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Chapter 836: Ten Great Territorial Lords

Su Zimo did not take many people with him for the trip.

Apart from monkey and the other three, there was Solitary Cloud and the Rat King.

Black Wolf and Chan Ruyi stayed behind at Howling Moon Mountain to guard over the territory in case other territories tried to seize the opportunity and invade.

Solitary Cloud reverted to his true form of a wyrm and Su Zimo along with everyone else rode on his back.

Because Solitary Cloud was a pure-blooded ferocious beast and a mid-level fiend demon, there were few demon beasts that were foolish enough to rush at them along the way.

The group of them crossed mountains and ridges through dozens of territories for many days. After close to half a month, they finally arrived at the vicinity of Ape Chatter Ridge.

Before them was a majestic forest!

The reason why it was referred to as majestic was because every single ancient tree in the forest before them had existed for a long time.

All of them towered into the skies with luscious branches and leaves. They had thick trunks that resembled heavenly-piercing pillars and vines coiled around their surfaces like gigantic anacondas!

The size of everyone in Su Zimo’s group could not even be compared to the thickness of the roots of the ancient trees.

There were only slivers of light within the entire forest and the place seemed eerie!

Solitary Cloud reverted to his human form and everyone descended.

None of them could conceal the shock in their eyes as they gazed at the forest. Unknowingly, all of them felt an indescribable pressure.

Su Zimo asked, “Solitary Cloud, how much do you know about the Overlord of Ape Chatter Ridge?”

“There are seven Overlords in Thousand Demon Valley. It’s said that this demon ape has held his position for the longest time, possibly more than 5,000 years!” Solitary Cloud replied.

He had reigned for 5,000 years!

Su Zimo’s expression turned grim.

Overlords were not only high-level fiend demons, but also the strongest existences among high-level fiend demons!

Only those with strength superior to their peers could reign over a place.

Su Zimo felt uneasy visiting the Overlord out of the blue without knowing anything about the latter.

After all, he was at the peak of mid-stage Nascent Soul realm right now.

If he released his trump cards fully, there’s a chance for him to fight against mid-level fiend demons that were a major cultivation realm above him.

However, against high-level fiend demons, or even the Overlord who was the strongest among the high-level fiend demons, Su Zimo definitely stood no chance at all!

During the fight at Ethereal Peak, the old immortal crane broke through her bottleneck and transformed into a high-level fiend demon.

At that time, the Asura told Su Zimo that upon becoming high-level fiend demons, demon beasts would awaken their innate divine powers!

Spirit Energy could not match Dharmic powers.

Dharmic powers could not match divine powers.

It was an absolute suppression of a different level!

Su Zimo gazed at the dark forest before him and said deeply with a bright gaze, “Everyone, our future is uncertain with this trip here to Ape Chatter Ridge. Keep a low profile and don’t behave recklessly!”

It was rare for Su Zimo to instruct everyone as such.

Back in Howling Moon Mountain, everyone could behave without restraints.

However, this was the Ape Chatter Ridge!

The owner of this territory was a high-level fiend demon.

Furthermore, there was definitely more than one high-level fiend demon here!

Apart from Solitary Cloud, most of them were only low-level fiend demons; the difference was two major cultivation realms. If a fight broke out, they could be killed as easily as ants!

“For sure, for sure!”

The Rat King nodded hurriedly.

His expression was already pale from shock before he entered Ape Chatter Ridge.

His purpose of heading here originally was to expand his horizons and experience the Thousand Demon Meet.

But now, before the Thousand Demon Meet even began, he was already feeling regrets when they had to visit an Overlord.

The spirit tiger extended his finger and prodded monkey in a teasing manner. “Brother Monkey, First is referring to you. Don’t be reckless.”

“Get lost!”

Monkey slapped away the spirit tiger’s palm.

Even so, he knew that he was indeed the most reckless in their group.

Apart from the fact that he knew nothing about Ape Chatter Ridge, the reason why Su Zimo was so cautious was because he had a faint feeling.

