look! This has caught the attention of the young master of Levitating Goat Peak!”

“That is the number one Territorial Lord of Silvermoon Valley!”

“The peerless beauty of Thousand Snake Island has appeared as well!”

The demons were all excited as they discussed loudly.

Beside the Thousand Year Blood Sea, the Overlord of Levitating Goat Peak had a terrible expression as he harrumphed coldly. “Old monkey, to think that a wyrm has appeared in Ape Chatter Ridge. Interesting!”

“If I’m not wrong, that wyrm should be one of the replacements for Ape Chatter Ridge’s Ten Great Territorial Lords, right? What rank is he?” The Overlord of Silvermoon Valley was composed and asked with a smile.

“He’s not a Territorial Lord,”

The old ape had a strange look on his face as he shook his head.

“Not a Territorial Lord?”

The Overlord of Thousand Snake Island chuckled. “Brother Yuan, you sure love to joke. If that wyrm isn’t a Territorial Lord, what is he?”

“He is someone’s mount,”

The old ape replied indifferently.


The expressions of the Overlords present changed starkly!

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