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Chapter 846: Provocation

The Overlord of Silvermoon Valley said slowly, “Everyone, what are your thoughts on the appearance of a universal phenomenon in Thousand Demon Valley?”

The Overlord of Vermilion Cloud Valley gave a stifled laugh.

The other Overlords exchanged glances with calm expressions, but none of them said anything.

The seven Overlords were all several thousand years old. Even if they had their own thoughts about it, they would not let others read them.

“Silvermoon, what do you mean by that?”

The Overlord of Confusion Mist Swamp asked with an indifferent expression and a robust voice.

The Overlord of Silvermoon Valley smiled gently. “The appearance of stars in daylight might be due to the appearance of an ancient ruin or the opening of some secret ground. In any case, it’s definitely something major for Thousand Demon Valley!”

“Although there were conflicts between us usually, if an ancient ruin or secret ground has truly opened up, why don’t we let go of our past grievances and explore it together?”

“Of course!”

The Overlord of Thousand Snake Island smiled coyly. “I agree with that.”

The Overlord of Golden Flames Mountain sneered internally at their hypocrisy and asked loudly, “If there is only one utmost treasure, who shall it belong to?”

A cold glint flashed through the eyes of all seven Overlords!

“At that time, it’ll depend on who is stronger!”

The Overlord of Levitating Goat Peak said coldly.

In truth, at the end of the day, even if they worked together, all of them would be guarded against one another and harbor motives of their own.

There would definitely be a bloodshed if they caught sight of any utmost treasure!

Right then, the old ape sensed something and turned to gaze into the distance.

The demons of Ape Chatter Ridge seemed to be encountering some problems.

The fiend demons of Levitating Goat Peak, Silvermoon Valley and Thousand Snake Island were talking to the demons of Ape Chatter Ridge with mocking expressions.

“Old Man Yuan, let’s not interfere in the affairs of the younger generation. Let them continue with their squabbles,”

The Overlord of Levitating Goat Peak curled his lips with a fake smile.

“That’s right,”

The Overlord of Thousand Snake Island added sweetly. “This is the Thousand Demon Meet and it’s only normal if there’s any conflicts between our underlings. As Overlords, there’s no need for us to interfere.”

The old ape had an odd expression as he asked, “Are you sure we don’t need to stop them?”

“Brother Yuan, let’s continue chatting. Why should we bother about a conflict between the younger generation?” The Overlord of Silvermoon Valley chuckled.


The old ape nodded expressionlessly.

The Overlord of Golden Flames Mountain was the closest to the old ape and knew that Ape Chatter Ridge suffered an immense loss from the internal strife with more than half of the Ten Great Territorial Lords dead.

“Are you sure it’s fine?”

The Overlord of Golden Flames Mountain sent a voice transmission, “Should I send some of my Territorial Lords to render some assistance for your guys?”

“There’s no need,”

The old ape smiled. “We don’t know who are going to be the ones getting anxious later on.”


The fiend demon of Levitating Goat Peak pointed at Su Zimo’s nose arrogantly and berated in a loud voice, “Don’t annoy me by standing here, low-level fiend demons! Scram?”

Su Zimo was expressionless.

There was no need for him to make a move for something as such.

The three fiend demons before him were not worthy of him making a move!

“You had better scram!”

Solitary Cloud stood at the side and said coldly.


The fiend demon of Levitating Goat Peak narrowed his gaze and scanned Solitary Cloud with his spirit consciousness before saying in a strange manner, “My, a wyrm! You want to play hero?”

“How dare a mere goat demon dare to be so cocky. Scram!” Solitary Cloud had a cold gaze and he released a chilling killing intent to match.

“A wyrm that has cultivated for less than a thousand years is no different from a snake. You must have a death wish!”

The fiend demon of Levitating Goat Peak had a bright gaze and struck without warning!

He was naturally capable since he dared to come and taunt others.

He was one of the Ten Great Territorial Lords of Levitating Goat Peak and was not a nobody. Although he was ranked last, he was not somebody that ordinary fiend demons could compare against!

He could tell that Solitary Cloud had cultivated for less than a thousand years.