It was like intuition.

He had a feeling that something major was about to happen in Ape Chatter Ridge!

“Fufu, why are low-level fiend demons from some unknown territory having fun here?”

Suddenly, a chuckle came not far away.

Everyone frowned and turned over.

A black wind blew past. After it dissipated, more than a hundred fiend demons appeared; all of them had powerful auras and shuddering gazes – these were all mid-level fiend demons!

The leader had a scrawny face with thin lips and a long, crooked nose that resembled an eagle. His gaze was extremely sharp, filled with utter disdain.

Monkey gripped his fists and a hint of scarlet flashed through the depths of his eyes as he glared at this person.

The spirit tiger and everyone else lamented internally.

Trouble came knocking on the door before they even entered Ape Chatter Ridge.

The other party had a lot more in numbers and all of them were powerful mid-level fiend demons.

If a fight broke out, their chance of victory was slim.

Furthermore, it was truly inconvenient to have a conflict without knowing the background of the other party.

The spirit tiger and everyone else turned to look at monkey, afraid that he might start a fight in a moment of rage and ignite a conflict.

Monkey took a deep breath and closed his eyes gradually, swallowing his pride.

Given his usual personality, he would have charged forward against the other party’s provocations right away, unable to endure it.

It did not matter how many people were on the other end or what cultivation realms they were; everything could wait until he fought them to the end!

Su Zimo lowered his eyes without saying anything.

“Sir, the group of puny demons are so frightened that they can’t say anything!”

“Sir, you’re amazing!”

“Hurry, take a look at that rat demon. His face is ashen and his legs are shivering. That sure is a cowardly rat, hahaha!”

The group of demons burst into laughter.

Suddenly, monkey opened his eyes and bared his teeth slightly with a menacing gaze. Right as he was about to speak, the Rat King at the side darted forward in front of monkey.

“I-I am truly way too cowardly, heh. I-I’ve made a joke of myself to you great sirs.”

The Rat King had a look of inferiority and smiled in a pandering manner.

“Scram! Don’t let us see you again!”

The eagle-nosed man in the lead waved it off idly with a look of disgust as he sneered, “I’m even afraid of dirtying my hands killing puny demons like you guys!”

“Y-Yes, you’re right sir!” The Rat King bowed with a smile.

“Let’s go!”

The eagle-nosed man beckoned and the group of demons roared in laughter as they entered Ape Chatter Ridge.

“That seems to be Ying Li, one of the Ten Great Territorial Lords!”

“That’s right. Apart from him, nobody will dare to be so cocky in Ape Chatter Ridge.”

“I heard that Ying Li has a bloodline connection to a great protector of Ape Chatter Ridge.”

“Even without the protector, Ying Li’s strength is evident. He’s most likely among the top three of the Ten Great Territorial Lords and probably on the way to advance to a high-level fiend demon!”

Su Zimo had a calm expression as he listened to the discussions of demon beasts nearby.

The spirit tiger, Solitary Cloud and the others were secretly alarmed with a lingering sense of trepidation.

Monkey frowned as well.

The protectors of Ape Chatter Ridge were starkly different from the protectors of Howling Moon Mountain.

Without mistake, the protectors of Ape Chatter Ridge should be high-level fiend demons!

“To think that we would casually bump into a fiend demon with such a powerful background,” Qing Qing sighed.

Little Fox asked curiously, “Who are the Ten Great Territorial Lords they are referring to?”

“There are several hundred territories under Ape Chatter Ridge and Howling Moon Mountain is only one of them,”

Solitary Cloud explained, “Among the several hundred Territorial Lords, the strongest ten are referred to as the Ten Great Territorial Lords.”

“This man has already threatened us to head back. If we advance recklessly and bump into them again, I’m afraid…” The Rat King had a nervous expression but did not continue speaking.

“No worries,”

Su Zimo waved it off and said nonchalantly, “Follow me in.”

With that said, he led the group into Ape Chatter Ridge.

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