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Chapter 845: Overlords Gathered

There were only slightly more than a thousand fiend demons from Ape Chatter Ridge that came.

However, there were several dozen thousands of fiend demons gathered on the vast plains!

Furthermore, that number was still increasing!

Many demons were gathered for the Thousand Demon Meet!

It was not only fiend demons from territories; even fiend demons without any factions were here to join the crowd.

On the vast plains beneath, there were seven distinct divides in the area around the Thousand Year Blood Sea.

The old ape led the group of demons and descended upon one of the divides.


The moment the demons landed, an odd laughter sounded.

Not far away, an scrawny old man with a yellowish face and a goatee said in a strange tone with crossed arms, “Old Yuan, you’re still alive?”

The goatee old man was surrounded by man demons like he was the center of attraction.

Moreover, although he seemed scrawny, the aura he emanated was extremely sharp and domineering!


The old ape swept his gaze across and sneered, “How can I make a move first before you’re dead, old goat?!”

“That’s the Overlord of Levitating Goat Peak,”

Within the crowd, Yuan Ling’er whispered to monkey, “This old goat has been at odds with grandpa for a long time. The two of them fought twice in the past but the old goat ended in defeat both times!”

During their stay in Ape Chatter Ridge, monkey and Yuan Ling’er fought daily.

However, the two of them seemed to have gotten much closer.

For things like these, Yuan Ling’er would take the initiative to inform monkey about what was going on, but she would not say it to Su Zimo and the others.

“This old ape sure is energetic,”

A voice sounded on the other end not far away, “I heard that an internal strife broke out in Ape Chatter Ridge not too long ago, but this old ape suppressed everything within a few strikes!”

The person that spoke wore black robes and had a well shaped body. He sat high and above, glaring coldly below with his lips pursed tightly; the aura he exuded was incomparably fierce!”

“That’s the Overlord of Silvermoon Valley,”

Yuan Ling’er whispered, “He is an ancient remnant beast, the Silvermoon Wolf.”

“From what the two of you had just said, Brother Yuan sure is healthy and honed as ever!”

A beautiful woman wearing a colorful shawl appeared in the area beside Silvermoon Valley. She was flirtatious and said sweetly, “My heart is tingling from the thought of it.”

Needless to think, only an Overlord would be qualified to speak at such a moment!

“Don’t look at her!”

Yuan Ling’er glared at monkey sternly and said, “That woman is the Overlord of Thousand Snake Island and she’s extremely cruel! She might gouge your eyes out if you look at her!”


Monkey pouted its lips in disdain.

The old ape merely smiled indifferently upon hearing the Overlord of Thousand Snake Island’s words. “Don’t refer to me as your brother. At my age, I can even be your grandfather!”

“Brother Yuan, you sure are naughty taking advantage of me like this!”

The Overlord of Thousand Snake Island wheedled but her eyes shone with a cold glint.

Although this woman looked weak and feeble, nobody dared to underestimate her!

To become an Overlord, one’s hands had to be tainted by countless fresh blood and they had to trample on countless corpses on the way up!

Right now, four of the seven Overlords had arrived.

Su Zimo’s group looked ordinary within the demons present and they did not attract much attention.

Right then, a golden cloud floated over from the distant skies.

Upon closer inspection, thin flames can even be seen burning on the golden clouds!

In the blink of an eye, the golden clouds dispersed.

Thousands of fiend demons descended.

Their leader was a man in golden battle armor with a tall, mighty and muscular figure. His head was raised and he had a pair of bull horns as he strode over in a grand manner.


The newcomer laughed. “Old ape, you’re early this time round. If you’re free, let’s go for a spar!”

The spirit tiger said in a low voice, “Another opponent? Our Overlord sure has many enemies!”

“Hell, don’t make wild guesses!”

Yuan Ling’er remarked, “This is the Overlord of Golden Flames Mountain and he’s the closest to grandpa!”

The old ape chuckled bitterly. “Forget it, I’m not going to spar you at my age.”

Croak! Croak!

A strange sound echoed from the distant skies.

