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Chapter 844: Blood-colored Human Face

The old ape had not gone far and noticed this as well. He paused in his tracks and gazed at it with a grim expression.

By now, night was gone and the skies were clear and bright.

However, ancient stars appeared one after another in the distant horizons, flashing in a chaotic, imperceivable manner!

“Grandpa, what’s happening?”

Yuan Ling’er had only cultivated for a short period of time and could not help but ask as she had never witnessed a scene as bewildering as such.

“I’ve never encountered a universal phenomenon as such either,”

The old ape shook his head and said slowly, “I gather that something big must have happened in this world! This matter must be so great that stars are appearing in daytime and the constellations have gone into chaos!”

“What could it be?”

Yuan Ling’er pressed.

“It’s hard to tell,”

The old ape replied, “It might be the birth of a treasure, a secret skill or the attainment of the Dao by a Grand Demon… in fact, universal phenomenons can even happen if peerless experts are born or have fallen!”

“I heard that when the emperor of Fahua Monastery died in the catastrophe of the North Region 10,000 years ago, a universal phenomenon occurred!”

Even the universe weeped over the death of an emperor!

The old ape said sadly, “It was said that multiple Buddhas appeared in the skies that day and heavenly flowers fell. The ground was laid with golden lotuses and Sanskrit echoed through the world for an extremely long time.”

Yuan Ling’er had a shocked expression.

The old ape lamented, “When you cultivate to the level where you are respected by all, there is nothing to regret in life any longer.”

A moment later, the old ape continued to stare at the stars in the skies and frowned. “Judging from the location, the stars seem to be extremely close to the Thousand Year Blood Sea. Could the two be connected?”

Seven days later.

Many demons gathered at Ape Chatter Ridge. There were close to a thousand and all of them were mid-level fiend demons!

Su Zimo’s group was among them as well.

Although they were mostly low-level fiend demons and stood out from the crowd, there was no look of contempt in the eyes of the demons present.

The memories of the battle seven days ago were still fresh in their minds.

There was a hint of cautiousness in the eyes of the demons present when they looked at the scarlet-haired man at the front.

Not long after, the old ape appeared with Yuan Ling’er.

“Prepare to move!”

The old ape did not waste time on speaking and his glabella shone to release a massive spirit consciousness. He waved his robes and a huge, dark cloud gathered in front of him!

The dark cloud extended.

In the blink of an eye, the dark cloud enveloped all the demons present!

“All of you, relax your minds. Don’t resist it.”

The old ape’s voice sounded.

Immediately after, the demons felt zero gravity and floated into the air. In the blink of an eye, they departed Ape Chatter Ridge and sped into the distant horizons!

The sound of the wind howled by their ears. Judging from their speed, the demons could arrive at their destination in less than three days!

Su Zimo nodded to himself.

An Overlord was capable indeed.

He definitely required boundless Dharmic powers to support the dark cloud that could carry more than a thousand fiend demons and yet maintain that frightening speed.

As Su Zimo pondered, the voice of the old ape echoed in his mind.

It was a direct voice transmission to him from the latter.

“Mo, I’m sure the reason why you wish to take part in the Thousand Demon Meet is because you want to fight for a spot to enter the Thousand Year Blood Sea to cultivate, right?”

Su Zimo replied with a voice transmission, “Of course.”

With seven Overlords gathered at the Thousand Demon Meet, it was unsuitable for him to release many methods of human cultivators.

However, he believed that with his current strength, he could fight against most mid-level fiend demons even without using his black-haired Essence Spirit!

At the very least, Su Zimo was convinced that he could suppress everyone in melee combat using the power of his physique!

“That’s probably going to be difficult,”

The old ape said, “I’ve witnessed your capabilities before. Indeed, your body is strong and you are even more fearsome in melee combat.”

With a few words, the old ape recognized Su Zimo’s specialties.

Immediately after, he changed the topic. “However, there are only ten spots available to enter the Thousand Year Blood Sea. If you wish to obtain one of them, you have to go through two trials and you’re unable to pass the first.”


Su Zimo asked, “What’s the first trial about?”

“Simply put, the first trial is a test of an Essence Spirit’s strength,”

The old ape explained, “The chance to cultivate in the Thousand Year Blood Sea is rare and only comes once every thousand years. Furthermore, there are only ten spots available each time. That is why we will select the strongest mid-level fiend demons to enter and cultivate within.”

“With that, we have the possibility of grooming high-level fiend demons!”

At that point, Su Zimo frowned slightly and asked, “How do we determine the strength of one’s Essence Spirit? A fight between the Essence Spirits?”

Fights between Essence Spirits were the most dangerous.

Any single mistake could lead to one’s death!

No fiend demon would dare to attempt it casually. After all, if they damaged their Essence Spirits just to fight for a spot to cultivate, the cons would outweigh the pros.

“There’s no need for that,”

The old ape shook his head. “The trial of an Essence Spirit’s strength is simple, we’ll just compare the radius one’s spirit consciousness can cover.”

Su Zimo froze momentarily when he heard that.

“For low-level fiend demons, the range of their spirit consciousnesses starts from five kilometers and their limit is 50 kilometers. However, the range of the spirit consciousness of mid-level fiend demons starts from 50 kilometers and can extend to 500 kilometers!”

The old ape said, “You’re a low-level fiend demon that hasn’t cultivated to the peak. Even if you’re a low-level fiend demon at the peak, your spirit consciousness won’t be able to extend further than 50 kilometers,”

“Moreover, you have to understand that the ones fighting for the spots to cultivate in the Blood Sea are all Territorial Lords who are mid-level fiend demons. There’s no way you can compete against them for this trial,”

Su Zimo smiled and replied nonchalantly, “Not necessarily.”


The old ape exclaimed softly – he could tell that Su Zimo was implying something.

He went silent for a moment and did not press further, merely lamenting instead, “It’s truly rare for a low-level fiend demon to be able to secure the seat of a Territorial Lord firmly!”

Three days later.

Even through the thick dark cloud, Su Zimo could still sense a faint hint of blood stench.

Furthermore, the speed of the dark cloud was gradually decreasing!

He realized that they were approaching the Thousand Year Blood Sea!

Not long after, the demons felt the dark cloud turn thinner as their bodies descended. They regained vision once more and gazed downwards.

Beneath them was a vast plain that was boundless.

On the vast plains, many fiend demons were gathered. Although most of them were in human forms, their demonic qi was torrential and rumbled furiously!

Voices roared beneath and it was bustling.

The most striking thing was a region in the center of the vast plains that was incomparably grisly red!

The Thousand Year Blood Sea!

The Blood Sea was not a sea but a lake.

However, the surface area of the lake was too huge and on the ground, one could not see the ends of it. The demons could only see the Blood Sea in its entirety if they were looking down from midair.

Su Zimo took a single glance at the Blood Sea and his expression changed!

That instant, ripples surfaced on the Blood Sea and seemed as though they converged to form a human’s face within it!

It was a blood-colored human face!

Furthermore, the face seemed like it was laughing; it was extremely sinister and eerie!


Su Zimo gasped and shuddered.

When he looked at it again, the ripples in the Blood Sea were gone and its surface was calm; the blood-colored human face disappeared as well.

With a slightly pale expression, Su Zimo glared at the Blood Sea for a long time.

The blood-colored human face did not appear again.

It was as though he was merely imagining things earlier.

Su Zimo shrugged his head and let out a deep breath before descending with the rest of the demons.

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