That was the reason why he dared to attack right away!

Solitary Cloud harrumphed coldly when the fiend demon of Levitating Goat Peak threw a punch. He took a step forward and blood qi rumbled as he sent a punch in return as well!


The body of the fiend demon from Levitating Goat Peak shuddered and he staggered three steps back with a startled expression.

If this was Solitary Cloud a hundred years ago, he would not have been a match for the Ten Great Territorial Lords although he was strong.

However, cultivating by Su Zimo’s side for a hundred years had been a great boon to him!


The fiend demon of Levitating Goat Peak advanced once again and his pitch-black robes fluttered. Two cold spots of light flashed from within and pierced towards Solitary Cloud’s face!

Those were two spears that moved at an extremely fast speed!

Solitary Cloud opened his mouth wide and spat out his Wyrm Bone Scissors. With his spirit consciousness, Dharmic power surged and the Wyrm Bone Scissors expanded rapidly, cutting towards the two incoming spears!

Two wyrms soared into the air!


The Wyrm Bone Scissors sliced down and cut the two spears into four parts!

The four parts fell to the ground and the body of the spear was dim without light – it was completely destroyed by the Wyrm Bone Scissors!

“How dare you destroy my Dharmic weapon!”

The fiend demon of Levitating Goat Peak was enraged and his glabella shone. Instantly, two light spots floated out and expanded swiftly in midair.

The two spears earlier on were his ordinary Dharmic weapons.

But now, the fiend demon of Levitating Goat Peak had brought out his Lifeforce Dharmic Weapon. It was a pair of shimmering silver sickles with blades that were lined with reversed spikes – it was extremely intimidating!


Solitary Cloud sneered, “How dare you embarrass yourself with that useless Destiny Dharmic Weapon? Cut it up!”

He controlled his Wyrm Bone Scissors and two wyrms soared and roared into the air, creating a bright white light. Like two searing chains, they coiled around the pair of sickles!

Snap! Snap!

The Wyrm Bone Scissors cut three times in succession!

Accompanied with the sound, the pair of sickles snapped instantly!


The expression of the fiend demon of Levitating Goat Peak changed starkly and he spat out a mouthful of blood as he glared at Solitary Cloud with a hateful expression.

Because his mind was connected to the Destiny Dharmic Weapon, its destruction resulted in a severe injury for him!

He had refined that Dharmic weapon for more than 2,000 years.

Its instant destruction right now was equivalent to 2,000 years worth of effort wasted!

This was a huge blow.

Previously, the Wyrm Bone Scissors were destroyed by the Bronze Square Tripod during the battle at Howling Moon Mountain. Later on, Su Zimo refined it using the secret skill of the Yin Spirit section and it was restored a long time ago and was even stronger than before!

“How savage!”

The fiend demon of Silvermoon Valley had a grim expression and said darkly, “I’ll take you on!”

Solitary Cloud shifted his gaze onto a fiend demon of Thousand Snake Island nearby and sneered, “The two of you can come together! I’ll save you the trouble of thinking about how to ambush me sneakily, woman!”

The fiend demon of Thousand Snake Island was not furious when she was exposed and smiled wryly instead. “I’ll graciously accept your demand then!”


The fiend demon of Levitating Goat Peak barked hatefully.

Solitary Cloud was brazen to begin with and had always been cocky.

However, he reined his character after he was subdued by Su Zimo a hundred years ago and followed the latter from day to day.

If he was up against others, his true nature would be exposed.

As a wyrm, he naturally had the right to be cocky!


Solitary Cloud burst into laughter. “You don’t seem like you’re happy too. I’ll count you in, come on! I’ll take all of you on!”

“Alright, don’t regret this!”

The fiend demon of Levitating Goat Peak growled and demonic qi rumbled as cracks echoed from within his body. In the blink of an eye, he reverted to his true form!


On the other side, the fiend demon of Silvermoon Valley roared and reverted to his true form as well.

The fiend demon of Thousand Snake Island stuck out her tongue that transformed into a snake’s forked tongue instantly as she hissed!

The three fiend demons did not dare to be reckless and were prepared to fight with all their might as they reverted to their true forms!

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