Immediately after, resplendent lights filled the heavens.

Countless flower petals scattered with a sweet fragrance.

A large group of fiend demons flew through the air, standing on auspicious clouds.

In the middle was a majestic carriage that was exquisite and grand. Within, a fatty with a huge tummy laid down.

There were dozens of young girls holding flower baskets accompanying the carriage, scattering petals from time to time.

Within the carriage, there were even women massaging the fatty’s legs and arms while feeding him wine and spirit fruits – it was an enjoyable life!

“This fatty sure knows how to enjoy himself,”

The Overlord of Golden Flames Mountain scoffed coldly. “However, no matter how he hides it, he can’t conceal the stench of his body!”

“That’s the Overlord of Vermilion Cloud Valley and his true form is an Azure Eye Toad,”

The Azure Eye Toad, a pure-blooded ferocious beast!

It had a pair of azure eyes and its body was filled with toxic poison, killing anyone that made contact with it. It could devour anything in the world, even the carcass of a fallen dragon!

Six of the seven Overlords have now arrived!

The demons did not have to wait for long when a misty cloud appeared in the distant skies in a hazy manner.

The mist was extremely powerful and the demons could not scan it with their spirit consciousnesses!

By the time the mist closed in, fiend demons appeared from it one after another. The leader was a man in pitch-black armor that covered even his face and revealed nothing but a pair of eyes that were cold!

His eyes were frosty and cruel, sending shivers down the spine of anyone he gazed upon!

The Overlord of Confusion Mist Swamp had arrived!

The true form of Confusion Mist Swamp’s Overlord was an ancient gigantic crocodile!

The seven Overlords from Ape Chatter Ridge, Levitating Goat Peak, Golden Flames Mountain, Vermilion Cloud Valley, Silvermoon Valley, Thousand Snake Island and Confusion Mist Swamp were all gathered and they had many high-level fiend demons under their lead as well – it was a grand formation!

Massive spirit consciousness fluctuations reverberated through the air but no sound could be heard.

Before long, the seven Overlords left their original positions and convened to discuss something.

Su Zimo guessed that there was a high chance it had something to do with the stars that were seen in broad daylight previously!

“Long time no see, everyone from Ape Chatter Ridge,”

Right then, a few fiend demons from Levitating Goat Peak, Silvermoon Valley and Thousand Snake Island came over. Their expressions were hostile and there was a hint of provocation in their eyes.

“Eh? After not seeing you guys for a thousand years, more than half of your Ten Great Territorial Lords have changed?”

A skinny man from Levitating Goat Peak surveyed the surroundings and asked with raised brows, “Has Ying Li and the others already advanced to become high-level fiend demons?”

“It’s possible that they might have cultivated to become Grand Demons by now!”


The fiend demons of Silvermoon Valley and Thousand Snake Island roared in laughter.

They had long heard about the internal strife in Ape Chatter Ridge that resulted in immense losses with four out of five protectors dead and many fiend demons injured or slain.

Their purpose here was to mock at Ape Chatter Ridge!


A fiend demon of Ape Chatter Ridge replied sincerely, “Ying Li and the others tried to revolt and were killed. Although a few of the Ten Great Territorial Lords were killed, they will naturally be replaced.”


The skinny man from Levitating Goat Peak swept his gaze across the demons of Ape Chatter Ridge. He could not help but laugh as he pointed to Su Zimo’s group. “Don’t tell me that you’re intending to replace the Ten Great Territorial Lords of Ape Chatter Ridge with these few low-level fiend demons here?”


The demons of Silvermoon Valley and Levitating Goat Peak roared in laughter.

For the Thousand Demon Meet, the weakest demons that could enter were low-level fiend demons.

However, low-level fiend demons were mostly used as slaves to pour and serve tea; the dozen young women around the Overlord of Vermilion Cloud Valley were all low-level fiend demons.

Suddenly, the expressions of Ape Chatter Ridge’s fiend demons turned odd when they looked at the demons of Levitating Goat Peak pointing at Su Zimo.

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